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    Super Powers

    by , 12-22-2010 at 12:57 PM (322 Views)
    Had a real neat LD just then.
    I Slept for about 10 hours and only had one dream, in which i became lucid, so i was lucid dreaming pretty much all night long. The scenary would change everynow and then but i would remain lucid.

    It started off underwater, I was a camera inside a robotic fish that was impregnating a fish egg inside a cave amongst lots of coral. The robotic fish then swam up to the surface and attached itself to a jet boat. Suddenly I became a person on the boat (however this isn't what made me lucid). We went to shore, got out in the shallow water and someone said "its cold" and i said "no its not! its really warm, in fact its hot!" it really did feel very warm.

    It wasn't until we got off the beach and I saw the surroundings that I became lucid. It was like there was too much scenary. If I looked in one direction there were odd sand dunes, then a bit to the right were cliff's and rocks, then a bit further was something similar to a limestone quarry, behind me was a road that looked something like the great wall of china with a big wall right next to the sandy beach, there was also a church on the beach.

    After I became lucid, I flew around really quick to check everything out, while I was flying, there was a jetty in the way and I decided to fly straight through it using lentation, then whilst in the air I saw my computer in the water, so I used telekinesis to lift it out and move it back to the shore, then i flew to the shore and to my amazement the computer still worked.

    Next thing I know i'm in the city I think I even saw the scenary change right before my eyes. I have a bit of a blank spot as to what happened in the city, but i do remember i had lots of cool powers, just can't remember what those powers were. However, I do remember just before the scenary changed again, there was some sort of explosion approaching us, coming towards us inbetween the buildings getting bigger and bigger. I made some sort of force sheild with my mind and it held back the explosion.

    Next thing I know i'm in a park with some kid (still lucid). I was using him to practice on powers that i hardly use. I started off messing around with him, i said "try and hit me" so he tried to, and i used lentation and his hand went straight through my body, he kept trying and still couldn't touch me. He was very amazed and impressed and was like "what else can you do?". I tried to become invisible but couldn't. I kept looking at my hand in front of a brick wall trying to make it camoflauge itself so that it looked the same as the brick wall. I was trying to use my mind to make my hand invisible but it wasn't working.

    Then I noticed my hand becoming very very cold, and I pointed it at some flowers and all the flowers started dying. I realised I was using the power of thermokinesis and decided to keep trying it. The more I tried it the more cold my hand would get, so I decided to try using heat instead. I rubbed my hands together, then focused on heat energy and some red colour shot out of my hands and they started to get a little warm. Then I tried the cold energy again, and it shot out like light blue energy and all the plants completely froze and had frost on them. So I tried the heat energy again and I really forced it to make it more powerfull, I could see lots of red colour streaming out of my hand, then it turned into huge massive vicious flames shooting outwards from my hand. I may have burnt the garden but i was like "that is awesome". Then I made my hand turn into flames just to see how cool it looks, it didn't hurt at all because I had the impression that I was immune to it. I then went back to trying invisibility (without any success) then the dream ended.

    I really felt, that the more and more I used lucid powers, the more conscious i was becoming in the dream, and the higher level of lucidity and control i would have - this could also be what caused me to wake up.

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