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    Terrarial Dreams

    by , 07-14-2014 at 10:13 PM (552 Views)
    This happened a while ago. I was playing Terraria for 24 hours straight, no breaks. Eventually, I just said "This has to stop" so I deposited my earnings into my wooden chest and went to sleep. That day, because I stayed up all night, I had a dream that I was in Crimson armor, at the surface with the crimson equivalent to a Nightmare Pickaxe [Nightmare is the name of the pickaxe, not relevant to the emotional complexion of the dream] and the sky was a maraschino cherry red tint. It was slightly darker, because it had a crimson-like setting to it. Despite not actually being in the crimson, the setting was very crimson-like. Crimson is the name of the biome, note, not the color of the sky. Crimson basically is the equivalent to the Corruption, the main antagonistic force in Terraria. It spreads very quickly, and is filled with evil enemies. Anyway, back to the dream. The ground was a very solid black, and I was wearing crimson armor. I was swinging the pickaxe at the ground. This seemed to continue in a loop for 10 seconds. What went through my head at the time follows"

    0:01: Huh. This is weird.
    0:04: Wait, why does the sky look weird?
    0:07: Wait, how am I playing this without a keyboard or mouse? Virtual Reality is many years away....
    0:09: Wait, I'm dreaming!

    I awoke and thought: No; I wanted to be God of my dream... Maybe summon skeletron prime and become Deus Ex Machina.. I couldn't get back to sleep.

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