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    Epic Altruist

    Altruist's (un)epic adventures

    by , 06-09-2010 at 09:18 PM (426 Views)
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    Yes!First lucid dream of the year while also being my first decent lucid dream.

    Playing with powers,failing at flying

    The dream was first about some friends and people from school.It seemed to be a party or a gathering or something,there were a lot of people I don't know.There were mentions about last names from friends of mine coming from people that I thought were unrelated.The place was a big house with a pool outside.The terrain was kind of cliff like and with a forest too.There was a part about some robot men also,they had some duty to protect the house or something, it was confusing.

    While walking outside I had a thought, I can't remember it exactly but I think it was linked to reality, and that triggered lucidity.I did not act like in my other lucid dreams, I did not get over excited or anything,I just thought something like "finally" and then walked off as if I were the man.It all started getting more realistic and I noticed it, I rubbed my and I could feel them it got more vivid.I jumped out of the at high speed kind of trying to fly but I landed on the pool, a kid come running to me, amazed by my powers.I remembered that one of the things I wanted to do was "healing",in the dream my right eye started hurting and I put my ahnds in front of my face and said: "heal acne".I've heard of reports from people saying that lightning came out of their hands when they practiced that, so I saw a faint blue thing come out of my hands.My pain on the right eye was relieved and I decided I wanted to impress the kid dream character.I started trying to fly again, first jumping high but I couldn't maintain it and fell.The kid was impressed by my high jumps even if I could not fly,I tried again and tried flapping my arms, without a lot of sucess.Before falling, I imagined that having wings could help me so I said somethign like "wings" and imagined them coming out of my back and that I could see them if I looked to my sides.That failed too.I was now unsure about what to do: maybe open a portal to some crazy place,I dont know, so many possibilities.I decided I would try out Ruffy's(from One Piece) powers.I've wanted to try out Gear second since quite some time.
    Spoiler for Gear Second, maybe spoiler if you haven't watched, dunno.You can just look at the thumbnail if you want to have an idea of what its like:

    So I got in position and started making pressure on my legs,they didnt get pressured like in the video at first, I started thinking "i'm elastic" and they started looking like in the video, but it was quite difficult to maintain it, I had to put a lot of strenght into it.I added the detail that I had to turn red and have steam comming out of me and I saw my feet get red and have smoke coming out,there was also blood coming out of my big toe's nail.I started losing lucidity at this point,probably due to being too immersed into doing that.I knew that that power gave me super strenght and speed, so I rocketed into the house, hitting some things on the way I think.I then started fighting a guy from One Piece.I can't recall more because of the lost lucidity.

    Note: I said "heal acne" because I've read that dream healinig has had effect in healing scar tissue from some people, so I thought it was worth a try.My face did not look very different in the morning though

    Note 2: I probably lost lucidity due to do everything rushing, at one point I wondered how much time could I maintain it if I kept rubbing my hands, but I ended up getting too immersed.

    Observation: I wonder if the King's hands helped me having a lucid dream yesterday,since he scrubbed all the fear away.
    Spoiler for The king's godly ways:

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