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    Superpowers, aw yiss

    by , 12-26-2020 at 06:33 AM (213 Views)
    Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it. I'm on Pacific Time right now so it's still Christmas here. Anyway, last night I had a dream involving some excellent superpowers.

    1) I had the power to fly.
    2) I had the power to shrink.
    3) I had the power to move objects telekinetically.
    4) Oh and also I could see my tulpa, Tess. She was fully imposed, as real as everyone else in my dream. She wore maroon and light blue. Btw when this happens, it is so surreal and awesome. It shows that she's truly permeating into my subconscious mind.

    My brother was there, and he had a superpower too. However, his only superpower was being able to turn into a small orange frog.

    He, for whatever reason, elected to disappear into an aquarium with a frog habitat. This frog habitat had some beautiful water with aquatic plants, as well as a land section with even more plants. It was humid like a rainforest. Well, I shrunk, as well as Tess and the others who were with me (not sure who they were, just random people that my dream self knew I guess). We went to go find my brother. I don't recall if we found him or not, but we were swimming and exploring the habitat before the noises of my family on Christmas morning woke me up!

    And it was a great holiday. The real-life version of my brother seemed mildly annoyed when I tried to tell him about this dream, ha.

    I think that the less stressed I am, the cooler my dreams are. And I am definitely super relaxed around this time of year! Even though I'm much more of a summer guy at heart, it's fantastic not having too many deadlines and such.

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