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    Epic Altruist

    Altruist's (un)epic adventures

    by , 06-09-2010 at 09:21 PM (592 Views)
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    I was at my old school,on the place where the computers are.There was a girl I do not know talking to me and with two other guys I don't know.She was not very attractive.Her speech started to lag and wasn't synchronized with something I was doing witha light switch.I shouted in frustration and confusion because I could not understand her right.I became lucid because of all that lagging thing and decided I would blow up that building.I imagined that the light switch would explode the building and everyone in it.I pressed the button and heard a short scream before everything going black.

    I was now conscious,but could not see anything.I thought to myself,"heh,wasn't exploding myself a Task of the Month?Did I make it?".I was waiting for myself to respawn and tried to force a respawn point somewhere,but I ended up at my house.My lucidity was low unfortunately so I was low on creativity and was just fucking around.I saw a light switch on my garage and decided to explode my house too.I pressed it with the same intent as before,but nothing interesting happened,I entered my house and saw some smoke,I assumed the house did not explode because the windows where open.Some stuff happened and then I woke up.

    Debate at Dream Views

    I was in a wish thread I believe,but it was not the "corrupt a wish" thread,I believe it was the "If you had one wish in the world" thread.People where debating what a certain wish would cause, and I remember seeing long walls of paragraphs of text.In the dream,it was clear what the wish and the debate was,but I cannot remember it anymore.

    I believe I had the lucid dream because I was trying to incubate a dream before falling asleep,and added that I would become lucid on that dream.I told myself that the dream was going to show me what happened if I had acted differently at one point of my life.Maybe that dream I was having was indeed part of the incubated dream,since I was at my school and there were people I did not recognise,but thats not evidence at all,seeing that more than half the people I am with in dream I do not know and my school is a dream sign.

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