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    LUCID: Forests, Ships, Chucky Cheese...

    by , 05-14-2011 at 08:53 PM (857 Views)
    4/22/11 (LUCID)

    I was hired for some job at a place where you basically work att a little kid's chucky cheese. in the end i was all dissapointed for not getting paid. it was in my house apparentlyy and not a single kid came in, I stayed on my computer the whole time. I also got a job at the airport, but the dream never picked uup on that. my dad did mention the he owed me 50 bucks for yardwork thouugh.

    I was in the parking lot later on with shanna and abby, and I saw Malachii in a car sleeping. I casually realized it was a dream and I wished that kurt cobain was here. He never showed up, despite me looking around for him. I eventually went camping, and abby and shanna wanted to chase each other around. I decided to just go along with the dream, not knowing what do do anyways. While i was doing this, I decided to study the dream. I noticed that abby and shanna's pants were always changing. They just kept chasing each other around the forest the whole dream, just doing the randomest shit and appearing in the randomist places. Eventualy we were on a ship doing the same thing, I was about to go on some mission then woke up.

    edit: 4/30/11 I'm glad i did this experiment, it taught me a lot about staying lucid, though it was almost a waste of a ld.

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    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      My sister worked at Chuck E. Cheese in Aina Haina. I got a job at Subway over there. The owner ripped me off, and barely paid me anything.