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    Shared Dream

    by , 07-21-2016 at 09:55 PM (980 Views)
    I think I just had a shared lucid dream with a random person I found whilst exploring the dream world!

    I was walking through the city away from a house I owned inside the dream. This was not my home IRL but more like a mansion that was a dream home but it had a sense of familiarity. So anyway I was walking along the road and went around a corner and reached the edge of the city, beyond it basically turned into farmland with no more buildings. The last building I was standing at had a pink wall on one side of the road with a park inside it, and the other side of the road there was a billboard and a playground.

    I realised I had been here once before remembering the pink painted wall but usually I would fly over the farmland from this point on. So I was like "ahh this is cool now I know where to go to get to my dream home from here". Whilst standing there going "oh cool" I began reading the billboard just across the road from the pink wall.

    It read something like "Lucid Dreaming *********" where the asteriks were some abbreviation similar to WBTB (it's always hard trying to read stuff in dreams). After reading it my lucidity increased and I went inside the playground area to check it out. Straight away I had a girl run up to me all excited and ask "omg are you a lucid dreamer?" I replied "Yes!" and we had a long conversation she told me her nickname was "Leeg." which stood for something I can't remember and that they visited a forum but it wasn't dreamviews or LD4all. I told her my nickname and the forums I'm on hopefully she finds me!

    I explained to her how I found this place and we went over to the billboard and I didn't realise before that this was an interactive billboard. For example you could read on it things you could do whilst lucid and it would teach you how. One of the things it said was "self-healing" and it's like the information on how to do this was automatically downloaded into my head. I gave it a shot by jumping into the air waving my hand in the air above my head and say "heal" and I felt a strange sensation travel down my body" and there was a green glow in the air accompanying it. The dream abruptly ended after that.


    I'm very excited by the prospects of this dream. For one thing it means there is at least one shared dreaming location somewhere in the dream world. A lucid dreaming billboard and playground next to a pink painted wall! and another thing it is a city I have been to a few times now so should be able to find it easier. It's really bizarre that I revisit places I have never been to IRL that are dream cities almost like they exist somewhere on the astral but not in waking reality. It's like the dream world is not as vast and endless as one might think it is.
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    1. gab's Avatar
      That is so cool. Hope you will be able to visit it again and tell us about it. I do believe that there is more to the dreams than what we know now. But I am not sure what that is or if they are real to the degree I think they are.
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    2. Elaineylane's Avatar
      This looks like a dream that I would have, lol. These are the kinds of dreams that I want to spend more time in, ya know? I mean, you talk to people about lucid dreaming & it's a sure fire way to become lucid if you weren't before. I wish every dream started with. "Hi I'm a lucid dreamer are you one?" And it could very well have been another lucid dreamer. Actually, this first book I ever read about lucid dreaming was a woman who had 2 friends when she was a teenager & they would go into each other dreams & with astral planes you could realistically run across that person.
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    3. thatguy431's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by Elaineylane
      Actually, this first book I ever read about lucid dreaming was a woman who had 2 friends when she was a teenager & they would go into each other dreams.
      Do you recall the name of the book?
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