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    College, and the Magic School Bus.

    by , 07-05-2015 at 06:17 PM (365 Views)
    Aaah it has been hard for me to lucid dream lately. The last two semesters at college (winter semester and spring term) almost killed me. There were a LOT of nights of 4-5 hours of sleep and even though I got all As and A-s, the end result of that - fatigue and exhaustion - was NOT pretty. So once I got home in June I kinda went into a funk, mostly oversleeping without LDing, playing Pokemon, and reading a ton of books. It wasn't good, although I did read some pretty awesome novels.

    Now, I'm trying to get back on track with my goals.

    The night before last night, I actually slept better than I have in about a month, even though I was at my aunt and uncle's house sleeping on an air mattress. The only dream I really remember from that night was riding down a bunch of water slides, which makes sense because that is what I did for the majority of that day.

    I also had an LD a few weeks back in which I was on a spaceship as an astronaut, something I've always wanted to do, but the thing was about to crash. I became lucid spontaneously, but I freaked out that I'd lose dream control and have this terrible nightmare, so I forced myself awake. -_- I really hate it when I do that. I am such a pansy sometimes.

    But now for last night's dreams! No lucidity, but that's because I've been a fat lazy slacker pansy.

    Dream 1: I had to go back to college, and I was back early for some reason. (This seems to be a common dream for me during the summers). The date on my watch said 7-29. The annoying thing is that checking my watch is usually my main reality check, but this time I didn't get a clue. I was in this class for my major. I don't remember what it was, but I DO remember it was basically like a second art and drawing class, which was super exciting for me. I also got to have the same art teacher, which made me really happy.

    I also had the exact same Spanish teacher, and he was super excited to see me. Lots of the girls in the class recognized me too. Interesting because I was considering dropping my Spanish class - not because I want to, but because I may not have enough room in my schedule to take it. But I really want to take it, so. :/

    Dream 2: Enter the Magic School Bus. I was on this random vehicle. In front of me, there were 3 or so elementary school aged girls. Some guy told them we were on the Magic School Bus. They freaked out, whereas I was super excited. c:

    I've had dreams about the Magic School Bus before, which is funny. Last time the dream was all in cartoon, though. Despite having not watched the show in many years, I seem to think about it a lot and how I want to get back into it.

    I've been reading a lot of dragon-related fantasy novels lately, so I'm surprised I haven't been having any dreams with dragons in them. Lame sauce.

    Incidentally, I need to get an avatar for this forum. I will find a cool one. I need to log off before my dad comes and tells me I'm wasting my time. See, as much as I love the guy, everything I do is a waste of time to him, with the exception of school and work.

    Well, that's all for now. I hope I can be more active on this thing. It'll be the hardest thing to do when fall comes around because computer science major - animation emphasis is a crazy intense major at my school. All the intense programming and math, plus hard art classes too. It's hard to find time to get enough sleep. But that's the thing about goals you want to succeed at. You might slip up, even after a long period of success. You just have to keep persevering, and then you will get there. That's what I believe, anyway, so here goes for working hard at this once more.

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