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    Dreams of a Hooded Figure (and his trusty sidekick 8)

    I tend to have very cinematic dreams, so I do my best to write them as a story...........
    I commonly have short, random dreams, and every once in a while I'll have epic stories with battles, romance, good vs evil, all the nesecities of a good fantasy. 8 is a girl who commonly appears in my dreams, first appearing in Dream Academy (which is an old dream which was recently posted) She has brown hair and is apparently really good looking, but I can never remember her face, it gets blurred a lot...

    Dream text key:
    (Before I begin); (Notes); Story

    1. They Were Gonna TWIST That Place Up!

      by , 08-07-2012 at 06:45 AM (Dreams of a Hooded Figure (and his trusty sidekick 8))
      (I had this dream a long time ago, and it was a reoccurring dream for some time, so it really stuck with me)

      My friends had picked me up for Friendly’s in a rusty old jeep, and it was very small. There were five of us, and I was in the back right seat. We drove to the top of my street and took a left. I’d hardly ever been that way before, so everything was different than how I now know it to be. There were a lot of pine trees along the right side of the street, but there were also a lot of houses. The ground was covered in orange pine needles. We were getting close to the edge of the end of the street when one of my friends said:
      “Man, we’re gonna twist that place up!”
      I was confused, because I had no idea what he meant, then I noticed a gun at his side. I understood what they were going to do. Images flashed in my mind of them lighting up a cute little Friendly’s restaurant. I then hopped out of the car as it was moving and they kept going.
      This was at a time when I didn’t have a cell phone, so I ran down the street. I was heading to my house, but I saw a yard sale going on, so I went to them. As I was turning into the yard, a tall old man with long hair and a short beard came out from behind one of the trees. He seemed very sinister. He asked for me to follow him, but I said no and went to the people at the yard sale.
      “You need to call 911! My friends, they’re gonna shoot people at Friendly’s!”
      They were completely oblivious to my existence.
      I turned to run back home, Ran down the streets and into the woods. I went through as quickly as possible, but I had this weird feeling that I was being watched. I kept looking up, expecting someone to be in the trees. I then turned around and saw the old man following me, and started running. I got back to my house (which actually looked more like my aunt’s house), and my dad was in the kitchen getting supper ready (but they’ve been divorced since forever). I started to walk into the living room.
      My dad quickly said, “Watch out, we’ve got someone over painting the living room.”
      I went in and up on a step ladder, in a greyish teal jumpsuit, was the old man. He turned and smiled at me. I screamed and went to the kitchen to grab a knife, but then I saw my dad.
      The dishwasher was open, and he was bent, leaning over it, impaled with the silverware. I turned around and the old man was right there, with a knife. He went to stab me, but I grabbed his arm. We struggled for a bit, but I turned the knife on him and cut his throat. My mom came in and grabbed the knife from his hands. I could tell something was different about her. She began to chase me around the house, but I found one of those plastic shovels that come with buckets, for kids at the beach. We were in the dining room (not really significant, but whatever) and I turned around.
      “You’re not my real mom!”
      Then, in a very creepy, multiple-voices-at-a-time voice, she said “Oh, but I am!”
      I concluded that she was possessed, and hesitantly shoved it into her chest as hard as I could. It didn’t go too deep, but she started bleeding. She then collapsed, dead. I started crying, because even though I probably just killed a demon, I’d killed my mom along with it.

      Moral of the story: Don't get sidetracked, a lot of people probably died at that Friendly's.
      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    2. Endless Halls and a Memorable Report

      by , 11-03-2011 at 02:30 AM (Dreams of a Hooded Figure (and his trusty sidekick 8))
      (This dream was interesting...)
      (For some reason I remember there being a random sandwich on the floor somewhere in the dream, I just can't remember where)

      I don't remember how it started, but I was in an alley with my dad and my friend Brett. We were looking for a store, but we were lost. I started to run ahead and I came to an intersecting alleyway. I took a right, another intersection. This went on for a while and I gradualy got closer, I could feel it. (Also, when you turn around, the way back changes) Brett caught up, my dad didn't. I kept going with Brett behind me, I eventually found the store. I walked in with Brett. The walls went up a good twenty feet or so and everything was made of light, polished wood. We kept going around, the whole place was a giant hallway with intersections all over. (the place reminded me of Home Depot but it looked nothing like it) I went ahead of Brett, he kept behind. I took multiple turns, ending up in identical spots. I had a hunch, but I wasn't sure about it. I kept going, testing my theory, I was sure I was right when Brett walked through a wall. Everything was an illusion. I kept on, trying to find the exit, I figured that since I was on to it that I'd be able to tell which way to go. I ended up in a room where long, wooden rods were stored, verticly up to the ceiling.

      "Brett," I yelled, "Get over here!"

      He came over, walking around invisible walls (We each saw it differently). I looked over to a wall and concentrated, I had some control. I saw the exit on the wall infront of me. I grabbed Brett's arm and ran at the exit.

      "Why are we running at a wall?" he screamed as we flew at it.

      I went completely through the wall, but Brett was stuck (I figured that we felt what we saw, so he actually ran into a wall...). I was in a Wall Mart and my dad was beside me.

      "Oh, there you are!" he exclaimed, "Which socks are better?"

      He heald up two pairs of socks, blue and black. I pointed at the blue one, "Looks like it would make a good hand puppet!" I said, holding my hand up as if I had a sock on my hand. I began to mimic a sining puppet and a ginger girl looked at me from across the shelf like I was insane. I looked at my hand and saw a blue spot on it. I realized I was dreaming (I write "dream" on my hand everyday). I wasn't in the mood for an epic battle or anything so I just waved my hand and an opening appeared in mid-air, leading to the room where Brett was stuck. I let him out and closed the opening, somehow loosing lucidity (is that the right word?). We walked around and found a spot that reminded me of the spot with necklaces and stuff (a red rug and glass cases). People were sitting in rows of chairs. We walked over some chairs up to the front desk/glass case. There was a fat man in a brown suit sitting at the chair. He handed me a paper and told me to sit. The three of us sat in the fifth row (I was suddenly reminded of some honor ceremony for the SATs I went to. I looked at the paper and there was a large chunk cut out of it at the top:

      "A planet of [.....] Really.....(more words)"

      "Oh my god, Brett, look at this!" I said.

      He looked over, "Is that?"

      "Yeah, my extra-credit report for science in severnth grade!" I exclaimed, "Why'd they cut out part?"

      I looked at it again, the hole was smaller and lower on the paper, The missing chunk appeared reading "YouTube," then dissapeared.

      "Why'd they take out where it said youtube?" I said aloud, "Wait, it never said 'youtube'!"

      I immediately became lucid again, then was woken up to: "WAKE UP! You've got school!" (not a false awakening...)

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    3. So this Guy Walks into a Bar...

      by , 10-30-2011 at 02:36 PM (Dreams of a Hooded Figure (and his trusty sidekick 8))
      I can't remember much, just I was at a bar (I'm not even old enough yet) and I was talking to this guy about something that reminded me of the colors green and brown.
    4. Flying from the Police with Old Cartoons

      by , 10-29-2011 at 05:05 PM (Dreams of a Hooded Figure (and his trusty sidekick 8))
      (The following includes referances to many games and shows)

      I don't remember the crime, but I was on the run, I just knew the cops were after me and they had a reason. I was running down the road, it was one of those feelings where you're trying to move, but you move like you're underwater. I had the will to do it fast enought though. The cops weren't anywhere to be seen, but I was still running. There were houses all around, I recognized most of them, but they were in the wrong places. I was on the left side of the road and cars were passing all around, some parked on the side of the street. I looked to the right, on the other side of the street two cops were exiting a house, they clearly noticed me. They pulled out their guns and I ran faster, but it took more strength to move. I ran in zigzags, hoping it would throw them off, I would occasionally jump behind a tree. We ran for a while when I came across a house I suspected to be mine, but it looked nothing like my house. It had a huge backyard and thick woods all around it. I ran to the back yard, it was still getting harder to move. I reached the edge of the woods and I pushed through the leaves and trees, but I ended up back at my house.

      Right around then I thought about it, the cops were getting closer, I was in a loop, that doesn't happen in real life. Then I realized I was dreaming. I made their guns dissappear and flew up, I was about halfway to the top of the tree line. I wasn't focused enough, I accidentally made Carl from Jimmy Neutron appear. I tried what I did in older dreams. I flapped my arms and legs as if I were making a snow angel. It worked, I rose into the air slowly, then I gained more concentration and I was able to control myself easier. I no longer had the underwater feeling. I flew higher and higher.

      I could hear Carl yelling, "Sheen! don't go!" I suspected he was talking to me, but I knew I wasn't sheen, "Cops! He's up there in the sky!"

      As I started paying attention more I realized the clouds were square and there was a lot of fog. It remined me of MineCraft, wait, this is MineCraft! The cops were flying too. I started to believe it was Minecraft subconsiouly and I started to loose control. I lost the ability to fly and fell down. Double tap space, I thought, do it, double tap. It worked for a second as I saw a flash of myself hit the spacebar twice. But it didn't last, I kept falling. A fire ball shot from above, most likely from the cops. Double tap! Do it! SPACE, SPACE! then I started flying again. I looked down, I was about ten feet from the ground, good timing.

      I looked around, the setting changed, I was in the graveyard I commonly go to IRL. I convinced my self I was dreaming again, I pinched myself, I gealt no pain, good. It wasn't MinCraft, I can do more now. The cops were gone. I hovered for a few seconds when suddenly, a mix of Kirby and King Boo appeared from a grave. I looked around and saw 8 (from the dream academy dream) sitting on a log. I moved to the crypt beside the field where she sat. It was still sunny, I decided it was time for a fight scene. King Kirby and I had a battle I did everything I wanted, I shot fire, shurakins, controlled the air, etc. King Kirby would do his thing changing form and shooting stars at me, he occasionally sucked in something I threw at him and gained that power. I summoned the Hand (the white glove from Super Smash Bros) and started beating him with it. I flew up and erased the hand, I dove down at Kirby and shot him with fire. Kirby stated summoning things himself, my memories. I had my mind stuck on cartoons and video games so he reminded me of old favorites, Foster's Home for imaginary friends, Kirby, Mario,etc. We eventually got bored and sat and talked with 8 for the rest of the dream.
    5. Psych, It Has a New Name!

      by , 10-29-2011 at 04:18 PM (Dreams of a Hooded Figure (and his trusty sidekick 8))
      (I've been watching Psych lately, so this remined me of it, mailny because Gus was there and so was his ex-girlfriend Ruby)
      (I guess I was Shawn, but It was first person, and no one said my name, so I wasn't sure)

      I was in the gym Lobby. I suspected we were solving a mystery, Gus was beside me and a girl, I didn't (and still don't) know who she was, but she looked familiar (I think she might have been 8, the DC from my other dreams, not 8 years old). We walked by the desk (empty, but messy) and the smoothie bar (I like smoothies). We went past the rooms where people hit the tennis ball on the wall and try to get it over and over, everything looked like it did in the gym my dad used to go to (which means there really was a smoothie bar) but it was all empty. We sat on a bench, the only thing that was off about the place was the round window leading to the next room behind us (It was supposed to be a mirror, I didn't think about that until after).

      "So she's in here?" I turned to Gus, he nodded.

      "Be careful, she's listening to music," said the girl. (Wow, she might kill me! *sarcasm*)

      I went in, but Gus went ahead, the girl stayed behind. Gus went around a beam in the middle of the room, but I stood right infront of it, observing. There was a large dent in it about the size of my head. I grabbed the inside and lifted my self up, then went back to the ground (I've been climbing trees a lot lately, I guess I was still thinking about it). I walked over to Gus and saw that he was talking to Ruby on a treadmill. She was the one we were after I guess. I pulled Gus away.

      "Dude, let's go to the gift shop," I said.

      "Okay," he said

      We pulled Ruby along and I stopped, "Wait a minute, I used to go to this gym!" I said, "It used to be called, (I said the correct name but I forget it now)"

      Ruby nodded and pointed at a TV with the old logo on it. (Odd enough that they would keep it there) I got confused, but we continued on to the gft shop. When we got there I noticed a bunch of rolled up temper-pedic matresses against one wall. The girl behind the counter was the one we were with earlier. There were action figures of what 70's-80's band names inspired on the counter. I looked to my right and this girl from real life was standing with her sister (I'll call her Half (it sound cool huh?) and her sister Half's sister "Half's sister (creative, I know....)) I looked at Half then quickly looked away. She picked up one of the figure's from the desk and observed it. I looked back at her and she said something along the lines of:

      "Well, I guess I should buy this as a preasnt in case I can't aford anything else" (what an odd choice for a preasant)
      I looked at he with an odd smile, (her sister hadc no real importance in the dream, she just was there in the background) she smiled back. We walked away and out the door, and everything faded.

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    6. Can't Trush Two-Handed People

      by , 10-29-2011 at 03:45 PM (Dreams of a Hooded Figure (and his trusty sidekick 8))
      It was in the time of ancient egypt (I'd never realy thought about that since 6th grade), there was a peasant and a pharaoh, I was watching from above, completely disembodied eyes. We were in a mud-brick hall, the ceiling raised about 40 feet. I could hear muffled talking going between the two, I moved closer. It was like a picture from a computer, as I zoomed in, there was less detail. The outlines got bigger and everything. I was suddenly on their side, at ground level. I could make out some words, but I forget most of them, then the peasant said:
      "No, I cannot trust you with two hands full,"
      (This of course made no sense and then I woke up)

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      dream fragment
    7. The Dream Academy Part 2

      by , 10-29-2011 at 03:37 AM (Dreams of a Hooded Figure (and his trusty sidekick 8))
      (The following is the continuation of a previous post...)

      I wandered around the grounds, looking for people, I went to the back of the school where people were practicing flying, transforming, and other tricks. I walked around looking for someone with cards, then I came across two nerdy looking kids sitting at a little plastic table. I walked over and noticed they had yugioh cards. I talked with them for a bit and decided to go back. I walked in and 8 was still at the wooden table. I sat next to her.

      "What took you so long?" she asked.

      "I was like two minutes," I replied.

      She smiled, "That's still too long."

      The next thing I knew, we were making out and within seconds, everything went black as if I slept in my dream, and what do you know? I wake up beside her in my room.

      Holy crap! I thought to myself, how did that even happen?

      8 was still asleep so I decided to go for a walk, I went out and had another forgetful confrontation with the head master. I went behind the school and went for a walk in the woods. I eventually got bored and decided to go back and have a little fun. When I returned to school grounds the sun had just risen above the tree tops, and I had nothing to do. I went up to my room, where 8 was still lying in bed, awake now. We watched eachother, trying to keep from any awkward coversations.

      "Well, that was fun," she said.

      I stood in the doorway and scratched my head and smiled, "You wanna do somthing?"

      She slowly sat up, "What?"

      "I don't know, what do you do for fun around here?" I asked.

      She smiled and got up, she took my hand and brought me to the table we were at before. We waited for a minute and then she pulled out a paper, "Draw something big, and scary."

      8 handed me the paper and I started drawing, I didn't even have a pencil. I drew a dinosaur/humanoid with giant arms and handed her back the paper. She smiled and folded it up. She took my hand again and pulled me out the door and behind the school.

      She heald the paper infront of my face, "Look at this," she said, "How about you make it real, then we can fight it."

      I observerd the drawing, I already knew its details, seeing as I drew it. I thought about its giant arms, how his skin would be the color of darkened almonds, how he would bare his teeth when he was angry, then I saw him, right behind 8. We both began flying, and we had an epic battle, one too epic for words. When it was defeated, we landed back on the ground. 8 hugged me as tightly as I would imagine possible, we stood there for a minute, still hugging. She suddenly released me.

      "I'm gonna miss you," she said, and she gave me one last kiss.

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      lucid , memorable
    8. The Dream Academy Part 1

      by , 10-29-2011 at 03:13 AM (Dreams of a Hooded Figure (and his trusty sidekick 8))
      (The following was a very long dream, so I will post it in differnet parts...)

      It started on a train. I was standing alone in my car, watching as we passed red lights every three yards or so. We went through a forest, then under a mountain, it stopped at the edge of a lake. All I could see was a magnificent series of buildings of different shapes and sizes, each with a unique color light around it. Thre was the rectangular green building, medium height, some round windows, others only slits moving horizontaly along the edge. The mountain shaped red building to its right, a bit taller, no visible windows. There was the wave shaped building behind both, blue almost completely made of glass. The pointed yellow building was last (now that I think of it, these colors are like the ones from the houses of Hogwarts) this building was the shape of an upright needle, only with horizontal slits for windows, placed at the far back, a bit right of the blue building.

      I don't know how it happened, but I teleported across the lake, only after that did I realize I was dreaming. I was introduced to the headmaster, I don't remember much about how he looked or acted, he sort of just existed. I was then brought into the green-lit building where I hung out in the lobby.

      I sat in a teal beanbag chair and observed the inside, I was sitting next to the stairs, they were wood and went up the center of the room. The rug underneath me was a greyer teal and all around the room were balconies, going all up the walls. I figured they lead to our rooms and I soon found out I was right.

      I noticed a girl and a boy, both with brown hair, sitting in beanbag chairs at a low, wooden table across the room. I walked over to them.

      "Where am I?" I asked.

      They replied, "the dream academy"

      The girl spoke on her own, "Hi, I'm (I can't remember, so I'll call her 8) 8," I just realized how beautiful she was, "7 (what I'll call the guy) will show you around."

      7 stood up and lead me up the stairs only one floor, he opened a door on one of the balcanies and showed me in, the walls were all white and there was one big round window at the end of the room, beside it was the bed. I looked out the window and saw the sun setting, but it was already night, was it rising? The sky actually turned orange and when I turned around, 7 was gone. I walked out of my room back down to 8. She layed out some cards on the table.

      "What are these for?" I asked.

      "They're to help our abilities while dreaming." she replied, I noticed her smile at me.

      I observed the cards for a minute, "These are Yugioh cards," I said.

      "Good, you recognized them, now go outside and find some people with cards."

      I went outside, under a white bridge connecting the green and white building, I saw the headmaster, all I remember is asking him whay there were different colored buildings, I think he answered but I don't remember anything having to do with him.

      -to be continued...

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    9. Apple Ogres from Space

      by , 10-29-2011 at 01:21 AM (Dreams of a Hooded Figure (and his trusty sidekick 8))
      (This is an old dream, I just thought this would be a nice start)
      (Oh, and I'm going to write these as stories rather than descriptions)

      It was just an average day in school, except, it wasn't. It was an average night, but at school. So it was just another night at school. I was hanging with my friends, talking about random stuff, then there came a noise. Outside was about a thousand aliens, like the jakals from Halo's covenant all covered in purple armor. I ran out, for no reason, I just thought it would be fun to fight som aliens, so I did. I even started flying, even though it was a normal dream. I eventually got bored and flew back inside. Everyone was cowering in the cafeteria, lying down, shaking and whispering to eachother.

      "Oh, come on!" I complained, only a few bothered to turn their heads.

      The girl I liked at the time (as in I like someone else), let's call her: "W" (her name doesn't even have a W in it), anyways, she was lying with some random guy. He gave her his hat and they started kissing. Suddenly, an ogre with an apple for a head and a cape knocked down the door and everyone went running, except W and the random guy, they were still kissing (I don't think they ever stopped) The ogre shot fire and I got up to fight him. A rather....well, large, person ran by scraming on fire, throwing paper everywhere.

      "Why?" said the ogre.

      I simply shrugged and threw paper at him, which caught on fire as it left my hands. (unfortunately paper has a lot of air resistance, so it barely made it a foot away).

      I ran out the cafeteria and into the basement, except it was the basement of my dad's house. I found Brett (my best friend) and we waited. It was only a few seconds before the ogre ran through the door. We went into the safe room, a white, finished room alone in the corner of my basement. The ogre followed. I found a container of apple juice and somehow figured it was flamable, so I threw it at the ogre and he errupted into flames.

      After that, I'm pretty sure I went back upstairs and W was still kissing the random guy....but his hat was gone.

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