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    Rihanna, and my uncle, and a strange shadowy figure in my room.

    by , 08-19-2017 at 04:28 PM (562 Views)
    Okay, last night has some hazy memories. I've also had a decent amount of dream recall throughout the week, and wrote it in my paper journal but forgot to get my notes on here. Right now, due to time constraints, I'm just going to write last night's.

    Dream Fragment 1: I'm sitting next to Rihanna inside of a room, and Wild Thoughts is playing in the background. I talk to her, but I don't remember what about.

    Dream 2: My brother and I are traveling back from some event late at night. We are walking in the wilderness with a little bit of civilization around us -- like the occasional building or large home here and there. Eventually, we come to a road, and we see the headlights of a car. I cross quickly, but my brother doesn't chance it. For some reason, I run back to him just before the car whizzes by. Then, after the car passes, we cross and see my uncle. There are boulders, plants, and a river. A pretty lady in a blue dress (I think? or blouse?) is running away from him. No idea why. She was scared of him for some reason.

    Hallucination: Despite not being sleep paralyzed, a few seconds after awakening this morning, I was sitting in bed and it was still kinda dark. I saw a shadowy figure. She looked female with a plain red and white dress, but I couldn't tell for sure. I practically jumped out of my skin until I realized it was just a hallucination since I had just woken up. Still weird though because I wasn't paralyzed at all. Then she vanished. In retrospect, it was really cool!

    IRL, school starts up again in a few weeks. This is going to be an intense semester as usual. Nonetheless, I'm going to try and get enough sleep and dream as much as I can.

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    1. DannyCool's Avatar
      Sounds like nice vivid dreams. Keep it going. I had so many dreams last night. I was aware for most of the night but was too tired to write them down. When I woke up my phone was ringing and none of the dreams have come back since.
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    2. Eveningsky's Avatar
      Thanks! I've been there too, when I feel too tired to write down dreams. It's definitely a struggle, especially when you have like 15 more minutes until your alarm goes off and you just want a little bit more sleep. Oh, and it's the worst when they vanish right after waking up, too!
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    3. DannyCool's Avatar
      We could write in our journal as soon as we wake up (it is the thinking that stops the recall too) and wake ourselves up a bit during the night to write the ones in the middle of the night.
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    4. DannyCool's Avatar
      = shock wake up = dreams gone!!!
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    5. Eveningsky's Avatar
      Yeah, that's a good idea! It will be especially nice for me having my own room in a few weeks. Now I won't have to worry about waking anybody up when I write down my dreams

      And yes, 'tis a curse D:
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