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    Flying and cool t-shirts. :D

    by , 09-24-2012 at 06:51 PM (326 Views)
    So I remembered two of my dreams last night. The first was non-lucid, unfortunately. The second was lucid! DANCING BANANA!

    First Dream:

    I had come back from some sort of shopping mall, and I had gotten some T-shirts. My parents had bought me some, and I had bought some myself. The coolest one was this one of a glow-in-the-dark abominable snowman. I know my parents think I'm too old for those, but I don't care. And I didn't care in the dream, either. ^^ Surprisingly enough, my parents actually thought it was cool too in the dream. That should've been a recognizable dreamsign, because they weren't acting normally, but I didn't get lucid.

    We were going to go to another really cool shopping mall - apparently, in this dream world my family and I are quite the shop till you drop people O_O - and I wanted to wear my new T-shirt. You have to understand that even IRL I am obsessed with T-shirts. I have at least fifty of them, no joke. Anyway, I wanted to wear the T-shirt because 1) it was new, and 2) it was glow in the dark, and we would be driving to this mall at night. So I wanted to see it glow.

    I was going to be late (as usual) so I grabbed my backpack on the way out the door. This backpack was supposed to have all my new T-shirts in it. I got in the car and looked through my backpack. It was this really cool, high-tech outdoors backpack that looked almost like a Camelbak. But I couldn't find the dang shirt. I searched a million times through all the pockets and found a ton of shirts, but not the one I was looking for. I asked my parents for help but they couldn't help me.

    It drove me insane. And I was as disappointed as heck. I wonder what this means. Trying to find something that you want really, really badly, and then not finding it....this could relate to my real life.

    Dream 2:

    LUCID! Well, not at first. I was at a park for my brother's cross country meet. The park was beautiful. It was covered in lush grass with some dirt trails, a few fallen branches littering the ground. There were beautiful white and gray tree trunks everywhere - they looked almost like aspen trunks, but without all those creepy knot things, and they were normal sized, not skinny like aspens. There was also a river.

    A group of us were standing, waiting for the runners to come by. We were all wearing sweatshirts and such because it was cold and foggy. Then we (somehow) found out that the river was going to flood, and we would have to get ourselves and our stuff out of there before it happened.

    In a large quantity of my dreams, I am able to fly. This was the case here as well. It's so vivid that when I was younger, I actually got confused and thought I could fly in real life too (thankfully, that didn't end up in injury!). I decided that I could both save myself and help save our gear by flying into the air, so I kicked off and flew my usual way - as though I was treading water with my feet, but in the air. I climbed a few feet into the air. I was next to my aunt, a few people I didn't know, and a tree trunk. That was right around where I realized that I can only fly in dreams; thus, I must be dreaming. Calmly but excitedly I continued to fly. I hovered in front of my aunt, who was wearing her ragnar relay sweatshirt, and told her, "Hey, do you know that this is a dream right now?" or something along those lines. I had read that dream characters are supposed to deny that, but I didn't think this would be the case with her, and I was right. She simply said something like, "Oh no, I didn't know that. Thanks for telling me," but didn't seem all that surprised. It was surprisingly hard to talk - I don't always talk in dreams, and it was hard to make my voice work for some reason. I think when I finally did force myself to talk, I actually made a sound out loud (sleep-talked). Unfortunately, shortly after that, I woke up. My next goal will be to try and stay asleep, because as of late I've been waking up shortly after attaining lucidity.

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