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    Epic Altruist

    Altruist's (un)epic adventures

    by , 06-09-2010 at 09:22 PM (564 Views)
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    Somewhere beyond the sea and on a pool

    I was daydreaming about how legendary I was for being on the underwater city of Rapture and how well that would fit on my future biography when I became famous.Nothing seemed to be destroyed at all and I was at some dinner/party.I noticed how dry my eyebrows where and decided to get them wet.I used a faucet to get them wet while I combed them with my fingers.

    There were three girls who had a strange power,their power seemed to have originated from a Devil Fruit.I remember asking someone how could more than one person have the same power and they explained to me that it was because they imbued the Fruit's power on their room's floor.The girls were of antagonistic nature at first but then it changed.

    One of the girls became good and created a pocket universe on her room's floor,leading me to a place with a big pool.It was all so bright,lots of people were going on the pool,a party was going to happen I think.The pool was deep and I loved that,while underwater,I could see the girls that were swimming above's legs.I felt tempted to keep swimming deeper and stay underwater for a longer time,but I felt a urge to breath and had to go back to the surface.I got to the other side of the pool, I think I saw some people I know.The place had lots of people,I was talking to the girl who created the place.I asked if the people outside could hear us,and she said that only if they were close.She was now worried that her dad would find out what she ahd done.I went outside the pool place through a flower-metal like container thing so I could see if the coast was clear.I looked at her room's door and it was all closed out with planks nailed to it.I came back to the pool and there were much fewer people now.The girl was now going to close the universe I believe,the last thing I saw before waking up was a hand putting a lock on the door that was with planks and stuff.


    I specially liked the ending since it had an end to the storyline just before I woke up instead of teasing me with some epic dream climax just so that I wake up trying to do a DEILD.

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