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    Truth about reality

    by , 12-22-2010 at 01:05 PM (1229 Views)
    Last night I only got about an hour or two of sleep, I kept tossing and turning as you do when you have things on your mind... I couldn't stop thinking about the nature of reality.. i had all these questions and theories running through my head. I eventually got to sleep, but only had this one dream which was very short and sweet. I also woke up feeling refreshed even after only 1-2 hours of sleep.

    The dream was a non-lucid... all I remember is seeing myself looking at a computer screen, with a mirror image of myself being reflected back. Then it quickly changed to being in the bathroom and seeing myself looking at a mirror. I normally never dream about mirrors, and I have heard from most people that their face/body distorts... well mine didn't change at all and looked exactly as I do today. I think I received some telepathic communication whilst in this dream.. or at least picked some things up using intuition... like how sometimes you will know the plot of a dream ahead of time, and details just get filled in by your own mind.
    I believe I was being shown the nature of reality, being shown the truth about how this reality works. It was being communicated to me that this reality works much like a mirror reflecting everything back at me. I have heard of this before from meditation instructors who say the outerworld is a reflection of the innerworld and vice versa... but I never knew it to be like what this was telling me. The dream was saying to me that basically anything I think, is projected back at me, the only way i can explain this properly is by saying this:
    Just imagine for a second, that you have mental powers... now what would happen if you looked in a mirror? your mental powers would be projected into that mirror and reflected back at you. So you need to be very careful what you think about all the time.

    It has led me onto a more complete theory now about the construct of reality, why we sleep and what happens during sleep and the transitioning between sleep and wakefullness... although perhaps i shall save that for another time.

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    1. saltyseedog's Avatar
      once late at night I was really tired and was staring at myself in the eyes in the mirror for... I don't know how long maybe 20 minutes? My face started to morph but my eyes stayed the same. I had a bald head and was monk looking, maybe asian I think. golden archs started to rise up behind me. I shook out of it. I was scared shitless the rest of the night, thinking I was going to see more stuff.

      Anyways, I want to here your theories.
    2. Eonnn's Avatar
      Sorry, all these posts are from my really old DJ at LD4all.. I can't really remember what theory I was talking about. Although most likely a silopsitic (sp?) theory. Something along the lines of you are all that exists and every aspect of yourself, all thoughts, emotions, etc. are projected back to you in one form or another. And when you sleep the mirror effect is no longer there, opening up different opportunities. It could also be a way of recharging, like you bypass the mirror and get to the source. Man, I really wish I'd just posted my 'complete theory' then rather than saying I'd post it later.

      However, I no longer believe in silopsism because i've had experiences which counter that. I now know its not just me here and that other people are in fact real and separate entities. Its just hard to work out a complete theory based on this because if you believe we all create our own realities how is it that all these realities can converge? Is it just certain things that we create for ourselves? or is everything so interconnected that it all magically fits in together? does that mean freewill still exists or is that just an illusion?

      Theres so many things to consider, but at least I now know one thing for sure - I'm not here alone.
    3. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      I wondered at one time if everyone I knew was just characters in a dream. I also used to think all entities in dreams were DC's.