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    Donna Summer's Death and My Dream

    by , 05-27-2012 at 02:41 PM (496 Views)
    How dreams incorporate our waking experiences has always amazed me. Here is an example from last night. We all know that Donna Summer died a few days ago, right? Two nights ago I bought a 'stuffed' chicken and bacon pizza from DeMarco's. Yesterday we received a hot weather advisory... the first truly hot days of the year are upon us where I live which concerned me as I needed to do some serious yard work. The dream: I was in a pizza parlor when suddenly a music video broke out in front of me. The song went something like this [I]~ I need some Hot Stuffed pizza this evening~ I want some Hot Stuffed pizza tonight![/I] and so on. The tune was Hot Stuff by Donna Summer. I realize now that this was a commercial for a non-existent product called Hot Stuffed Pizza. It is quite interesting how the brain puts these things together in dreams. I would have thought I would become lucid during this vivid dream but it did not happen. Anyhoo, just thought I would share that.

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