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    My way or the highway

    by , 08-09-2015 at 06:32 AM (272 Views)
    My last entry got deleted -_- Retyping...

    Due to a poor night's sleep (allergies destroy!), I did not lucid dream last night. I remembered a fragment, but was too exhausted to record it, and thus forgot it by morning.

    I tried the MILD method for the first time in a while, though, during a nap. It didn't quite work, so I guess I need more practice. But! I did recall a dream, so it did work to an extent.

    I was with my family in a car. One of those hired driver guys was driving us somewhere. He was looking at the map on his GPS or phone or whatever it was. He turned back to us and he said, "My way or the highway - my way is quicker!" And then he drove us on whatever route was not the highway.

    I might've attained lucidity if it weren't for my piece of crap, broken satellite watch, which decided it was randomly going to beep from my dresser. Woke me up right away. I really need to get that thing fixed.

    Aaaand now I'm going to bed. c: We'll see how tonight goes.

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