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    Epic Altruist

    Altruist's (un)epic adventures

    by , 06-09-2010 at 09:24 PM (666 Views)
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    Bioshock 3 and paradise beach

    I saw an image similar to the one I posted along with a title that said "Bioshock 3(brambling)".I was excited and imagined it was a teaser trailer or something.A big daddy was owning everyone,with some strange and new guns.He send another big daddy flying with a bomb like thing,and he seemed much more agile and light than you would expect.He seemed to be climbing his way out of the city,I saw him on the sea surface,along with some flying ships and flying explosive mines.I was blown away by this trailer and thought it was awesome.I was now playing it I think,I opened a wardrobe and found a real size Playmobil doll,it started talking and then said something to scare me and something is written in red on the wardrobe,I close it.The game feels more scary than the previous games and has more suspense and jump moments.There was a brute splicer walking around behind a wall and I was just waiting for the moment when he would jump and scare me.

    I was now playing Counter Strike 1.6, so the people and objects I see now look blocky.I was on the sea on a a ship,pirate or not.I do not remember what the plot was at all.It was not a shooter,I was just walking around and I jumped into the sea to get some lady who was swimming.I was now bodyboard surfing.Speeding through the waves,I went a long way.I continued to move on the board, and ended up discovering that I could move on it with my willpower.There were a lot of swimmers on the water.

    Going deeper into the sea,I eventually got to another beach,but it was weird,it was like a line of sand on the middle of the sea,not another island.I walked around a bit and saw a friend from childhood.I found my mom and asked for a pastel.
    Spoiler for This is a pastel:

    We found a lady who sold pastel and I asked for one.She fried it in a few second and handed me a soft,nasty,oil dripping raw pastel.My mom told the lady that oil is bad for the health and the lady seemed to not care and was rude.I didn't care either,so I ate it.I looked behin dmy back and saw a huge,beautiful forest on mountains,along with the sea.

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