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    The life of a pirate! Sort of...

    by , 09-28-2012 at 07:12 AM (450 Views)
    I was at some sort of tourist attraction. It was a bay connected to the ocean. The water was a weird shade of turquoise, but a nice warm temperature. I was in the water, swimming or treading water or something, when my dad and mom floated by on this tiny little boat thing and told me to hop on.

    Oddly enough, the boat was tiny, and I barely fit in. I had to lay down sideways in order to fit. It was also made of rubbery material, which was weird. My dad said something. I remember that the ocean was beautiful and that my brother was in the ocean too, trying to find us. But it took him a long time.

    Then we were on a pier, walking. When we reached the end of the pier, there was a pirate ship show and my family joined the crowd to watch it. I wasn't that interested, so I pulled out my mini sketchbook and was about to draw something when suddenly they came out and forced me to be a volunteer for the show. They just said something along the lines of "Any volunteers?" and then grabbed me (even though I didn't say anything) and dragged me on board. They said I was going to be a volunteer, but didn't tell me what I was supposed to do, so I was really, really irritated. And also scared, because I would be standing in front of a bunch of people without knowing what I was doing. IRL, this wouldn't have happened. I'd have forced my way out of the ship.

    Eventually, when I was supposed to go onstage, they realized that I had no idea what I was doing and so replaced me with some other guy. But I couldn't leave the ship. Then I got really angry when the guy did it and it wasn't anything that hard at all. I don't remember what he did, unfortunately.

    Then everyone in the ship started partying and coloring - yes, they seriously got out activity books and started coloring - except me. And I had a really hard time forcing my way out of the ship. Luckily, it was still docked, and I was heading out when either I woke up or the dream stopped. Ugh, I hate how many of my dreams involve me getting captured and forced to do things. ;___; And everyone having a party without me. Not cool, man. x_x

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