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    Dogs Do Crap Where They Do

    by , 04-28-2011 at 06:13 AM (521 Views)

    From 4/22/11

    Visiting my aunt and family in a further west state. She is a counselor and her husband is leading a group session for all of her clients (only female clients?). Something happens and he canít do it anymore. She first hints around at me doing it but I donít get it, I think Iím under qualified. She then outright asks me and Iím torn. What a fascinating thing to do, and it would pay decently and I could potentially move back to the bay area sooner, further west of my auntís state. I am concerned about leaving my mom (who Iím helping in ways in RL) but I think sheíll be fine. Iím concerned about giving up my unemployment benefits, but it looks like my aunt will pay me very well so that isnít an issue.

    I ask my aunt about various things about the job, trying to get a good idea of what it is like and what the contract sheís thinking of is like. She is kind of resistant, but I subtly insist that we are clear so there arenít any disagreements down the road.

    All of these women who come to the meeting bring dogs. We put the dogs in a room, perhaps the garage, while the meeting occurs. A dog is left in the living room; a little black cute thing.

    blogs/fallenawake/attachments/2192-dogs-do-crap-where-they-do-little-black-dog-reducedc1.jpg blogs/fallenawake/attachments/2194-dogs-do-crap-where-they-do-dscn2144.jpg
    It looked like a combo of these two,
    and all black.

    It is about to go to the bathroom on the carpet. My aunt notices and I stop it by saying, ďcome onĒ in a happy and light tone and it immediately perks up and bounds playfully over. Iím happy to be with a dog that is so happy. Good, no mark on the carpet. Walking over to the garage, the dog stops again and this time pees and shits on the carpet and I canít stop her. Well, crapola.

    Nothing to do with the dream,
    but during my image search
    it uh popped out at me, lol.

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