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    Lucid Thrift Store + Dylan Returns

    by , 05-23-2011 at 12:55 AM (667 Views)
    Lucid Thrift Store

    I'm in some kind of thrift store, which is a regular living room but with a rack of clothes. I see Heather's new clothes she bought for her birthday the other day (in real life) on top of the rack.

    She wouldn't donate those, I think. I am instantly lucid. The dream is difficult to connect with for whatever reason. I rub my hands together for stability but realize I have mittens on. I remove them and try again.

    I sit on the floor for a moment, thinking of what I want to do in a dream. I try to recall my goals.

    An eastern women is at a cash register and is doing a little dance. It is very simple but she acts very proud, as if it took her months to perfect it. She looks over to me and offers me acid after she's done.

    I close my eyes and she places a tab of acid on my tongue (I "know" this happened, but didn't actually feel it occur.) Suddenly my body is knocked from a sitting position to my head on the floor. I lose lucidity.

    The dream spins into a different room, a different scene:

    Dylan Returns

    I am in my ex-beloved's living room (not a replica of real life at all). It has very nice hardwood floors which I admire. We are hanging out, catching up. He offers to bring me to the ATM with him or something.

    We are in his car. I ask if he has his license and he responds that he doesn't. He goes through the ATM and we drive somewhere else.

    We are now on a beach. He is tattooing Bart Simpson onto my foot. I look at my foot a lot and think of how sketchy the lines are and if I'll regret this.

    I have a discussion with someone else on the beach of how stupid water shoes are.

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    1. The Sandman's Avatar
      It seems as though dreaming of taking acid knocked you out of lucidity. Very odd.
      I love the girl who is proud of her simple dance.
      It is funny you dreamed of a tatoo on your foot as well as dreaming of water shoes
      (which go on your feet). I wonder what is the big deal with feet in this dream.