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    1. Search for the legendary sword Sty: Gathering information

      by , 09-08-2017 at 03:05 PM
      It was very early morning as I wandered down a small street with some trees at its sides. The atmosphere was definitely typical for my dreams. Many people were heading the streets up and down minding their own business although it was so early and somehow I noticed that this was nothing but a dream. It wasn't a sudden enlightment but a slow process of understanding the nature of my surroundings. Right from the start I knew what I had planned to do: Searching for the next legendary sword, the third in my collection. Of course, I had no idea where it could be, what its specialities were or how it even looked. All I knew was that it existed. The best I could do was walking around and asking people about it.

      The first I asked was a man in his 40s-50s who seemed to be on his way to some kind of work. I took the right to disturb him for a short while and asked him about the sword. Sadly, he didn't know anything which was to be suspected as he was just a normal man having normal things on his mind. When searching for another person to interview my eye got caught on a troop of men with a wagon full of ancient stuff. Well, THAT looks promising. An elderly man could give me at least a tip, saying that an old woman further up the street might know about it.
      As I approached her she smiled as if she had expected me and had been looking forward to it for a longer time. Finally I got some really helpful answers!

      "The legendary sword Sty which is able to blow up a whole car with one strike but was never actually finished."
      That was an interesting result. I knew the swords name, its power and that it has not been finished. The creator had a recipe and the materials but for some reason he never actually started creating his greates work.

      Time to find the exotic materials needed and the actual guide on how to build this thing!
    2. A completely broken journey and some research on magic spells

      by , 04-15-2017 at 11:14 AM
      This night was one of those in that nearly all dreams chain together story-wise and create a totally non-sensical adventure. Well, adventure might be too big of a word for it.

      I started out in an unknown house with a few friends. Although I did not actually know this place I simply assumed that it belonged to one of my friends. Otherwise we would have broken into someone else's property, right?
      One of the things that were kind of strange was the way the room was built up and how the furniture had been placed. Multiple beds in one room placed in a way that blocks the room's door from closing and barely anything else besides bookshelves and tables. It had an unbalanced feel about it.

      So I felt the urge to leave and said goodbye to everyone. I had no idea where I actually wanted to go to if I am very honest. /CUT/

      For some reason I decided to go to the next shopping mall... without money... and the will to buy anything. My attention gets drawn to a group of teenagers standing in a small circle and making gestures that indicate they are talking about something that should not be heard by everyone. Very effective to stand in the middle of a mall if you try to hide something, huh?
      Now things got messed up though. Suddenly one of the group turned her head towards me and rapidly turned it back talking to her friends with a nervous expression on her face. I didn't know her and she probably didn't know me. I did nothing exciting and still she was very uneasy about my presence.
      To make the situation even more broken one of the friends back at the house came along and I greeted her. She wasn't into talking at all though and tried to get away quickly after greeting me back. What is this place?
      The strange behaviour of the people wasn't the most questionable thing even. How did my friend get here so fast although she stayed at home and I directly went here? /CUT/

      I carried over the lucidity from the last dream. I left the mall by now and walked down a quiet road with rather small and cozy looking houses. " I don't know exactly what made me realize that this is a dream but I know for sure that is is one!" I thought. "So, what did I want to do again? Oh yes, create a magic spell."
      It was obvious that I needed a little help and research for it. As I couldn't think of anything better I simply knocked at some door and hoped the person living in the house knew about magic stuff. To my disappointment nobody opened in the first place for now.
      I got so impatient that I tried to smash the glass part in the door with my bare fists which led to some interesting discovery. The door repelt all power I put into it. My hand simply slowed down so that I just gently touched it in the end. The wooden part of the door did not have this effect though. I knocked again in a very violent way and somebody opened who I absolutely did not expect: My long departed grandfather.

      What a beautiful situation that was. When did he laugh that much the last time we saw each other? We got down to business relatively quick though. He did not know so much about magic himself but he had some random notes lying around that might help me. I skimmed over them. Lots of symbols, nearly unreadable text and so on. Was a good start anyway! I just need to find out how to use those symbols and the gibberish in the notes and it should work out. /CUT/

      Time to finally get home! It was a loooong day (or night?). I find a bycicle and just decide to ride it home but after a minute I notice that it is surprisingly hard to get it moving. A look down explains it all. There was god damn hole in the front wheel and the air had flown out of it. To make it all funnier it started to rain. REALLY?
      At some point I managed to leave the city which was absolutely not what I had wanted to do. A giant wood construction without any obvious use stood there in the green fields next to the gravel path. Well, I can always turn around, right? That plan worked out very nicely until I hit a road that I knew.
      Problem: Everything was blocked by barricades and construction sites. I had to drive a totally stupid way to get home which was double as long as the normal one thanks to all that.

      Sigh, at least I didn't get completely lost...
    3. Apprentice of telekinesis

      by , 01-23-2017 at 10:13 PM
      The dream started with a very familiar theme. I was standing in my home street with no real goal and without anything on my mind. It was a bit like taking a stroll. At some point the dream stopped and I awoke for a short amount of time. Luckily, I started exactly where I had stopped before when I fell asleep again.

      Instantly I recognized the situation and became lucid. Remembering my goal to improve my telekinesis I searched for a fitting object that looks challenging. Well, there was no need to look around for too long in a street like that. Those cars were just too perfect! I approached a black one slowly and tried to lift it up by swinging my right arm into the air. Hmmm, nothing. Time for a different tactic! I use my usual phrase that I am already in perfect control of everything around me as it is created by me, just not conciously. Now I used both arms and if I was not mistaken the car moved an inch or so. That is far from satisfying though, so I decided to summon some help. A guy in a hoody and a girl with blond hair appeared to my left and right side. I ma fairly sure that I have already seen the man before when he helped me with another power. What a reliable person.

      Now we all lifted our arms into the air over and over and the car shaked more and more until it levitated like two centimeters above the ground and softly fell back on it. One day I will send this thing flying by my own... very soon.
    4. A tree of pure dream power

      by , 01-17-2017 at 08:34 PM
      It all started with a vision I had. I wasn't really there but more of a being on a higher plane of existence. What I saw was a little gnome in green clothes planting a seed into the ground. In an instant a tree shot out of the ground and rocketed into the skies until it was fully grown. Now I join the story and find the tree in a quite large garden. It was completely covered in golden leafs which looked really magical on its own. Just looking at it made me question the reality I just experienced and I became lucid.

      Just out of curiosity I took of one of the leafs and felt really powerful all of a sudden, like I could manage anything with that leaf. My attention was drawn to a few balls on the ground and as I concentrated on them they slowly shifted their shape into something that looked a bit like a human except for missing body parts here and there. They started to walk very slowly and played with the remaining balls. When I turn around the tree has changed its position slightly. "It is magical afterall." I thought. "Indeed, it is magical and its leafs can allow one act of magic each." a voice said. Turning around again I saw a man who looked a bit like a wizard or something of the sort. He encouraged me to take another leaf and try again. Ha, how could I refuse? A well of unlimited dream power? Give it to me!
      I thought about what to do next and decided to let it rain. I closed my eyes and opened my arms wide facing the sky. After a second the cool rain started to pour down on me. How pleasant. Well, the wizard was not so fond of it so we decided to go inside. I turned the transformed balls back to normal and went inside a house nearby. I asked how long the effect would stay and the answer was "As long as you wish. I have nothing to do today anyway so let it rain as much as you like."
      What a wonderful source of power...
    5. Argh, he got away again! [Splendid Competition Night #2]

      by , 01-15-2017 at 06:59 PM
      It was a fairly normal night except for that I was wandering around the streets with no real goal or anything like that. All I did was looking around and slowly moving along the way. The place wasn't totally unknown to me. It looked like a altered version of the area around my house and the streets around it. Slowly but surely I filled up with lucidity without any specific trigger. It is hard to describe the feeling but it feels very natural on the other hand. You stay calm instead of going like "Wow, what the hell, this is a dream?!" and you simply feel something very subtile that is "wrong" with your environment.

      Well, I was calm until that black hooded guy ran me over. Instinctively I evaded him and jumped onto the road. It was a thief running around the city for a longer time now and I had planned to nail him down for quite a while. Normally, he would use his invisibility cloak once somebody takes more notice of him than he likes but he obviously thought that I gave no second thoughts to him. WRONG! I knew exactly who he was and why he was in such a hurry. In an instant I turned around and sprinted towards him shouting "HEY!". Might have been a stupid idea actually to call after him...
      The black figure met eyes with me...well, if I could have seen its eyes under that hood. He clearly took notice of me. The next event is fairly unlucky: I stumble a bit and drop out of the drea,. Seems like I should have payed a bit more of attention to my stability. One day I will get this guy!
    6. Restaurant dungeon and fight against the Nunchaku Brothers

      by , 12-10-2016 at 12:08 PM
      This retaurant was filled to the ceiling. If you wanted to get something from the salad bar you would have to stand for quite a while but eventually I could take some soup and other side dishes. What was by far more interesting were the conversations people had. A guy looking like some kind of servant was eagerly discussing with a lady in a fulminant dress how somebody might be in danger. He didn't try to keep it secret and even I could hear it although I was much further in the endless row of people wanting their side dishes. Still, nobody cared but me.

      I went outside instead of eating as this story about someone being in danger got me hooked up. Who and how in a normal restaurant like this? There was nothing dangerous outside either. The moon light coloured the wide hills, lawns and trees in blue. This place was really in the nowhere without anything nearby. So I decided to go inside again when the servant guy ran the same way being out of breath. Of course I followed him at the same speed and inside he shouted again "Milady is in danger, she is in danger!".

      Suddenly I noticed something very... abnormal. When I looked down on the floor I saw a red outline moving around. No, it was not drawn on the floor. It had the shape of a human and was more like vision. I was seeing the girl he was talking about through the floor! Judging by the shape alone she had to quite young, barely a teenager. It was this moment when the servant and I looked to a unsuspecting door and we both felt the same obviously. He sprinted ahead of me and went through the door. I lost sight of him but took the same way.

      The stairs behind the door led into a basement. Some kids were playing a really weird game here. Who got caught became a slave and they had to move him step by step to their camp while the other team tried to free them. A little boy was the slave right now and was totally not happy with it. He moved with a form of disgust. Some people wore white robes which made them look like priests. No idea if this was made to distinguish teams.

      Anyway, I should move on. When opening another door the atmosphere changed out of nowhere. The place behind the door was devoid of people and had an evil aura around it. It was a dungeon.
      "Wait! A dungeon? This concept only exists in my dreams." I reached a level of lucidty which took away the fear caused by the evil aura and turned everything into an exciting adventure. With determination I walked into the dungeon and looked around. Small yellow-orange lights created a moody atomsphere and flags and pictures hang on the walls. You could mistake it for a normal hallway if it hadn't that strange aura.
      With all those decorative plants, benches and other stuff it looked a bit like the restaurant above me. So I started to roam through the corridors trying to find the girl, the servant and the source of danger. I soon noticed that this place was huge. One corridor led into to others and behind a corner the corridors went on. Sometimes there was a room with tables, chairs and sofas inside but I didn't trust them too much.

      Suddenly I had a vision while walking. Two women were caught in a white room with nothing but a steel door stealing their freedom inside. You could see them through a glass plane and the surroundings were the same as the dungeon. One in a white dress told her to use the power inside of her to break through the door and disappeared like a ghost after saying "It is up to you. I can't help you any further.".
      And then.... I WAS IN THE ROOM!
      Seems like I walked into a teleportation trap, how unconvenient and diabolic. Well, at least I got a tip though. I put my finger tips on my forehead to concentrate my energy and stretched out the other arm towards the door. I violently struck the door with telekinetic force, a power the room seems to give you. I saw a fiery, green bar going down in my field of vision. That was obviously my dream energy. It got drained quite a lot by performing so many telekinetic waves but the door was already completely deformated and with a single blow it gave in.

      I ran to the end of the hallway and it led into only one room that was different from the others starting with the different furniture. It looked like a bar with a billiards table on one corner. Most surprising was the bald guy with glasses sitting on a chair while smoking though. At first I thought he was my enemy but he took no action to hurt me and just had a "I expected you" look on his face. No time to have a talk though. The billards cues came to live and attacked me by trying to sting me. They were rather weak creatures though. I gave them fast punches and kicks while evading them and they flew across the room. Once they hit the wall with a loud noise the magic inside of them vanished and they became normal cues.

      Was that the danger? No. When turning around I see one elderly man with a totally insane look on his face and a fairly massive one with glasses similar to the smoking man in the chair. They had weapons good enough to hurt me. Well, not really as I was dreaming after all but you get what I mean. One had two single nunchaku sticks with sharp hooks at one end and the other one had chained up like five of them to create a deadly weapon out of them. The smoking man slowly stood up with his on chained nunchakus. Well, I would like to have a weapon, too to be honest. When looking around I spotted some nunchaku sticks on the billard table.
      The hooks of them were not that sharp or pointy but it was good enough for now. It was the smoking man and me against the Nunchaku brothers.

      I took care of the crazy one and he was quite a hard opponent. He blocked my strikes and tried to get through my defense but he failed as well. At some point I understood a bit how I could get him down. I aimed for his head with the sticks and he made a funny "Ayyyy" sound when I hit him. He could take quite a few hits. Inbetween I felt like everything was fading a bit. "Hey, a bit more awareness and control if possible, yeah?"
      The colors went brighter and the battle raged on. When fighting and landing more hits I suddenly noticed that one of the nunchakus was missing. I looked to the massive nunchaku brother and he was chaining my stick to make an even better weapon. NOOOO!! I tried to stop him but he resisted well. It was no use. Luckily, my partner landed a good hit and he was obviously realizing now that he had no real chance against us after all. Af ter a few more hits the crazy brother walked backwards as well. They could not fight anymore and were defeated. An expression of disbelieve was on their faces.

      Hmmm, I think I am going to take thoes nunchakus as loot. They might become helpful if I modify them a bit.
    7. Mastering fire and water

      by , 12-04-2016 at 01:19 PM
      I was celebrating something in a very nice garden together with some people that I only partly knew. It was already getting evening and I was still waiting for some people but I decided to just sit down for now. There were a few people sitting on benches around a table. Seemed like a good place to sit down for me. Everyone greeted me even though I had no idea who they were to be very honest. And then the first very weird thing happend:
      As I sat down on the bench it instantly flipped up on one side and I nearly fell. When pushing it back into position I noticed that it had an extremely low weight for looking quite massive.

      I decided to go into the cafee which the garden belonged to. It was unbelievably full in there with maids running all around serving things. Suddenly I felt the urge to go to the toilet to pee and searched around. "Ah, there it is!" It was not hard to find as it was right near the entrance. The first thing I saw when opening the door were at least 15 toilets being weirdly arranged on the wall and one that.... was simply flying in the air. "Ha, what an obvious dream." That sign was too obvious to miss. I decided to finish peeing though as "having an accident" would be pretty uncomfortable, even in a dream. Well, it didn't want to stop though. So I just forcefully stopped at some point and went out of the toilet loosing some pee on the floor. Instantly I am being watched by the maids and a "Wanted Star" appeared in the edge of my vision. It basically meant "We won't take action yet but you are being watched!"

      Well, I didn't want to stay here anyway so who cares? I ran out of another exit then last time and it led me to the city. Sprinting through the big hall I noticed that it had become night already and that a nice orange light was brightening it up. I felt a bit of instability and clapped my hands hearing the echo from the walls. It was fairly effective for bringing me back into the dream world.

      Now I finally wanted to something else than just exploring so I left the building (while hitting the glass door once) and was outside in the night. I liked how busy it was with cars driving the street up and down and people on bycicles passing by. I walked up a hill and started with my typical speech. "This world has been created by me, I am already in full control. This wonderful place and its appearance is controlled by me and every action somebody takes here. It is subconcious but I can link it to my concious!"
      Those sentences increased my control a lot as they made me aware of my true state. So what did I want to do again? I always wanted to control the elements. For first I would start with fire although it seems harder than some other elements as I have to create things out of nowhere. Looking at a tree I took my hand back and pushed it forward again to summon a fireball. Hmmm... that was weak, just a bit of glowing and warmth. Again! I took a bit more time now and.... a fireball hit the tree and inflameed it! I threw one after the other at it and the inferno was growing.
      All of a sudden to people came to watch me but for now I was more interested in burning down that (innocent) tree. At some point only the stump was left and it broke down into pieces of coal. "YES! The first element is done!" What a victory!

      The two people were applauding and I finally took a look at them. They wore thick coats and looked elderly. Obviously they were familiar with controling elements. Then I was teleported into a misty green field with many differently shaped holes with water inside. I understood now: I had been taken to the the Wide Lands and this was the water trial. Let`s go! I carefully rose my hand to raise towers of water. It was truly fun to watch but I was interrupted by the elderly people. They show me a magic hologram including the next task. Forming my name with water? That seemed difficult. It got even worse. Forming japanese Kanjis with water. What?

      I woke up here but two elements had been mastered. No need to be sad about the sudden end.
    8. Challenging the sinister sword fighter and a glimpse of the Wide Lands

      by , 11-06-2016 at 01:51 PM
      The swordsman
      I was lucky that one of my most common dream signs returned: Standing in the middle of my room. Yeah, something simple as that is a dream sign. As always I go on top of the roof through the window and look outside. Hmmm, it is a bit misty and there is a gravel way next to my house instead of the street I had been used to. Seems like somebody built it that way while I was away from my dream home for so long. I look down on the ground and think "Ok dream, don't trait me, right?"
      Jumping from a building had resulted in death in one of my LDs once and I was not eager to interrupt it like that. Well, crying doesn't help so I take the leap, decelerate my fall a bit and softly land on the gravel way like a ninja. A memory came to my mind. There is a sword fighter around in this city who is causing trouble my challenging people all the time. If I want to stop that I need to win the fight against him so I can demand him to leave.

      In the meanwhile I reached an actual road. Orange leaves are dropping from the trees and create a myterious atmosphere together with the mist. I just feel that he is close, he has to be!
      "Hey, I challenge you, sword fighter! Show yourself!"
      Of course he would accept any challenge. He walks along a near crossing path and slowly turns to me. His figure is still a bit ghost like and slightly changing but a few seconds later he was absolutely solid and his appearance was stable. He just stood there, looking at me. I couldn't tell his expression as the heavy brown-gray armor was completely hiding his face like the rest of his body.
      Nobody could deny that this huge guy in the heavy sinister-looking armor with his sword as tall as him self and super spiky was impressive if no scary.

      I needed a sword of course and wished for my dream blade. Suddenly I could feel it in my right hand and took a look at it. The blade was not so fancy but sharp and fairly long. The holding part was golden and had some cool patterns on it. The shape itself was fairly nice as well.
      Now we charged at each other and crossed the blades. His defense was impressive but I wasn't bad as well. Nobody could land a hit as our blades collided again and again. After some time I decided to take a little distance to analyse the situation. The sword fighter remained silent and has the same expression as always....none.
      I charge at him again and this time I am able to hit his sword in a critical angle and it he is pushed back. While he is tumbling backwards I swing two fast strikes and to me surprise his armor is breaking at at a small spot.
      He has his guards completely down now. I charge into him, trying to pierce through his armor completely. It got a bit weird at this point. Everything went slow motion and the moment of piercing the sword through him felt eternally long. The dream started to fade and all I could see was the sword fighter kneeling and looking up to me with some kind of "Not bad" touch to it.
      I guess, he understood what he has to do now. He will either live here in peace or leave this town to fight somewhere else. To be honest, I would love to have this guy on my side on my upcoming adventures. Well, can't be too hard to find a guy like him.

      So these are the Wide Lands
      What a strange story I was in. It started in the world of gods although it looked more like a huge business office. I walked around in a fast pace knowing that a specific god asked me to bring something to him. While walking around I chat with a colleague I met on the way. We mostl talk about the artifarcts we pass by. Most of them are some stone constructions praising the great deeds of certain gods. Pretty egocentric, those people.
      Finally there is another god I can ask for the way. Too bad that he doesn't care too much for my problem and suggests that I should go to the arena to see the gods holding speechess and having fun at the party instead.

      At this point I was pretty much dumbfounded. What now? Slowly but surely this pause allowed me to see through all this non-sense. While staring at the distant arena through the huge office window I realize that this situation is one of the most unrealistic I have ever been in. I look at my hand just to be sure. Its appareance is everything but not normal. The length of the fingers is not right and I counted like seven.
      Next big question: How to get out of here? Luck was with me again. A simple wooden door led me to the "normal" dream world. What a beautiful area of the city I had found! But my journey in the Wide Lands awaited me! I tried to teleport there by closing my eyes and imagining the place. When I opened my eyes I teleported but to the wrong place. I was in a different part of the city with much more trees and plants than the other one.
      Well, that was very close to the green hills and wide fields I imagined.

      .........Wooops, I slipped out of the dream. I just get back to it in a few mins.

      Same situation: I just passed the wooden door. This time I try it a bit differently. I imagine the place and instead of opening my eyes I just accept my imagination as the reality. My eyes are already open, you could say. The dream was not too long after that but I found a nice little accumulation of trees. This will get us at least one step on the journey....
    9. Who cares if the traffic light is red?

      by , 10-25-2016 at 08:24 PM
      I was taking a stroll through a city for no good reason. I passed by a friend who said that last night's party was great but that he won't have time to host one in the next time. I couldn't remember a party but I didn't give it a deeper thought. He wouldn't make up a party, right? So I walked on hearing how he said goodbye to other people from the party. For some reason I felt like I should get suspicious and what a good instinct that was!

      I thought "Okay, where was I before I went on the stroll?"
      The last thing I remembered was going to bed and then there is nothing. This had to be a dream for sure! I don't know how I got here, something I would never forget under normal circumstances. Just to be sure I made a jump and it instantly turned into a super jump. Allright, this time I had to finish up a competition task for once! The easiest thing that came to my mind was super speed. So I started to slowly pick up speed until I was runing with normal speed. On the way I noticed a dog and a puppy walking around alone. Usually I have bad experiences with dogs in dreams. Most of the time they just walk up to me looking trustworthy and bite me then. It is never painful but just a weird sensation of pressure. Those dogs were 100% peaceful though. Seems that I was lucky today.

      Time to accelerate to actual super speed! I reached a bigger road and some cars were driving on it. Right now they still passed me but that would change soon. Instead of getting the speed from the movement of my legs I accelerated myself with telekinesis basically. I applied a mental force on me that gave me speed. Suddenly my body felt so light. I was breathing heavily but I didn't feel exhausted, I felt my legs working but they didn't get heavy. How awesome. Now I started to easily pass the cars on the road and I shouted "YEAH!" while doing so. Suddenly I got aware of a traffic light in front of me. It went red just in that moment. Well, why would I slow down? It's not like anyone here cared. The dream ended soon after.
    10. Comp night #5 - "Why would I get up at this time?" and random super jumps

      by , 10-20-2016 at 08:14 PM
      I awoke, well, that was what I thought in the first moment. The unknown surroundings and the friends in my room didn't bother me yet. Taking a look at the alarm clock got me puzzled though. It said "2:24" without specifying "am" or "pm". As it was totally bright outside it couldn't be 2:24 am but I would never wake up as late as 2:24 pm. So I thought back a bit to solve the puzzle. The last thing I remember is going to bed, the thing I wanted to do after that was staying up early to get to university. There was only one possibility to explain that circumstances: I was dreaming!

      Now I wanted to do a small test just to be sure. I went outside on the streets and tried to simply jump once. With minimum effort I jumped multiple meters high. OK, definitely a dream!
      A friend joined me and I said "Come on, I want to see you jumping up that house in one jump!". He prepared a bit and did without any hesitation. Not bad! Well, now it was time to try it myself: I made a few small test jumps and pushed upwards landing on the roof. I ended up doing nothing else, which is a shame but on the other side it was a lot of fun. That is what counts, right?
    11. [21-4-16/23-4-16] Messing up street signs with telekinesis and some random hyper jumps

      by , 04-24-2016 at 12:38 PM
      Messing things up with telekinesis
      I was standing in the middle of my room looking out of my window. For no good reason I got triggered and realised that I was in a dream. This seems to happen quite often in my room and I still don't really know why.
      As the window was already open it was obvious how I would leave my house. I climbed on the roof and just stood there for a few seconds. I felt the wind, the small rain drops on my skin and my vision was totally clear. Never before I experienced such a high level of lucidity and I felt more powerful than ever which made everything so much easier.
      I simply ran off my roof and took a jump. Flying was totally not new for me but it was easier than ever. There was no need to concentrate or make any movements. I just floated upright in the air and I could freely move in any direction without loosing control and crashing into a building like in previous dreams. I decided to follow the road and got incredibly fast. While watching all the street signs I remembered that I always wanted to master telekinesis which I was unable to do before.
      I concentrated on one street sign but it didn't move a single bit. "Common, you have all the power you need now." I said and tried it a different way on the next sign. I imagined how it would fly up and suddenly it really did. It was high up in the sky at some point and then popped back to its original position. Quite weird but I finally broke the wall that hindered me from performing telekinesis!

      Random jumping
      My dream started at my school and at some point I wondered what I was exactly doing here as I was just aimlessly walking around for no apparent reason. It had to be a dream!
      Sadly I didn't remember any of the tasks and just experimented with jumping around and flying. The building had a lower and upper part that I wanted to climb just to test out how well it would work out. The lower part was about three meters high and was barely a challenge. It was like a little hop for me. The upper part was way more difficult though. I took a huge jump and nearly reached the roof but I failed to actually land on it and fell back to the lower part. If I couldn't do it that way I would just fly up there which was what I did in the end.
      In the end I just walked up and down on the roof and enjoyed the foggy sight over the dream world.
    12. [16-4-16] A crazy parkour

      by , 04-16-2016 at 07:08 PM
      When I woke up very early in the morning I tried to use a WILD but the sensations when coming near of falling asleep were to uncomfortable to really do it. Instead I just fell asleep the normal way. My awareness was still active though and I directly noticed I was dreaming when the dream began.
      I was riding my bike through a nice colorful park and I wondered how I got here as I was laying in bed literally just a few seconds ago. I assumed that the WILD had worked in some way and I was ready to tackle the three-step-task now. I would run with hyperspeed but first I had to get rid of all this unnecessary stuff I was carrying around. My jacket, the rucksack and my bike were all left behind as they had no use for my goal.
      Now it was time to start and I began by making big steps forward then accelerating more and more. When I reached the maximum step frequency I made big steps again while holding my current speed. Then I quickend my steps again. That way I reached quite an insane speed for a human being. All the time I followed a small path covered by trees which ultimately brought me to a hill with a tunnel in it.
      Two people spoke to me and challenged me to a race through that tunnel. One was a young Asian man and the other one an old, bold man. Of course I accepted! The track was full of obstacles and the first one was already impressive. It was a very high wall, way higher than me. The young man just said "I know it looks difficult but you will make it while he jumped over it. I did the same and did a very high jump and climbed over it.
      my two rivals had already quite an advantage over me but I new that I was faster on the flat track. The next obstacle were sand hills which looked like Spongebob's face. It was quite easy to evade them without loosing speed.
      Finally there was a part of the track which had no obstacles and I rushed towards my opponents. Within a few seconds I was right next to them. It got intense as the finish line was already in sight. One last obstacle blocked the way. It was a big soft pad which would slow us down very much and I saw that this was my chance. I took a giant leap and never touched the pad actually while the other to racers lost time.
      I had won somehow, even if the start totally didn't create the impression I could actually do it. In the end we sat down on a couch that stood in the building the tunnel had led to and just relaxed.
    13. [13-4-16] Budget Jesus and the over sized house....thingy

      by , 04-13-2016 at 10:41 PM
      Budget Jesus
      I was sitting in my living room doing nothing special at all when my grandpa entered the room to visit me. We greeted each other and then he sat down besides me. Something was really odd about this but what exactly? Then I remembered. My grandpa is in the hospital at the time so there is no way how he could visit me at home meaning that I am in a dream. I checked with a finger RC just to be sure and one of my fingers just faded out...welp, cya finger I guess. For some reason I also felt like telling my grandfather about it and he was a bit surprised but didn't actually question me at all.
      I went towards teh balcony to get out and I waved and said "Common, adventures await!". Surprisingly fast he followed me. Outside I remembered the task to walk on a body of water and I took a look around the place which lead me to a bunch of puddles. That was not quite what I was looking for but very close I guess. Then I noticed an especially large puddle and when I looked down on its surface I realised that it was not a puddle but a water hole deep enough to get wet to knees at least. Much better!
      I motivated myself a bit and walked forward looking straight. Shortly after that I looked down and I was indeed standing on the surface. Of course I celebrated my victory for a bit and tried to stand on one leg and walk around on the surface a bit. It was slightly bending but could hold me without any problem. In the meanwhile my grandpa was walking around a bit just looking at stuff as it seemed.

      What a house...
      Together with my mother I took a look at a new house we might buy and we were given the keys to explore it for ourselves. What we found inside was really over-sized. The ceiling was 3-4 meters high already and this was only one floor. Besides that there were many, many rooms which had a lot of room and we already agreed that we would never run out of space. Now we went upstairs and the house had at least 3 floors which were far apart thanks to the way too long stairs. I couldn't help but sense something strange about this place. The way it was built was unnatural. Nobody would construct that but I couldn't figure out what exactly it was.
      Well, when I woke up I knew....
    14. [11-4-16] The five symbols, a weird school trip and some water

      by , 04-11-2016 at 10:33 PM
      That night was a fairly great start for the competition. Starting out with a lucid can't be bad, right? It may have forgotten about my goals because.... there was other interesting stuff but hey, it was a lucid!

      The five symbols
      This dream made me think all day about it because of some very interesting events in it.
      I was standing in front of a wooden house facing the street and the town with my eyes being nearly closed. For some reason I was in a state of deep concentration. Suddenly a figure walked by that seems awfully familiar and the voice was bringing back memories as well. Through my half-closed eyes I could see that it is my Sensei (No, not the cool person on the forums here, just a random Sensei in a sense of master). He had disappeared from my dreams long ago and teached me some aspects of the dream world before. For some reason he had returned now and spoke words to me.
      "Feel the way you chose, feel the weapon you chose". I couldn't really see anything but feel the presence of everything and it was quite detailed. It was a sword that I was holding above my head and I felt its shape with my other hand. More surprisingly I could feel the presence of four other persons standing next to me. Three males, one female. Obviously, they learned from the Sensei as well.
      Now comes the part that made me think for so long and still does. At some point I could see five colorful symbols flying in the air in front of my inner eye. They kinda looked like flames.
      I can remember the one in the middle the best. It was a circle with many rays around and the color was a red-pink. I can say for sure that there was a yellow,blue and green symbol and most likely a purple one as well. Sadly I hadn't have enough time to remember them as well as the first one.
      What do they mean? What can I learn from them? There is a lot of research coming right for me!

      What a weird school trip
      It was a confusing situation. I was supposed to get that sheet of paper to fill it out but obviously it wasn't on that table which was full of sheets. I stood in the hall being orientationless until a teacher tells me to go to the office instead of the table with the friendly woman behind it. So I left the hall heading for the office.
      Later on I sat in history lesson with a teacher that I had like four years ago the last time. It seemed there was a break for now as the teacher was just looking in his folders and the pupils talked with each other. This led to some very irritating conversation. A girl asked me "Do you remember when the teacher asked when this one event happened and you answered 'UH AHAHAHAH OH OH OH AH AH AH AHAHA OHOHO'?"
      She was literally just making weird noises and I knew one thing for sure: I never gave that answer to anyone, anywhere at any time. I questioned the whole situation and it was very odd to me but it wasn't quite enough for a lucid yet.

      Who build that lake here?
      Now that was really odd. When I stepped out of my house I saw that someone had transformed all the neighbourhood and the streets into a lake. People were enjoying themselves on the beach and I needed a moment to process what I just witnessed. Slowly I walked towards the water, looked around for a bit and decided "Yep, that is a dream!"
      Sadly I wasn't really focused on my actual goals because the environment offered to much fun already and to be honest one of the girls there fascinated me for some reason. As expected things went on very fast. Without a word we walked up a way, both got undressed without even caring a single bit if anyone could see us like this and laughed about it. On the other hand it would be practical to lie down and the hard, rocky path didn't look very promising to say the least. So we just broke into a strangers car and layed down to enjoy the time.

      This won't get me many points but it was fun and that has a higher value for me personally.
    15. Competition night #5 - A chain of short lucids

      by , 01-16-2016 at 03:02 PM
      When I woke up in the early morning I decided to not stand up and prepare my mind for a few more dreams. A good decision as it seems!

      Two false awakenings in a row
      I found myself just standing in my room with the light turned on. I felt fairly quickly that this was fishy as I remembered trying to get lucids shortly ago. Another thing I noticed was that it was deep night outside although
      it was early morning as I remembered. Now question that it all was a dream.
      So I did what I always do when I start a lucid in my room. I climb out the window and step on the roof to get outside. Well, outside didn't exist today for some reason and all I could see was a black void.
      The situation was really odd. All that existed was the roof and the light coming out of my room surrounded by eternal blackness. I went to my knees and closed my eyes while saying "Come on, the lights out there
      need to turn on". I looked up again but I woke up before I could see the result...

      I woke up for a short time (for real) and the second false awakening followed.

      It all started out a bit different this time in a very interesting way. I was doing a handstand on a ball and had no problem with keeping my body in that position. I was thinking about how I wanted to have a lucid dream
      and in that second I thought "Wait, wait, wait....this IS a dream!".
      The first thing I did was turning the gravity upside down for me so that I levitated towards teh ceiling until I could safely stand on it. Again I left my room through the window normalising the gravity again so I don't just
      fly up into the sky without any control. It was very relaxing to see that the world existed now. It was early morning and I looked over the houses from my roof. Now it was time to collect my dream goals. Running at super
      speed seemed the easiest for now but for that I needed to get on the ground as the roof didn't have much space to run around.
      Sure, nothing could happen to me but jumping down from this heigth was something I never did before. I tried to not worry a lot and just ran followed by a very wide jump. An amazing feeling!
      As I got nearer to the ground I slowed down a bit and levitated down. I was ready when... I was woken up by a dog barking loudly outside.

      This is why I usually don't use WILD
      For some reason I felt like I could easily do a WILD now. I decided to not move and simply drift back to sleep while staying aware as good as I could.
      Things went awfully fast. A few seconds and I could clearly see a Pantheon and barely sensed my waking body but all the hypnagogia annoyed me pretty much. Letters were flying around and noises appeared.
      I got into the dream completely now but I was still nervous and couldn't hold the dream for long in this state.
      Now I remember why I never use WILD usually.
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