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    1. LUCID: Forests, Ships, Chucky Cheese...

      by , 05-14-2011 at 08:53 PM
      4/22/11 (LUCID)

      I was hired for some job at a place where you basically work att a little kid's chucky cheese. in the end i was all dissapointed for not getting paid. it was in my house apparentlyy and not a single kid came in, I stayed on my computer the whole time. I also got a job at the airport, but the dream never picked uup on that. my dad did mention the he owed me 50 bucks for yardwork thouugh.

      I was in the parking lot later on with shanna and abby, and I saw Malachii in a car sleeping. I casually realized it was a dream and I wished that kurt cobain was here. He never showed up, despite me looking around for him. I eventually went camping, and abby and shanna wanted to chase each other around. I decided to just go along with the dream, not knowing what do do anyways. While i was doing this, I decided to study the dream. I noticed that abby and shanna's pants were always changing. They just kept chasing each other around the forest the whole dream, just doing the randomest shit and appearing in the randomist places. Eventualy we were on a ship doing the same thing, I was about to go on some mission then woke up.

      edit: 4/30/11 I'm glad i did this experiment, it taught me a lot about staying lucid, though it was almost a waste of a ld.
    2. pawn stars, deviantart, beards...

      by , 05-12-2011 at 09:02 AM

      I was ding some sort of auction in a treehouse, and my mom kept yelling at my dad for really stupid reasons. Then later on Chum-wee came in asking if he could buy them item and my mom knocked him out of the treehouse.

      I was on deviant art reading some story and i closed my laptop when my mom came in, and i tole her about the story and she replied saying "No one knows what you spank off to" (lmfao I have no idea what the fuck that was about but I laughed so hard when I woke up)

      Cory and Brandon (my friends) were attacking me while they were slowly growing huge beards. It was pretty wack.
    3. Buddhism scriptures, party, finals.

      by , 05-11-2011 at 06:29 AM
      4/18/11. I have decided to put some dj entries from my laptop on DV, buut I'm not gonna post them all at once because that would drown everyone else's journnals, so I'll put them up gradually.


      DREAM 1: I was in Kohlhepp's class taking my final (I FUCKING HATE THIS CLASS WITH A PASSION, and I just took part 1 of my fin als from her. She is my biology teacher, and ranked by most as the hardest teacher at school), and in the end it was apparently the last day. everybody went nuts and started playing shitty rihanna music and ran out of the class like maniacs.

      DREAM 2: Me and my dad went to some nice house, william shatner opened the door in a pirate costume. the house was like a variant of the Kumar's (one of my landscaping jobs). my dad started talking about rumble tone (My dad used to be a singer in a band when I was like 10, they got big to the point of playing a 5,000 perswon show), and how his buddies from the resturant were in it. You could tell that william didn't care. At one point, marty (my drumming teacher) ran out in an indian costume, you could tell something was going on inside, like a party.

      DREAM 3: I just kept cycling through these girls talking about their favorite buddhism scriptures while at the beach. What didn't occur to me was that there ARE no buddhism scriptures, but it was hard to catch because it was like watching a movie on youtube or something.