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    The book of mars

    wilderness group

    by , 08-19-2011 at 02:10 PM (549 Views)
    i am part of this giant group of people divided into tinier groups.

    me, my mom and dad and heather are in the countryside. we are looking at a dilapidated farm house and two animal barns. we want to buy this and re-vitalize it to make it fully sustainable.

    my dad and i go look in the inside. it's pretty rough. the first room is a kitchen. there is no hallway, all the rooms on the first floor are in a single file line and the doors are positioned in the same area all the way thru.

    we enter the first room. bad idea, man. the room is painted red and has mirror's all over it. in the mirrors i see little children and toys playing a music machine. a piano that makes very high pitched sounds, very toy-like. it's not in the "real" room, just in the mirror of it. it's terrifying.

    we leave. outside me and heather go around the house. to get around it, we have to step in muddy low tide sand because there's the ocean/a lake/something behind the house. it's foundation is the rocky coast.
    we look into a window and then notice we can't because there is a carved human face from some kind of rock. around the face are floating pictures of children, really really old pictures. we're scared so we leave.

    a few groups, including some hunters with their dogs, are on a porch of a "base" for this giant group i'm part of. we're all hanging out kind of, just enjoying the scenery and then a guy's dog gets loose. we try to see where it went. i see something down the road, and i point.

    its not the dog, (tho it was when i saw it), its now a bear. i see its part of a bear family and now they're coming towards us. we get defensive, and then see that it's not really a bear...it's a few ladies in bear costumes. dumb.

    my little family group goes into a kitchen. my mom is organizing plates and heather asks for some wine. good idea, i pour her and me a glass. pouring the glass is difficult, because first you pour it from the glass into a blue plastic cup. then you must pour that into a glass cup. i got wine all over the floor.

    heather is drinking pink frozen wine and i'm drinking orange wine. i don't know the flavors or anything. hers looks like a popsicle floating in a cup.

    we get pretty drunk and go to the final meeting/gift ceremony of the giant group. we sit together and accidentally sit in the very front, but more people fill in the space between us and a stage.

    speeches are made, etc. people start getting gifts, randomly and some are given specifically by name.

    there's some joke about half of a car being thrown around. it comes to me and in my hands it dissolves into ten pieces of product for me to stock (my job in real life).

    in the very front of the group, five black girls sit together. they have no eyes, and some have big goggles to protect their sockets. they were marred in the landscape this group lives in, perhaps its post-apocalyptic because their injuries are due to the sun.

    one girl comes up to the gift-giver and makes some speech about wanting something nice. i think "its like this is scripted". they are given a movie. we watch the preview of it, it looks like "fried green tomatoes". uh.

    it comes to be my turn, and i'm given a single earring. the lady says it's 50 dollars to pierce your ears but "Everyone has that piercing, so i figured it's okay" ... i don't have my ears pierced. cool.

    the earring is very cool. it's ugly visually as it's just a giant golden star. however, it's in 4 dimensions. it spins in a spiral up and down, and leaves a 4D trail.

    heather and i leave. the kitchen we got drunk in is now a bathroom. i ask her where the alcohol is but she has earplugs in.

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