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    Awake to take in the view...

    Title taken from my favorite song, On the Wing by Owl City.

    1. Back in business? :D (Spring competition nights 9 and 10)

      by , 03-12-2023 at 07:02 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      OK, I have been experiencing something of a resurgence. I think setting a strong intention to have a lucid dream is helping. If I am successful many days in a row, I start taking it for granted, and stop intending. Maybe. I'm still trying to figure out the pattern. That would also explain, though, why I was able to complete the character summoning task last night. I just thought, "it's my brain, I have control over it" and just like that, it worked.

      Night 9, the night of repeated nightmare NLDs:

      - I had this weird hypnagogic imagery dream where my friend kept turning into a carnivorous plant made out of eyes, AND biting my eye. Rude. It weirded me out and kept continuing, so I woke up fully and wrote it down to try and make my brain dream elsewhere. (Counting this as full since it felt very long, 1 point)
      - I wrote a song about "my major"...in college/grad school? Idk. I wrote a song about my major, whatever that means. I had intense jaw pain in this dream too (this was probably real as well -- I have bruxism). (0.5 points)
      - Dream that my brother was threatening to shoot me, which he would never do IRL. Quite a horrid nightmare actually. :c (0.5 points)
      - I had a stalker in some endless bathroom world. I have these weird bathroom dreams a lot and have to pee when I wake up. (0.5 points)
      - MORE FREAKING EYEBALLS. There was a giant eyeball watching me. I told some girl about it and I think she freaked out. (0.5 points)
      - I dreamed that some guy killed someone and then panicked due to the guilt. (0.5 points)

      ...IDK what I ate before bed to have nothing but 6 straight nightmares in one night. Actually, I think it was pizza. Wtf man. Speaking of which, it's like 10:45 PM, I should be asleep, and I kind of want a bit of ice cream................ am I going to get round two of this?

      Total = 3.5 points

      Night 10, much better:

      - Dream fragment about a selfie stick (0.5 points)
      - Dream fragment about free art courses offered online (0.5 points)
      - FINALLY A LUCID / DILD! I was with my friend and we summoned my target fictional character, and we were all walking up the stairs to a water slide! As for my character, he appeared in my peripheral vision and then in front of me almost instantly, which is interesting because I've struggled with summoning in the past. I then tried to ground myself in the dream, and it did become somewhat more vivid. I tried to go up the stairs more to ride down the water slide, because why not? Unfortunately, I then lost lucidity. (10 for DILD, + 1 for grounding, + 2 for interacting with DC, my friend, +5 for my first task, summoning a fictional character = 18 points)
      - The dream morphed into something about a spooky dinosaur ride, based off of a dinosaur that was never real. But the woman operating it wanted it to be. In the same dream, I was with my cousin in a shop kind of like Costco, and there was free merchandise available there. We were riding on scooters, trying to get on the dinosaur ride, but we were about to miss the next train/car. An old lady got mad at me for letting my cousin ride on her scooter in front of me, because this was apparently rude or improper. (1 point)

      Total = 20 points

      Competition total = 23.5 + 53.5 = 77


      Back on track!

      Night 9

      - 5 dream fragments (2.5 points)
      - 1 full non-lucid dream (1 point)

      Night 10

      - 2 dream fragments (1 point)
      - 1 full non-lucid (1 point)
      - 1 DILD (10 points)
      - Grounding (1 point)
      - Interacting with DC (2 points)
      - Completing my first task, summoning a fictional character from a game (5 points)

      Competition total = 23.5 + 53.5 = 77