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    Epic Altruist

    Altruist's (un)epic adventures

    by , 06-09-2010 at 09:15 PM (366 Views)
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    Meat castle and dimensions beyond walls

    I was in a castle and something was going on that had to do with meat.Someone was hanging pieces of meat around the castle,I believe it was an attempt at making boobytraps.There were raw beefs all around the stairs and hanging from the ceiling.

    I was now with some people I know.A girl starts staring at me and smiling in a very creepy way,getting closer.I realize that is just too creepy and become lucid,but am still scared by her and afraid it might end my dream.

    I am now reading something,probably on a computer screen.It starts getting blurry so I rub my hands to keep it stable.I find a friend of mine and treat decide to show off.I go through my house's wall and into the garage then come back.He is not as surprised as you would expect.I tell him I am now going to go to the 2nd dimension or something similar.I go through the wall and on the other side there is only and infinite void of blackness.I do not fully enter the void with my body,I come back.I now tell my friend i'm going to another dimension,so I try to get through the wall,but this time it was hard to do it.I could not go through the wall,it was very hard.I was expecting to see a void of yellow light on the other side(or did I see it?).My friend comments that I need more training to be able to go there.

    Another friend appears and I decide to show him I can fly.I get out of my house and jump into the air,going about 4 or 5 metres in the air,but falling.I hold on my house.I try again and again but it feels like forced control and I always gravitate towards the floor.I enter my house and my friend is not there anymore.I'm constantly rubbing my hands,wondering how long could this dream last.I remember I wanted to go to the lucid crossroads,but I am getting distracted by a karate class going on in my garage.I feel like i've messed around enough,and as if the class was real.
    I get too involved and end up losing my lucidity,the dream fades.

    Comment: Bahahaha 3rd lucid dream this month,that is almost one lucid dream a week.I foresee a breakthrough.

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