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    Meeting my Dream Guide

    by , 01-16-2012 at 11:01 AM (378 Views)
    I had a DILD where I found myself in a scene that I could not remember and I willed myself to be in a familiar scene which was a success.
    There in the new scene I saw and talked with a familiar person, I asked him ‘are you my dream guide, he said no and pointed to the direction where I can find my DG ’ he gave me advice saying that I should not pose a direct question but be indirect about the question. In the direction he pointed was a boy’s quarter with an open window. And I was able to see my supposed DG from there.
    My DG was she; she tied green rapper round her waist with blouse which I cannot remember the color. I went round the house to pass through the front door and when I got into the room there were too many people in the room that seemed there were holding a meeting.
    I got in, was a little beat confused which is my DG. I met the one I thought was the one and told her that I needed her audience and she said “I am tired while blowing a hand fan over her body”. I could not do anything but to let her be. With this I woke up.

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