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    Awake to take in the view...

    Foggy memories...

    by , 08-13-2018 at 12:49 AM (173 Views)
    ...are pretty much what has been constituting my dream recall lately. Haven't been lucid in a while. :/ My watch trick stopped working ever since I started using an analog watch, for whatever reason, and I haven't found another reality check that works for me.

    My watch (a G-Shock) actually has a digital component, too, but it's kinda dim and hard to see so maybe that's why it hasn't worked?

    That being said, last night's dream was mildly interesting.

    I was flying with someone else (don't remember who) into a run-down, abandoned building in a city. There was a bat hanging from one of the rafters! And everything was dyed with this strange blue light.

    Cool stuff, even if not lucid!

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    Tags: bat, city, flight
    non-lucid , dream fragment