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    Fishing and Party with Cockroaches

    by , 09-16-2011 at 03:39 PM (288 Views)

    This dream started off with me sitting at my computer and I saw something black run across the floor. I tried to find it and and I had found it and it was a cockroach. I had many attempts to kill it unfortunately I could not kill it. My dream ended.

    One of my most vivid dreams ever. Almost my whole family were at my grandparents house. We decided to go to the forest because they live near one. We decided to take bikes for the ride to the forest. We started biking and I told my dad this is a horrible braking system on the bike. He said it worked fine for him as long as he pushed the top softly. I decided to go down a hill extremely fast and brake. I pushed the brake too hard and I flew across the street fortunately I was still alive. My dream ended there.

    This dream started off with me,dad,brothers, and close friends getting off at some harbor where we could go fishing. We started to get ready. My dad was ready to throw in his line but then a party boat had stopped right in front of our face. They ran into some bar that was underwater. I also remember that they did a 360 turn before hitting the bar. They decided to gather everyone from the bar and go to the ocean. We decided to go, so me and my dad swam across the water to the boat. After a while I noticed we saw a group of people there. My dad said they are from European country called Azerbaijan. He then took back his answer and said Romanians. My dad comes from a Romanian descent. He started talking to them and he doesn't usually open his mouth too much to strangers. They started recording him and then an udder silence hit the boat. The dream ended.

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