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    ram dass from outer space

    by , 12-15-2011 at 09:24 PM (825 Views)
    i am looking at a sims 2 look down/walls down layout plan of a house-ship.

    the ship is originally concrete, i think. my dad buys it and i am now in my body (as opposed to the viewer). i am in the ship house.

    the white concrete walls are now an organic skin material, mushy and kind of like memory foam.
    the house is designed to float, so it sails up, up up. very high up, i am in the ship and can see out of it.

    below me are suburbs and trees.

    i am back on ground now. some time passes and i am asked to enter the ship again. its not a family ship/house anymore. i am with several other kids my age.

    ram dass gives me "be here now" volume 2, the sequel. he tells me not to be afraid and to read the book as the ship floats up.

    the ship is more organic now, having completely transformed into something different than a house.

    another ship is in front of us. we watch it take off- it jumps into the sky very high and is not seen from where we stand on the ground. i'm really scared.

    in the ship i read the book. it might have been called "the negative nature of the universe". this isn't supposed to be a bad thing, though. more like yin yang, the taking over of one thru cycles.

    the ship shoots up. my body feels very strange breaking physics like this, i feel like we might have gone faster than anything we as humans have made before could go.

    someone says we are going to a certain ocean in the galaxy.

    we go there, and then further out. we go out of the galaxy, into deep universe.

    the ship is clearly a defense for us. there are things near the ship trying to attack it or something. it seems hostile.

    the bottom of the ship shot out some sort of eerie ethereal line of something. it attacked the other things attacking us.

    i woke up sometime, at 3:30. i was very awake.

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    Tags: aliens


    1. The Sandman's Avatar
      Awesome dream establish. The whole thing was classic, but my favorite part is that you came away with a title for a book, and rather possible, even down to how the title wasn't negative as it could sound on the face of it. I kind of knew it wasn't meant negatively, so I was glad to hear you vocalize it.

      Great read!