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    'Don't Start, Join In!'

    Because dreams don't 'start', as such.
    I've been trying to get lucid, but before that I'm trying to get into the habit of remembering my dreams every night. The 3-4 day gaps that are missing are not because I've not had a dream. I should have 5 day chains, or 2 day chains. It's an awkward situation, and way too hard to explain. But I am starting to remember dreams every night! I had one Lucid dream by accident, but I'm an easily excited person, so I woke up...
    It would be awesome if you read my dream journal, but I find that most of my dreams are too 'all over the place' to keep up with. There's logic. There's always logic, but there isn't much story. If you do read my Dream Journal, though, please be sure to leave a comment!

    1. Lucid

      by , 01-19-2013 at 10:04 AM ('Don't Start, Join In!')
      It's the first this year and also the first in a long time
      I was playing this game I used to have when I was younger, where you have to win all the races. It's a racing car game, and it didn't take me very long to win all the levels in my car. Then there was a boss level, which I wasn't expecting. We were in some woods, and the boss said that his only weakness was invisibility, so we had to become invisible to defeat him. I invited my friend Josie round to help me, and we went to a shed that wasn't too far away to make the invisible car. I was trying to remember from physics lessons how to make something invisible (of course we didn't actually learn how to make something invisible, silly dream xD) and I couldn't remember. Then this guy came out with something about not being invisible, and just making explosions. At that moment all around the shed and everywhere else in the woods there were giant explosions and fireworks, and the boss and his minions found us.
      So what was left to do but run away? It was quite cool, there seemed to be some small paths emerging, and we all took different routes. Nobody was following me but I carried on anyway. There were wooden planks to walk along now, and behind this really thick tree I could see a merry go round. I thought, 'oh hey, isn't that where I was going to meet DJ when I become lucid?' and then I realised I was lucid
      I still wasn't being followed so I pinched my nose and sure enough, I was dreaming. I jumped up the ramp to the merry go round, and DJPatch was there. I shouted for lmrhone (sorry if I spelled it wrong ) by shouting 'LEMUR!' (ahaha I'm gonna call you Lemur ) and he also came up to the platform. DJPatch was dressed in a giant yellow coat and orange trousers, he looked like he worked at the fair. lmrhone looked like he belonged in the army, dressed totally in camoflague. I was still lucid, but I remembered that I had to go get my cake out of the oven (no Feli nooo) so I teleported to my kitchen, and I pulled out a perfectly cooked cake.
      Then I stopped being lucid and ate it so I guess that doesn't count as eat something. Either way, it'd be over the limit and count for nothing in the competition. The dream ended about there too.
    2. Competition Fragment

      by , 01-05-2013 at 05:27 AM ('Don't Start, Join In!')
      I had a fragment ^^
      I remembered it when I woke up but then I went back to sleep, bad Feli. xD
      So I was in my school and there was going to be a competition between my school and another school. I wanted to join the other school because I recognised it as the school where DJPatch and Fen go! So I ran to the school and it was really dark, and the schools were moving like ships towards each other. I got onto the other school, and my friends were following me, so I dressed up as a sheep and sat in the nativity scene.
      Then I went to assembly! And there were some people I recognised. Then afterwards I went to the science facility, and they asked me to fix the tesla coil o.o
      I'm not too sure about the next bit, but I think the coil disappeared and I was sent to my class. And then the dream must have collapsed.
      It's a fragment because it was in very low detail and I can only just remember it
    3. 9th January

      by , 01-09-2012 at 09:41 PM ('Don't Start, Join In!')
      Right, I had a fragment last night, a full dream and a lucid. I could have remembered more on the fragment, but it was a false awakening. And it went undetected until the morning when I was shocked to see my DJ empty. D:

      The fragment was me, at nursery with other people my age. Just to let you know, I'm not in nursery any more

      The most I could remember of any fragment was this... I was in a shop, and I recalled being in the shop many times before. In reality, I have never been. I remember remembering the Christmas decorations being up all year round, except in December. I looked at some hats, and there were the funkiest hats ever... The hat was a dress, and at the top, instead of a bobble was a small body and a head. At the bottom, attached to the head were feet... The feet were round, and they snapped open. If you put your hair inside, you would have pigtails and a doll sitting on top of your head. This has been copyrighted by me in my dreams. I have dates and blogs on my side if you try to steal the idea. :3 Well anyway, I wanted them, but I thought it was too expensive, and it was too small for me. D:

      Anyway, onto the lucid. I was at my dad's house, waiting for my dad to come and pick me up. Everywhere, there was grass, and it even grew on the roads. There were rainbows in the air and everybody was happy. The houses were just hills. My dad came, not in his normal taxi but in a handsome carriage (Google if you like)! I got in, and became lucid. I couldn't get out because he was going so fast, so I decided it was impossible for me to teleport. I decided I wanted to fly, and I saw a hill in front of us. I asked dad how fast we could go, and he shouted back, 'Let's find out!' He made the horses go really fast and everything was almost a blur, and I felt myself flying. I thought I was flying, but then we landed at the top of the hill. This hill was different, behind it there was a cobbled ground and lots of people begging for money. I reached into my bag to find that it was full of chocolate coins, so I threw them to the people and they all started singing. Not too long later, I woke up!

      Happy Dreaming
    4. Violin Stayover, 7th October 2011

      by , 11-12-2011 at 11:48 AM ('Don't Start, Join In!')
      In my second dream last night, I was with my friend, Lucy. I've been told people don't have to look the same in dreams, so even though she looked entirely different, I know it was her. We walked into school together and came face to face with Jess, the nice music teacher who does not have a grudge against violins. She asked us if we wanted to take part in a project for violinists, and we were happy so we accepted.

      It took part in a pen, as used for cattle, behind the curtain in the school theatre. We stayed there overnight. We were there for a couple of days (I didn't actually see all these days go by, I just felt like it probably was that amount of time), feeling really excited, but it did get really boring by the third day. Lucy said she was really bored, and when everybody else went to eat dinner, we decided to stay behind and try to escape. We went to the back entrance, where there were people patrolling the school grounds, and decided we could just go and eat dinner first, then leave through the school kitchens. But of course, we forgot to do that, and ended up just performing a concert which I don't actually remember performing. Evil music teacher then told us we were to each compose a song with a sci-fi feel to it. I thought, 'This will give me something to do. It should be easy, with my glock.' and I started playing, then that's all I can remember...
    5. Driving Lessons, 7th November 2011

      by , 11-07-2011 at 05:43 PM ('Don't Start, Join In!')
      Woah, I can't believe it's been a whole week since I posted! Anyway...

      In my dream last night, I was in a coffee shop, ordering some hot chocolate. I wasn't asked for money, in fact I don't really think I ordered it as much as simply being recognised and given hot chocolate. It was quite dark, and there was only one window. Behind the counter was a large fridge, with cold canned drinks piled up inside.

      A man walked into the coffee shop, dressed in casual clothes and a top hat (???) and I recognised him, though I don't know who he is in real life. He sat next to me, and asked me if I was ready. I had no idea what he was on about but I assumed that I should know, and should be ready, so I said yes. My hot chocolate, even though I had only had a sip, was almost empty and I slurped the last few drops. I can't remember what it tasted like!!!!

      The man took me outside, where it was bright and quite dusty, even though we were in an ordinary street. My eyes didn't need to adjust but they probably should have. There was a car waiting outside and I got into the driving seat. The person I was with, let's call him my instructor, told me about a race that was to take part later on that day. I told him I would love to take part.

      The car seemed like an ordinary car. But when I was in the car, it sounded like, smelled like and felt like I was outside the car. When I was driving it felt natural and I hardly remember having to use controls. It was like in a video game, you don't think about the controls you are using (If you play them enough... ), you just think about the game. Anyway, as I was driving, we went down a road that went into the sea. Instead of going into the sea, though, I turned left to go across the beach. There was a tunnel not so far ahead and I went into there.

      And here, my recall fails me so I can just tell you that I got a square slice of cake which I don't think I ate when I finished, I forgot my instructor was there from the moment we started driving to the moment we finished, and that the lesson lasted exactly one hour.

      (New lucid goal: Taste something! Too many times I have missed out!)
    6. Ship to France, 30th October 2011

      by , 10-30-2011 at 06:40 PM ('Don't Start, Join In!')
      In this dream, I was on a ship, and I don't know why but I think it was to Australia. The ship was pretty big, probably a ferry, but I only went into a few rooms, which were the bedroom, a classroom (I'm not sure what this room was but it was about the size of my living room, but there was no carpet. At the back there was a shelf of books and there was one window. Everything seemed pretty dark. There was a sofa, which as the dream went on turned into a platform about 10cm tall, with a handle and wheels on the bottom. The books on the shelves never fell down, and the platform/sofa never moved), and the library. I also recall details of the corridoors, they had a green and blue stripy carpet, and brick walls... Odd for a ship, but then again, I go to a lot of buildings which have bare brick walls.

      I have not got a clue what order all this information comes in. I'm going to guess that this dream starts with me in the bedroom. I was next to my mum in a sleeping bag. The bedroom is just a corridoor, but there's only one entrance, and that's at the end of the room. I'm slightly closer to the side of the room with the door than the side of the room without it. I'd say the room slept around ten people. It must have been quite early in the morning, because nobody else was awake yet. Mum stirred, but that was about it. So, I walked along the wall trying not to wake everybody else up. The door at the end was quite heavy, but it opened outwards, so I was able to put all my weight on it, and it didn't touch the person next to the door.

      I walked through to the classroom. The classroom was less dark than later on, probably because the floor was light brown at this point. I sat down next to a flower pot, then somebody else came in. It was a man, and he must have been about twenty five. He had black, short hair. He sat on the other side of the flowerpot. (Oh, you might want to know... I'm only fourteen ) He said, 'Felicity, where are your classmates?' I told him that I didn't have a clue. At that moment, one other girl and two boys came into the classroom, with a woman. We sat around and talked, and played twister for a while.

      Not sure when I got here, but I remember being on the deck. The sky was blue, but turning grey, and the ship was starting to be thrown about a bit. I turned around, to head back inside. I didn't get splashed or wet. I ran back down, and on the way to the classroom, I passed the bedroom and got stopped by mum. I think she said something to me, like 'Don't forget to go to the toilet if you need to!' Which seemed normal at the moment. She went back into the bedroom, but I went back to the classroom, where there was the man, the lady and the girl, who by now was my friend.

      The classroom seemed to be getting thrown about more than the rest of the ship had been when I was running through, though. I think we were locked in, but we weren't panicing, so we might just have been wanting to stay in the room.

      At some point, the ship docked. We had docked at France, but I only knew that because there was a small green sign post saying 'Welcome to France!' in English... We just seemed to dock onto a pier, that we probably weren't allowed to dock on. Everybody was getting off, and I was no exception. There were lots of homeless people around, and the girl I was friends with told me that they were stealing from everybody. The woman from the classroom was running past, holding her handbag at the opening to keep it shut and holding her coat closed too. A lot of the homeless people seemed to be chasing her. I said hello to most of the homeless people I passed, and they said hello back to me. They were nice to me.

      We came up to a main road, where there was a traffic jam. I was walking past the stopped traffic, and then I decided to cross the road and go to the part of the beach that was not busy. My friend carried on walking, which was good, because I wanted to be on my own. (This is where it gets quite odd, because I know that I'm dreaming. But it doesn't really seem lucid... heh ) As I was walking down the beach, where it seemed like early morning again, I come across a girl about my age, an old woman and a young man, walking towards me. The girl my age was wearing a blue dress and a white cardigan, and she had sandals on her feet. The old lady was wearing no shoes, but a long lilac skirt and long t-shirt. She had her hair in a headband. The man was wearing an orange and yellow robe. This sounds quite odd, but I believe in angels and I knew for sure that these were my guardians. :3 The first thing I thought to do was ask their names. They told me their names and I wrote them down on a sheet of paper. The young angel of my age said, 'You're dreaming! There's no way you can take that back home with you.'
      To which I replied, 'I know. But I will remember your names if I write them down.'
      I continued copying down their names for a while, when somebody tapped my shoulder. It was a lady I recognised from the ship. My angels were gone. I asked her what happened to make the ship shake that much, and she told me it was because there was a plane crash in the water. She pointed into the difference, then told me that there were lots of stories floating about, and any of them could be true (The number 526 comes to mind ). I could see a large plume of dark grey smoke, and at the bottom a blotch of red.

      By now I forgot that I was dreaming, and all about the angels. I can't remember their names, but the girl my age's name had a first letter S, and there was a total of four or five letters in her name. The old woman's name began with A, ended with Maso, and had between three and five letters in between. The man's name had five or six letters in.

      I Continued talking to the lady from my ship. She said that she was in the part of the ship where the cars were parked, and said it was dreadful to watch the cars crash into each other the way they did. She said that the classroom was not just an ordinary room, but more of a room inside a room, like a box would fit inside a slightly bigger box, which is why the classroom was moving so much. I started imagining the scene in the car park. I must have been thinking about it too hard and ended up there. I went through the ship, and back to the classroom. I could now see that the room was inside another. I carried on through the ship, up to the library.

      Not sure how this part fits in with the story, or if it even fits in at all. I was cycling to get some bread, because the ship was docked somewhere else. The ship had docked in some trees, next to a path. There was a small river running by too, probably because of the way the ship had docked. On the way back to the ship, I passed Sub (Around forty, but acts like a child I know him in real life, and sub is just his nickname). He waved at me, and I waved back. He was sitting on a bench at the top of a small decline, and at the bottom of the decline was the path that the ship was docked next to. I started to cycle down the hill, then ended up going over a crocodile. The crocodile ran into the bushes, but I was so shocked, that i tried to cycle up the hill on my bike. It wasn't going fast enough so I started panicing and screaming and scrambling up the hill. (Quite an over the top reaction, considering the fact that I'm not actually afraid of crocodiles... Probably because it was dark. )

      I told Sub what had happened, and he gave me some sweets. My brother was walking up the hill, like he had just come out of the ship. He was holding a packet of crisps, told me to get a life and took my bike back into the Ship for me. I followed him in.

      (Oohhhh this is becoming such a pain to write....)

      Right, now I started to head for the library. I opened the door to a short wall of books and boxes. I asked the librarian what they were for, and she said it was just to keep bad people out. She told me to just hop over, so I did. The room was about the size and shape of the classroom, but there was a door at the other side of the room, too. It had large glass panels on. There was a desk in here, and a lot of bookcases filled with books. I looked through them whilst having a conversation about the aeroplane with her. I got a book out, which had a red cover. I didn't have to get it stamped or anything. I just left.

      (There was probably a little more to this dream, but I can't remember anything else except feelings, of coldness and then freedom )
      lucid , non-lucid
    7. Snowy Mountains- 29th October 2011

      by , 10-29-2011 at 10:06 AM ('Don't Start, Join In!')
      Last night I had a dream, and it happened in the ten minutes before I woke up to do my first WILD. (Which failed, by the way. But I did get to the part where you feel like you're moving!!!!!!!!)

      I was with one of my friends, who asked me if I wanted to meet some of her friends who I had never met before. We all grouped up together, and started walking up a path next to a road. When I asked where we were going to go, they wouldn't tell me, but they knew that I would enjoy it. For about the first time in my recorded dreams, the sky was grey and the ground was wet, like it had just stopped raining, but could continue at any moment. The air was crisp and fresh. We walked up the main road from one estate to the next, but halfway up we took a turning into the woods. (This isn't really that unusual for me, I often take shortcuts like this). The trees were all wet and coated with dew. We turned to the right, where the overhead trees were suddenly shorter, and almost replaced with shoulder height bushes. On my right, there were bushes, and on my left, there was a mound of snow of about the same height. We were probably walking in an irrigation ditch, because there was nothing else to my left for about half a mile, and what was there half a mile away was just a line of trees. It soon became night time, meaning that I couldn't see my body or anybody else's for that matter, just their heads and the sky.

      The field that we were walking alongside got cut off with a line of trees, and on my left the trees became taller again. We climbed a hill, and ahead I could see several square shaped mountains. We went back down the other side, and walked around the next hill. At the bottom of all the hills were valleys, where there was no snow. In the valleys, there were just rocks. Some of them were quite big, and some of them were just the size of a block of post-it notes.

      The strange thing about the rocks and the reason why I was taken there was because somebody had painted on every single rock a logo, phrase, pattern, object or anything else that might have came to mind. The rocks weren't wet. We all sat down on the snowy hills (I'm beginning to think the hills weren't covered in snow, but were actually just piles of snow. That would explain better why the rocks weren't covered in snow or wet) and ate some sandwiches. I finished mine before everybody else, and started looking through the rocks. There was a couple with smiley faces on, that I was really happy with! I was quite upset when I saw one with nothing on, because I actually fell to my knees yelling 'NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!' when I saw it, but it only took me a few more seconds to realise that it was a snail... :/

      I don't remember much more. But it does remind me of a bike ride I went on a few weeks ago with my dad, which brings up that other dream I had. But I'll think about posting that when I have the time, and the proper dream journal with all the details, or maybe just full access to the internet XD Hope you enjoyed :3
    8. Matress Truck, 25th October 2011

      by , 10-25-2011 at 11:53 AM ('Don't Start, Join In!')
      First of all, I should tell you that on the 24th, I had a dream about transformers, at a supermarket which doesent exist, but has great significance on the days on which I don't post.

      And I'm seeing a pattern emerge, in most of my dreams there is a form of transport, and I usually walk to places. This might help me to become lucid!!!!

      So, yeah, the dream. I have no idea why I was on top of a bus, but that's where the dream started. I was with my brother and my best friend. We were having lots of fun trying to stay on top of the bus! We jumped later on onto a lorry, which had lots of bedding on top. Most of the colours in the dream were really bright. I almost fell off of this truck several times.

      There was later a truck, which had no freight but it did have a platform on the bottom. My brother went down first, then asked me to throw down the matress that we were on. It was scary because the truck was moving, but as we picked up the matress, there was no air resistance pushing against it, even though we were holding it against the wind. My brother moved up to the front of the platform, and my friend threw down the matress. It landed nicely. I jumped down on top of the matress, and then my friend wrapped herself in a duvet and jumped down too. After a while, we were on a circuit, and the circuit was a road. There was an island of grass in the middle, where some of my other friends were sat. There were no weeds on the grass, it was perfect grass. But there was also a pikachu. It's quite pathetic that I didn't become lucid.

      At one point, I was over the edge of the platform holding onto the matress, which would have fallen off with me if I wasn't dreaming. I had to keep jumping off of the floor in order to keep myself up, and eventually I managed to do a somersault and get back onto the platform.

      At some point, the dream must have changed because I can also remember the road being a river, a clean water river (Another thing about my dreams, everything is always perfect). I wasn't on the platform anymore, and neither was anybody else. We were all on sunbeds, and talking about who should drive the platform. We weren't on the island in the middle, we were under a shade at the edge, which could only be described as a petrol station, without the pumps and instead of a concrete floor, it was made from grass. There was no petrol smell. The circuit wasn't very big, it must have had a diameter of about eight meters. Also, there was now a small waterfall which although coming down quite heavily, didn't make a sound or a splash. When I decided to drive the platform, it drove as it would if it were on a road. There was only ripples in the water infront of us, we weren't making a giant splash. The platform was very fun to drive, and very hard. I then got a shot at driving the matress truck, it was much harder. I can't remember anything after driving it for a couple of circuits.
    9. Math Class, 19th October 2011

      by , 10-25-2011 at 10:50 AM ('Don't Start, Join In!')
      Warning... There is a drug reference here...

      This is the second dream I remember of this night. It was quite nightmare-ish, actually. I'm terrified of needles. That might be a nice aid to your reading 'experience'... Hehehe

      Well, I was walking to my maths classroom, which also happened to be an IT (computer) classroom. Hello! Let the WILDing begin!-classroom.jpg The blue line in the top left is the door. The brown block iis the teacher's podium. The green is the chairs, the white is the tables, and the grey is the floor. The pink cirle is where I sit. Other markings will be explained later. I hope the diagram helps!!

      I walked into my classroom. Like most students, they like to mess around a lot. As I walked in, the person sitting where the yellow circle is asked me if I wanted to have some water. I told him that I didn't really, but he said that I looked thirsty, so I took a tiny sip, and walked to the pink circle, my seat. What seemed like only two minutes later, and everybody in the room was talking about drugs and injecting themselves! I wanted to get as far away as possible, so I put up my had to tell the teacher that I wanted to leave the room. She ignored me, so I went round to where the purple hexagon is and curled up in a ball, trying to stay as far away from the table as I could without sitting on the teacher's stuff. I then realised that the drug must have also been in my drink. I wondered if it was addictive, and what the side effects are. Most of my class were acting loopy, but then again they do that a lot.

      Not too long later, the teacher asked what was wrong. I asked if I could talk to her outside for a moment, and she went outside. Everybody was talking about somebody who had died because of the drugs he had taken, and how it was quite common for people to die if they took this drug. Outside of the classroom, the teacher also injected herself. I decided to just get my bag on the way out and run home. I tried to keep my arms as close to my body as I could on the way through the classroom, because I wasn't wearing anything over my arms, and I tried to walk straight down the middle of the classroom, but on the way out, the person at the red star grabbed my arm, looked up at me, smiled in a scary way and then I felt a prick. I couldn't see a needle anywhere but I knew I was being injected. I pulled my arm away and hit the person in the face (hehehe) and then I woke up.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    10. Holiday, 19th October 2011

      by , 10-25-2011 at 10:02 AM ('Don't Start, Join In!')
      I had two dreams on this day. The first was about a holiday. My brother, dad and I all got out of our car, and it was significantly cooler outside. The breeze was quite refreshing. We were parked next to a long field. It looked quite healthy, and the sun was up and everything was sweet! We had to walk across the field, where there was a gap in the trees. Through the gap, there was a courtyard type street, with a small swimming pool and small wooden shed, which happened to be a shop. We didn't go in, but the door was open and we could see that the man was old, and selling inflatables, which were dusty and bleached by the light coming through the window. There was also a hotel, which dad said was ours.

      On the inside, it was more like an apartment, with a reception and everything was square, and business like. We went up two flights of stairs, each with a painting on the wall on the way up. Both the paintings were the same, and the first floor was exactly the same as the ground floor. On the second floor, though, there was three doors leading to bedrooms. Two on the left corridoor, and one at the end. The corridoor was really short, though. Probably only about three or four meters long.

      We went into our room, and dad started unpacking. My brother and I were looking around our room, which had one bed, and a desk. Two women came in, wearing suits. They must have been between twenty and twenty five, and one of them was black. They asked if my brother and I would like to come and hang out with them whilst dad unpacked. Ross decided to stay, but I went. They had the room that was at a right angle to ours. They had a double bed at the far side of the room, and on the left they had a desk with a laptop on it. There was a table to the right, which one of the women sat on. There was a window behind the table, and next to the bed was a fold up mini trampoline.

      We talked about the trampoline, and then I went on the trampoline, and that's as far as I can remember.
      Tags: trampoline
    11. 18th October 2011

      by , 10-23-2011 at 10:46 AM ('Don't Start, Join In!')
      Hello Sorry for the pathetic title, I couldn't think of anything better.
      Well this epically long dream started off with me walking down a really cute perfect street, with perfect height hedges, not a cloud in the sky and all the rest of it. I was with a girl and a boy, and I was wearing clothes that would pass off as my nan's. She wears normal clothes, really, just normally I wear overly white long puffy stuff. Well anyway, as I was walking down the street, a 'guess what happens next!' type voice asked me, 'Do you think you appear to the people in the next drive as violent, tall or selfish?' To be honest, I've never really considered myself any of those things. I decided that if they were small, I would go with tall, but I hadn't turned the driveway yet.
      I turned into the driveway, to see a young boy playing football with his dad. They ran straight to the gate when they saw me, so I let them past, and they watched me the whole time. I was quite scared but I decided it was just because of the 'test' that had just taken place.
      I knocked on the door to say sorry to whoever lived there. When the door opened, there was a man who was on the phone. I didn't listen in to his conversation, but I did turn to my friends and do a shh thing. We waited for a while. When he came off the phone, I was about to apologise for being on his drive, but before I had a chance to he told me to come in, in a really cheery voice. We all went through his house, into his back garden, where there was a party.
      I saw nan, and we left, leaving my friends and lots of other people that I don't know at the party. We got a bus home, and on the bus, I told nan a really emotional story, which almost made her cry...
      We got to her house, and my brother was riding his scooter around. There was a lot of dogs around, all trying to let another dog off of his lead. (I don't like dogs ) I walked through them all, and let the dog who was tied to nan's front door free. They all ran off up the street, and my nan gave me a hug. That's about as much as I can remember. I'm really proud of that!!!!!!!
      non-lucid , memorable
    12. Posh Siblings, 17th October

      by , 10-23-2011 at 10:22 AM ('Don't Start, Join In!')
      I had a dream where I was nothing like me. I was dressed in a posh dress and I had a Brother and a sister. We built a refrigerator, it was fun! We lived where we live now, and I had to get into the car with my brother and my dad, and my sister had to go with mum into her car. We were in the car, and I got bored, but it didn't last for very long. When we got out, we were at a party. (I hate parties where your parents are talking to people you don't know and you don't know whose party it is, and worst of all you feel like you shouldn't be there. More so when you're the only person under eighteen.) Because we didn't like it, we decided to go outside, at least until dad noticed we were gone. We started to build a fort out of cardboard that we found... And then dad came out, and told us we had to come in. It was a wedding party, and the couple were cutting the cake. I didn't recognise them. At least, at the end of the dream, I was able to eat some cake!
    13. Bus Journey, 16th October 2011

      by , 10-23-2011 at 10:07 AM ('Don't Start, Join In!')
      In this dream, I was getting on the bus home from school. The bus stops at lots of stops, but it didn't stop at mine as it normally would. The next stop was so far from our house, so I decided to stay on it with my friend Shannon, who gets the last stop. After she got off, it started to get dark, so I went to the front of the bus, and the bus driver said, 'I hope you have been doing your english homework.' For some reason that didn't confuse me, it just reminded me I had homework to do. So he dropped me off at the school so that I could finish off my homework, and when I left the school, I went into the school field. There was a swing there, the grass was paler than normally it would be, and the sky was in that pinky-blue stage of the evening. One of my other friends arrived in the park with me, and said that I really should be heading home now. I told her that she was younger than me, and that she should also be at home, to which she replied, 'I'm going home. I just stopped here to tell you that you have to go home.' I got confused , and that ended the dream.
    14. Long Car Journey

      by , 10-18-2011 at 08:26 PM ('Don't Start, Join In!')
      I had this dream/nightmare several years ago. This is the oldest dream I remember, and considering my terrible memory I'm quite surprised I still can.
      Well, we started off at our house. We got into the car, and I asked where we were going. My mum said we were going to go to Scotland. (We live in England ;D) For the first part of the journey, everything was normal. My brother was annoying me and I was eating sweets. By the time we got to the petrol station halfway there, we were in a videogame. Everything was dusty. (I thought that there was a desert between every country.) When we continued our journey, everything slowly became normal again, until I saw a sign that pointed upwards and said 'Scotland'. Up ahead I saw a hill, and barriers on either side. The barrier had a random pattern of love hearts and other random characters. The hill was completely vertical, and I was scared. We had to go over 100 mph or we wouldn't make it to the top. I got scared that I would fall out of my seatbelt, smash the window and fall to the ground, and in the end that's what happened. It was a long fall and I guess I must have I died.
      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable