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    Tried Meeting DG

    by , 10-08-2011 at 02:51 PM (429 Views)
    I WILDed and noticed the lumpiness of my body. I tried rolling my consciousness out of my body but could not, i imagined myself entering the dream world from my room and i felt the sensation of falling to a bottomless pit. Darkness was all over me and a voice came to me saying 'you are falling towards hell' and i said to myself that i have no fear, St Michael is with me to protect me.
    I saw myself in my room and i walked out of it and sat down at the frontage, i grounded myself and focus on the goal of the dream which is meeting my DG.
    I began saying these words meditatively 'DG show yourself' and i saw a hand whose body is hidden behind a water tank indicating as being the one but my alarm clock chimed which woke me up. What a sad end.

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