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    Splendid Competition Night 1

    by , 01-14-2017 at 07:22 PM (369 Views)

    In waking life, I generally have neat handwriting. However, when writing in my dream journal in the middle of the night, I write messily. This time, it was largely illegible. I really need to fix that.

    Slept about 7.5 hours last night.

    Dream 1:

    During my hypnagogic imagery (so WILD I believe), I very quickly became lucid! I was standing in a green field. The dream was a bit hazy, and I forgot to demand clarity. I remembered my first goal for the three-step thingy, to use technology. I figured I'd use an iPad, and made one appear in my hands. For some reason, my hazy brain decided to use Numbers, and a spreadsheet appeared. Then I figured that that was pretty boring, and tried to boot up a racing game. I was able to play it for a few seconds, and then the dream faded and I woke up.

    I wrote down some non-lucid dream fragments, but they were so messy that I can't read them. :/ Due to a lack of recall, I will only count the 2 that I can actually read:

    Dream (Fragment) 2:
    I saw the Dark Mark, or something similar, on a piece of paper. I don't remember anything else.

    Dream (Fragment) 3:
    My family had gotten cast out of...civilization? Our hometown? Can't remember, but I think it was out of some sort of fictional civilization that we had been living in. We were placed out into the bitter cold. And someone got bitten by something.
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    1. spellbee2's Avatar
      I feel you on the handwriting. My normal handwriting isn't super neat to begin with, but it gets a ton worse during the night. I tried for a while to keep my journal close to my bed and blindly write short notes in it without moving the rest of my body - I gave up after a week because I couldn't read any of it.

      Anyway, congrats on the lucid. Don't forget to count another 5 points for basic summoning the iPad, plus the 5 points for using the Electronic Device (you only counted the 1st step points).
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      Updated 01-15-2017 at 01:53 AM by spellbee2
    2. Eveningsky's Avatar
      Yeah, it's frustrating. I think it's better just to sit up and write, although sometimes it's a bit harder to get back to sleep after that. I also need a better flashlight, probably, so I can more clearly see what I'm writing.

      And thanks! ^^ Oh, right! I forgot to count the summoning. I will take care of that now.
    3. Eveningsky's Avatar
      Ah, I see you fixed it for me. Thanks!