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    Awake to take in the view...

    Title taken from my favorite song, On the Wing by Owl City.

    1. I was going to go to bed, but I forgot to write this, so... (Spring competition day 3)

      by , 03-05-2023 at 07:13 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I have to get up annoyingly early on Sundays possibly for the rest of the year, which really sucks...I don't get any sleep-in days at all right now. It really screws up my LDs. Sat night / Sun morning are supposed to be the best days for me.

      The world probably won't end if I'm late tomorrow though so I might just sleep in anyway, since it's not urgent or work related or anything. I had some really cool experiences last summer with dream chaining sleeping upwards of 9 hours a night on Saturday nights/Sunday mornings...really want to try chaining again, even if it's just 8.5 hours of sleep.

      - I had a dream that I was playing Wordle. I do this every morning IRL lol. (0.5 points)
      - My friend, my brother, and I were all going through this ride/maze thing. My friend went through. Then, my brother talked to me and said that the "moon rooms" were designed to look very desolate. We walked into these "moon rooms" and their walls were covered in rocks that looked like little asteroids. We entered the room through a pool (swimming). At the end, we were annoyed that the pool was the only way to get in and out. It involved diving underwater and squeezing through extremely small spaces, in which I was worried I might suffocate or something. (1 point)
      - I keep having nightmares about a bad set of loud partier roommates that my brother and I had in college, IRL. I couldn't sleep at all for those two semesters because they were so loud late into each night. I had another nightmare about this -- my brother and I had to move back with them for some reason. But I had some noise-canceling headphones to sleep in, which helped. The rest of my notes on this dream are illegible. (0.5 points)
      - Fragment: Night sky outside with stars. (0.5 points)
      - Fragment: I dreamt that something I was looking at had a spelling error (0.5 points)
      - Fragment: I dreamt that I closed the blinds. (0.5 points)
      - I ALMOST had a DEILD but I got distracted or was thirsty or something. Dang it!
      - And then I had one spontaneous DILD. But it was wickedly short. All that happened was that I was with my friend (different one than before), and we were walking through a city. I randomly became lucid. I talked to my friend who also knew that I was dreaming and we wanted to try the summoning task together. I attempted, and then I woke up. I really need to work on stopping this as it's been a rather common trend for me lately -- waking up shortly after getting lucid and trying to stabilize. (10 points)

      NAP: I took a nap to attempt another WILD but I think I was too caffeinated and didn't really fall asleep? I had some faint signs of my body starting to fall asleep, and I had my noise-cancelling AirPods again...but I kept waking back up.

      Points: 13.5

      I had poor recall and low lucidity for months leading up to this competition. Weird how it's gone up, hopefully it will stay. I think forcing myself to get up and write my dreams down, each time I wake up at night, is the key to better recall. My Oura ring for sleep tracking gets angry at me though because it says I spend too much of the night awake and gives me a drastic overestimated reduction on my hours spent asleep, which in turn messes with my Apple Health statistics...ah well, c'est la vie.