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    Ice Cream collector?

    by , 08-20-2018 at 06:13 PM (191 Views)
    Ice Cream collector?

    I ran around doing my job, which was fixing birthday parties and it was a lot! But at the same time I needed to collect as many kinds of ice cream as possible to make the best parties. When I wasn’t running around preparing, I went to see my baby I had. A friend asked me if it wasn’t a lot of work with a baby and I said: “Nooo, not at all.” And just tucked in a bottle in the baby’s mouth. I also took the baby to my mother and told her to babysit my child, which she gladly did. I felt so stressed during the dream like I wouldn’t have the time to do all the things that I really needed to do. Later I found my phone laying in the baby’s carriage and had a look at it. Instead of showing the picture of the locked screen it showed me so many pictures it possible could in a few seconds. The time was also going faster as the pictures changed. All of the pictures were of a guy. A thought I had was that the time suddenly stopped at the time my alarm should go off. And so I realised it was a dream.

    Note: My alarm went off so I woke up tho… not sure if the dream was finished or not?

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    1. Methos's Avatar
      So you were lucid at the end? Congrats.
    2. Fantasma's Avatar
      So you were lucid at the end? Congrats.

      Well, it was me thinking: "Oh... what... the time stopped. Uhm... how weird? Isn't my alarm supposed to go off... or something? Am I not supposed to wake up now? So I'm still dreaming? Oh." And then my alarm actually went off in IRL so I woke up. But I guess I was lucid for just a sec.
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