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    by , 03-01-2011 at 05:01 PM (443 Views)
    I was sent an errand when i noticed that i can teleport. I did it severally and it struck me 'YOU ARE DREAMING'.
    The scene was familiar and I navigated around the scene by teleporting.

    I was nervous and thought of changing the dream to something interesting.
    I tried re-dreaming a dream that I cherish the most, the most cherished ever. I thought of how I could get to the scene and I found myself in a scene similar to it. I tried feeling the way I felt, tried thinking of her coming; I was hurrying, nervous and never wanted to loose the dream. The dream eventually started to fade and i shouted 'clarity now' and it became clear again.

    I left the scene and decided to fly, which i did successfully by bouncing on my feet along the street which ended up in diferent and non lucid dream.

    A newbee will always be a newbee what woud i have done to re-dream a dream or to continue from where i stoped in a dream dreamt the previous night?

    Thank you for reading . . .

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