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    Why tf do I keep dreaming about hornets? (Competition nights 11-12)

    by , 03-14-2023 at 03:52 AM (53 Views)
    Night 11:

    - I was back in high school track. I was discussing my race times with 2 of my HS friends. We were heading to either a workout or a race on the track, and we were talking about how we wanted to get faster. We were a bit worried that our goals were unrealistic (I think we were talking about trying to go to the Olympics or something) but were determined to give it our best effort anyway. (Full non-lucid = 1 point)
    - I went to some sort of music festival. (Fragment = 0.5 pt)
    - I was cooking, and some dude put a giant hornet in my whipped cream. It escaped. D: WHY is it always hornets? (Non-lucid: 1 point)
    - WBTB lucid dream where I was at this very nice park. But I started to lose it very quickly (and couldn't remember any of my tasks). When I woke up, I tried to do DEILD into an OBE, and I successfully stayed sleep paralyzed. I also did successfully have a few seconds of an OBE in which I walked on top of the desk next to my bed, but then I lost it, and the imagery was so faint that it was almost daydream-like. (WBTB: 2 points, dream chaining: 2 points)
    - A dream fragment about the company I interned with last summer. (Fragment: 0.5 pt)
    - I had a dream that I got a text asking to man the cameras for a YouTube feed at church, including on a Saturday night event, which was weird because I knew Saturday night was over and it was Sunday morning (considering that I thought I was awake, and had a very real-life context this time). (Non-lucid: 1 point)

    Night 12:

    - Dream fragment. I was exiting a grocery store on a sunny winter day. (0.5 pt)
    - I attempted a DEILD into an OBE again, and I failed. My earplug had fallen out and I was getting distracted by late-night/early morning traffic noise, so I eventually had to snap myself out of the sleep paralysis vibration sensations and put the earplug back in.

    Nap after night 12:

    - I did not get enough sleep last night and I felt like crap with a headache all day due to the springing forward. BUT! I did have one cool experience as a result of it...It just didn't last very long. I'm getting better at LDing often, but not at preventing wakeups.

    Basically, I was exhausted and falling asleep against my will at work, and I work from home, so I gave in and took a nap. I really like the whole OBE sensation so I tried it once more. I did WILD and stayed lucid as my body fell asleep. I got intense falling sensations, occasional feelings like my arms were floating above my body, and an intense sensation of being pulled forward. I then tried to start controlling dream imagery, and did see a few faint flashes of trees or something green -- But then I opened my eyes and saw my room. I was on too much caffeine today, so that created some interesting sensations. Well, it was only 120mg and early in the morning, idk. (I think this counts as a WILD so 10 pts, but let me know if I should drop it and I can! )

    Nights 11-12

    3 non-lucids: 3 points
    3 fragments: 1.5 points
    WBTB: 2 points
    Dream chain: 2 points
    WILD (this only lasted for a tiny bit and it was mostly physical sensations, see blog, so lmk if I should refrain from counting it): 10 points

    Total: 1 + 0.5 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 0.5 + 1 + 0.5 + 10 = 18.5

    Competition running total: 77 + 18.5 = 95.5 points
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    1. Saizaphod's Avatar
      It does sound like you fell asleep and WILDed, the dream probably had just not formed yet properly(you did begin to see the dream a bit with the trees/green). We'll count it this time. Good luck for the last nights, beginner top scores are very even
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    2. Eveningsky's Avatar
      Thanks, Saizaphod! It was definitely a borderline one. Hopefully I'll get to intermediate level by next competition and by then I will really dive into WILDs.
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