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    The Bully Boyfriend

    by , 09-06-2018 at 11:48 AM (64 Views)
    The Bully Boyfriend

    I was in a school that I didn’t recognize, but I didn’t really care to look around since I felt kind of scared and uncomfortable so I stayed in the classroom. There were at least six or seven other girls with me which made me feel a bit better. We talked about basically anything. Then one of the girls giggled and started to talk about a guy in our school that was really hot and popular. AND cool. The other girls quickly joined the topic and added even more to this list of how awesome that guy was. I knew very well who he was and felt the scary and uncomfortable feeling increase out of nowhere. Suddenly, like lightning followed by the thunder, the door slams open.
    A tall guy with brown hair and blue eyes stares at me. Behind stands three other guys waiting. The girls were screaming with excitement and everyone was sitting down on the floor. Forming a circle. I was not sure what was going on but it kind of freaked me out. I got this burning feeling on me like someone was staring, as I looked up from the floor my eyes met with his. That scary guy from before. The other girls were trying really hard to get his attention but failed. These kind of meetings with the other students happened everyday during school. But between classes as the guys were older than us girls. Soon that scary guy tried to make it clear for everyone that I was his girlfriend… which I hadn’t agreed on. But I didn't dare to say anything since the guy had a really bad reputation as he would beat the shit out of you if he didn't get the things he wanted.

    The girls were really jealous and tried their best to make us break up. Once someone had eaten all the special food for those with allergies and such. I was really upset since I was so hungry and skipped the school’s lunch. But “my boyfriend” heard about it and scolded the girls who did it. Then he tried to buy some food to give me but I didn’t wanted it. Another time the girls and I were in the classroom playing truth or dare and drinking soda. Then one of the girls who was obsessed with “my boyfriend” dared me to throw ice cold coke on him. I was cool with that and walked outside to the school’s yard and found him fighting with another guy. The guy he was trying to beat was way taller and bigger. All “my boyfriend” did was provoking him and tried to watch out for the punches. At first I was so pissed at this and was walking towards to crowed of people prepared with the glass of coke in my hand. The ice cubes were clinging as I came closer. But as soon as I overheard the guys and realized why “my boyfriend” was fighting I stopped. He was just trying so hard to protect me from other people trying to cause me any harm. Stunned I slowly turned around and walked away. The other girls were looking at me and shaking their heads.
    The girl that was obsessed with “my boyfriend” marched over and grabbed my arm so aggressively so the coke flew out of the glass. The girl scolded me for not breaking up even though I didn’t like him. I didn’t know anymore, what I felt or anything about my thoughts of him. He wasn't that very bad as a person after all. She suddenly went quiet which caused me to look up from the ground. “My boyfriend” was standing there with a huge stain of coke on his t-shirt. His eyes looked so sad but only for a second before they changed. His stare was cold as ice and it kind of freaked me out. As he clenched the jaw he glanced at us with fury. I tried to reach out to him but I felt so ashamed and a tear was slowly trying to escape.

    He pushed away the obsessed girl so she almost fell and strode away.

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