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    I remembered 9 dreams in one night. @[email protected]

    by , 09-30-2012 at 07:11 AM (624 Views)
    Yes, I remembered nine dreams from last night. I think it has to do with it being a Saturday and being able to sleep in - I remember dreams better that way.

    I can't remember the entire order though.

    Dream 1: Hypnagogic imagery. It had something to do with a car. That's all I remember.

    Dream 2: I was indoors, in a bedroom of some sort. I was with a kid who looked kind of like my brother and kind of like a friend I had in middle school (I think he kept changing). He was wearing a black sweatshirt. There was a spider hanging down from a web next to him as he sat on the bed. The spider kept moving around; it was scary and disgusting. Apparently the kid wasn't sure if he wanted to kill it or let it stay alive. It was red and black and changed from mostly red to looking like a black widow. It was really creepy.

    Dream 3: I was at a restaurant. There was a girl who was in love with a guy that were sitting at a table either with me or near me; I honestly can't remember. I was at the restaurant and saw a group of friends along with the two people who were in love with each other. I think the girl was blond and the guy looked like Orlando Bloom or that one character from the Princess Bride with the black hair...but I can't remember fully. -_- I had chicken nuggets on my plate. I was around people for a while, then suddenly I was at a more solitary table, and I felt a bit lonely. Then I went to the bathroom or something, and when I came back, almost all the lights were out. Everyone was silent and the doors and windows of the restaurant were shut; you couldn't get out. For some reason my brother was there, sitting at a table. I asked him what was going on, and he told me. I don't exactly remember what he said, but I think the restaurant had been taken by an evil group or something.

    Why must I have so many nightmares? D:

    It must've been right around this point when I realized, although sleepily and hazily, that this was a dream. Which leads me into

    Dream 4: As soon as I realized I was dreaming, the scene fell away and shifted to something nicer. I was with a girl and I wanted to travel with her into a place where we could fall in love. I was lucid at this time, but my awareness was kind of low. We looked at a few places: a foggy city, a beautiful urban city with black buildings and yellow/multicolored lights (reminiscent of LA), and over a nebula thing in space. Yes, we were flying. However, for some reason, I got scared (this happens a lot when I get lucid, which is dumb because it's a dream; what is there to be scared of?) and I woke up.

    Dream 5: I was chosen to be in a piloting class, with only 3 or so people in it, for whatever reason. The instructor asked if we had read the assigned textbook material. I hadn't, but flipped to the back of the book, where there was an astronomy section. Then we went outside in some sort of hover vehicle to go around town, and that's when I looked out the window and saw a shooting star! I've never seen one before (I've caught glimpses of them, but was never sure if it was just my imagination or not), and in the dream I couldn't remember if I had seen one once before or not. Anyway, the meteor was a giant gray rock with little pieces coming off of it, and it glowed this beautiful shade of electric blue. IT WAS SO COOL! When I saw it, I yelled out "WHOA!" because I had never seen one before and because it was so enormous. My friend and the instructor, who were in the craft with me, were so happy for me.

    Dream 6: I was on this psychology forum that I go to. One of my friends' profile said that you must tame the beast and it will choose you. And for some reason, I thought I was getting a dragon. XD Instead, I got a creature that looked like Barney. My subconscious is so bizarre. O__________O XD

    Dream 7: Someone was telling me I was addicted to the internet, and I got (understandably) very mad at them. That's all I remember.

    Dream 8: We were supposed to be driving somewhere, even though that day was apparently going to be "Carmageddon." (This has its basis in reality, because my brother went to a cross-country race on that day, today.) I figured that (for some reason) there would hardly any cars in the morning, so we should just go then. But we weren't going...for some reason.

    Dream 9: My mom got interested in personality theory! And I think she was looking at a typology forum. I highly doubt this would happen in real life - I've tried to tell her about it - but you never know, I guess.

    That took forever to type. xD

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    1. stonedreams's Avatar
      couple of things: first, for the most part people have only about 6 dreams maybe 7 a night. Now you did say it was a Saturday (I'm guessing you slept for a long time) so i guess you could have had more REM cycles but I'm not really sure if you can. Also some of the shorter dreams could have really been apart of another one of your dreams, you might have just had something i like to call a dream jump. This is where you don't remember a part of your dream or your mind skipped a part of your dream because it wasn't very important. Still sounds like a good night of dreaming!
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    2. Eveningsky's Avatar
      Huh, that makes sense. I guess maybe they were parts of different dreams. I did sleep quite a bit that day, though. But yes, it was a very fun night of dreaming. Thanks!

      Aaaaand yes I realize I just commented on this two years later. xD I'm hoping to get active on here again.