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    Government Underground Bunker/Spaceship

    by , 12-22-2010 at 12:53 PM (273 Views)
    I found myself standing in a lift, the doors closed, and I started going down in the lift. It was going down really fast, past many floors, in a matter of seconds I was around floor number 300. The lift stopped, and the doors opened, I was thinking "hmm this must have inertia dampeners or something because I should really be splattered all over the floor". A japenese guy entered the lift and the doors closed. The lift continued going down, this time I started to feel some G's. I asked the jap guy "how far down does this lift go? china? japan?" he just laughed. It stopped at around floor 561, I decided to get off even though I was sure this lift could have easily gone down an extra 1000+ floors at least, I just didn't want to risk being 'caught'. We both got out of the lift into a corridor, he started walking to the left so I went the opposite direction (so there was less likely hood of me getting around undetected), there were quite a few people around, I could see a couple of business people, mothers & children. I continued down the corridor, stopped to have a look at a sort of atlas photo on the wall which showed a planet similar to earth except all the continents were shaped differently and had different names. I continued on down the corridor only to end up in a shop that sold toys for babies/kids. So I turned around and started heading the opposite direction and then the dream ended.

    This could have been anything, a place in the future, a secret underground installation, or even a spaceship. I never got to see the outside. I wish I had more time to explore in this dream, try a few other floors out see what they have. In my opinion, it was probably some kind of massive spaceship (one of many) that contained a part of humanity's civilization going around finding other planets to colonize (and the atlas photo I saw on the wall might have been one of the planets they had colonized.

    Very Interesting dream to say the least.

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