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    1. A couple non-lucid dreams but then DREAM CONTROL

      by , 11-03-2014 at 05:14 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I don't remember much from the first dream I can remember from last night. I do remember being at a museum where supposedly the first "selfie" from the year 1010 could be found. It wasn't taken with a camera, of course, and it was actually a complete accident. Apparently a family had gone skydiving and the imprint from where their faces had hit the ground became fossilized, so this "selfie" was just a fossilized impression of people's faces. I was disappointed when I saw it, though. It was just a chalk outline of where the people had fallen, and someone had actually drawn these people on the piece of rock, which I thought was kind of wrong because it was in a cartoonish style and therefore inaccurate.

      After that, I recall talking with some guy about Cruisin' USA (an old N64 racing game I used to have; I eventually traded it in a few years ago because, every time nostalgia told me to play that game, I was let down by the awful graphics and the cars' terrible handling). We then heard music from that game coming from somewhere nearby, so we started wandering around the floor of my residence hall trying to figure out which room someone was playing it in.

      I woke up from that and had another strange dream when I went back to sleep. My parents were both visiting me at college, and I recommended that they see the Rocky Horror Show (my school's theater production this semester). I haven't seen it yet, but I've heard it's awesome. At some point, I remember noticing that my parents had left, so I started looking for them to see if they were still around. I ran out through the back door (I was in my house now for some reason - technically my old house, but my family just moved this summer, and I've hardly spent any time in the new house because I left for college a few days after we moved and have only been home for one weekend since). When I didn't see my parents there, I ran out the front door and saw my mom's car still in the driveway... packed full of my fraternity Brothers. That was confusing at first, but then they all shouted, "Thank you for helping your mother!" It turned out my mom was in the car too and had recruited them all to say that for some reason.

      I woke up again but went back to sleep again. In this next dream, there was a floor event in my residence hall. I saw Jackie, one of my fraternity Brothers (we refer to everyone as a Brother regardless of gender), which surprised me because I didn't know she lived on my floor or even in my building (in reality, she does not). Anyway, the "event" was that everyone would be given a big crossword puzzle to take with them and do throughout the day, and whoever finished it first could return it to get a prize.

      For some reason, at some point, we ended up outside by a road intersection off-campus. I decided to leave early and return to campus, which is when things started getting strange. By the time I was back on campus, I found it really hard to walk forward. There was some slight wind at the time, so I thought that could be attributed to the wind, but the wind didn't seem strong enough to interfere with walking. I thought it was strange, but I saw that everyone else was affected in the same way, so I figured it was probably just the wind after all.

      When I got back to my dorm, I realized I'd forgotten to take a crossword puzzle from the event, so I decided to text Jackie to ask her if she could bring one back for me, but I didn't have her number, and I didn't know who else I could ask. I also remember getting a bunch of texts from my boyfriend throughout this dream and the last that I felt kind of bad about not having the time to reply to.

      The dream suddenly because a Sims 3 game, and, since time can be sped up in the game, I accidentally fast-forwarded time (on the fastest setting) to a couple hours later before finally pausing it. I knew for sure now that I wouldn't be able to ask Jackie to get me a crossword puzzle because there's no way that "event" would still be going on. I also felt bad about not replying to my boyfriend's texts now that even more time had passed.

      I realized after awhile that something didn't look quite right about the game interface, though I couldn't quite pinpoint what it was that was different. I did an RC when I noticed that and counted six fingers. I was dreaming! I counted again just to make sure. Seven fingers. Definitely dreaming! Instead of being all clueless as usual when I become lucid, I said out loud, "Now, this is where the fun begins."

      Since I had no plan for the dream, I ran around, looking for something fun to do in a dream (I was no longer playing Sims anymore). I found a buffet table. I could eat! No, no, that's something I can do while I'm awake. Then, I spotted an empty glass and an empty silver pitcher on the table and decided now it was time to learn to exert some control over the dream. I decided that, if I poured the "empty" pitcher into the cup, I'd be pouring a drink out of it instead of nothing. I decided it'd be "something like eggnog" (the first thing that came to mind), but not quite the same, because why drink something in a dream I can drink in real life? The drink that came out was white and a little thick, but it didn't taste at all like eggnog. It was creamy, though, and kind of sweet, and... fizzy? I was actually surprised when I tasted something that was slightly fizzy because I wasn't expecting that.

      I realized while I was drinking it that I was wearing my retainer, and my reaction to that was my one fatal mistake. I decided I should take my retainer out, but, instead of doing something quick like tossing it on the floor (who cares what happens to it if it's a dream and not real life?), I decided to find the case for it and put it back in its case. That was my big mistake because everything went dark, so I realized I was waking up because this had torn me away from what was keeping me occupied. Once I started to feel myself lying in bed, I knew that was it. I opened my eyes, disappointed I'd caused myself to wake up because of something so silly but also proud of myself for having had some control over not just myself but the dream environment itself.

      I did one final RC just to ensure I was awake. Five fingers. I counted again. Five fingers again. Yep, definitely awake this time.

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    2. Another LD, finally...

      by , 03-10-2013 at 02:27 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I haven't updated my dream journal in ages, whoops.

      Anyway, I FINALLY had another lucid dream last night!

      It started out as a false awakening; I don't remember what made me realize I might be dreaming, but I remember I was standing in the kitchen at the time. I counted my fingers, and I was PRETTY sure I'd counted six. I wasn't entirely sure I'd counted correctly, though, so I decided to check my other hand just to make sure. However, before I could count my fingers, I noticed something else that was a dead giveaway - my Hylian crest ring (which I wear on the index finger of my left hand) had a different symbol on it, and a larger version of that symbol also appeared across my index, middle, and ring fingers (think like a henna tattoo, but golden and slightly illuminated).

      My mom was in the kitchen, so I started talking to her, since I knew I had to try to keep talking or actively focusing on something (I wake up within moments otherwise). After a moment of talking, I suddenly said, "Did you know this is a dream? This is how I know." I showed her the ring and the image across my fingers, which changed each time I looked at it. The last time I looked at it, I remember that the ring had a picture of a tree, and on my fingers were the mountains behind it. It was actually really cool.

      I knew I needed to come up with ideas of things I could only do in a dream, and I knew it would be best to start with simple dream control techniques as practice. I announced that I was going to try to phase through the door (a skill that might come in handy in a later dream, right?), only to end up slamming into the door and not passing through. Oh well, I tried.

      I asked my mom if she had any other suggestions of things I could try, but she asked me to leave her alone for a moment because she was busy cooking. Normally, this would have been fine, but, since this was a dream, I had to find a way to keep myself in the dream in the meantime.

      I remember chattering away to myself for a moment before stopping and accidentally waking up.
    3. Another Lucid Dream!

      by , 01-24-2013 at 03:59 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      Unfortunately, I don't remember much of it now, but I did finally get lucid again. I do remember, after performing an RC and becoming lucid, I exclaimed that I was dreaming and could prove it by flying. I couldn't fly, but then my brother threw a snowball at me, and we got into a snowball fight.

      I soon "woke up", and it was the stupidest kind of false awakening not to catch - I didn't wake up in bed or anything, I was in the exact same place (but the "next morning") but with different people. I mean, I didn't even "wake up"; I just "knew" that I did.
    4. Make Everything in Color!

      by , 12-07-2012 at 04:14 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I really need to start updating my dream journal more often again... and stop being lazy about it because I'm only bothering to write down the LD I had last night and not all the other dreams from last night. >.>

      Okay, so I was in this small movie theater with my family. I recognized one scene as being in a familiar location from an earlier dream that night (unfortunately, I can't remember that dream now, but I do remember it was from another dream I actually did have) and exclaimed that I recognized it from the dream I had last night. This seemed like a bit much of a coincidence, considering it was a place I'd never seen before, so I did a quick RC and counted six fingers.

      "I'm dreaming!" I exclaimed. "Now, what was the task of the month... I have to-" I was about to say I had to make it snow, but I noticed that my vision was turning black-and-white. "Make everything in color!" I shouted out to the dream instead. Suddenly, everything was back in color again.

      Someone (can't remember who) asked what I meant by that (or something along the lines of that), so I began to explain. Unfortunately, I was already waking up by that point. "You see, when you're lucid-" I was about to say that it's harder to keep a dream stable when you're lucid, but I realized the dream had already ended.
    5. Lucid Dream

      by , 11-24-2012 at 04:32 AM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I really need to update my dream journal more often...

      I remember seeing that the time on my computer was 10:12 AM. I looked over at the clock on the oven, and that said it was 6:58. I thought that perhaps the clock was wrong, so I looked back at my computer clock, which now read 7:00 PM. The oven clock had also changed to 10:12.

      I remembered that clocks sometimes change in dreams, so I decided it would be best to do an RC. I counted the fingers on my right hand, but I had five fingers. I still had a feeling it was a dream, though, so I repeated the RC with my left hand. I counted six fingers (I actually skipped my thumb, so I really should have counted seven).

      I knew I was dreaming but quickly woke up (I think it was a false awakening, but I can't remember).
    6. Finally, another LD!

      by , 11-07-2012 at 02:28 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I had this weird Vocaloid dream last night where a vampire killed Kaito. Len pretended that he was also a vampire so he could try to negotiate with the real vampire, but I don't remember what happened after that, except for something about Rin dressing up as a cat.

      I woke up, put my slippers on, and left my room. As soon as I did, I realized one slipper felt uncomfortable, so I went back to my room to put the other one on (in the dream, I knew I had three slippers for some reason but never wore one). There were three more slippers in my room, making five total. It seemed a bit odd, but I didn't think much of it until my mom suggested that I do an RC because of that. I did and counted seven fingers. I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I decided to try drawing a cat and see if I could make it come to life, but I woke up. I did another RC to confirm I was actually awake this time, which I was.
    7. tumblr / Looking After Pets / Dream Lesson

      by , 10-15-2012 at 03:10 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I have a friend whose dad shut off the Internet at her house, so she only has Internet access when she's at her mom's house. She went back to her dad's house yesterday. Anyway, I had a dream last night that I was on tumblr and saw a post she made saying that her dad turned the Internet back on again. I woke up disappointed because it was only a dream (we mainly only see each other online because we live a couple hours apart).

      I went back to sleep and had a dream that I had to look after a few pets for my friend Giana (even though they aren't her pets IWL). I had to look after five various rodents (a hamster, two very tiny chinchillas, and two jerboas. They were kept in a big cage, which I was keeping in my room. The problem was that they kept escaping from the cage; they managed to squeeze through the bars and out of the cage pretty easily. The chinchillas (which were roughly the same size as the hamster and jerboas, as opposed to actual chinchilla size) especially liked to escape. One of them even tried to bite my thumb when I carried it back to its cage (again); it was kind of uncomfortable, but it didn't hurt.

      In another dream, I had to select a "teacher". I chose Kayleigh, my tulpa. She started throwing dodgeballs at me, and I didn't know why, so she told me she was doing it because I had to learn that nothing could hurt me because I was dreaming and that I shouldn't be afraid in dreams. I guess I was supposed to take that advice and make myself believe that, though I still didn't really get what was going on. The dream felt rather vague when I woke up, too.

      I know she was only trying to help me improve my dream control, but I don't think I really learned anything from that "lesson". It does seem like something she would do, though...
    8. SP Dream

      by , 10-12-2012 at 01:49 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I had a dream this morning that I was looking at sheet music. I turned the page, and the next page was what it should have been. I went back to the first page of the music, and it had turned into the page of a manga. "I must be dreaming," I said as I was suddenly snapped back to my bed. Unfortunately, I could feel my dream eyes closing, which meant I was waking up. I opened my eyes and realized I had woken up in sleep paralysis. I could move my fingers a little bit, but even that was really difficult. I knew it was important to stay calm, so I focused on keeping my breathing steady to keep myself calm. I figured I'd "wake up" from SP if I just stayed calm and kept my eyes open.

      Then, I got the idea to use this as an opportunity for DEILD. I closed my eyes, hoping to transition back into a dream. Before long, my ears started ringing, which I'd heard was common during SP. It'd stop whenever I opened my eyes, though.

      Eventually, I just woke up - for real - instead. I was pretty sure the SP had just been a dream because it had had that "hazy" feel to it, and I was also fairly certain I hadn't been holding my Link plushie, which I would've been holding if I was awake (though I can't say for certain that I wasn't, since I didn't look down at my hand and could barely move).

      I soon fell asleep and had another dream. In this dream, an old lady who looked to be about 90 or 100 walked into a doctor's office, sat down on the chair, and said, "Goodbye, humans. I'm the president's own woman."
    9. ToTM Attempt

      by , 10-03-2012 at 03:37 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I was at home; it was morning, and I was thinking about what to write in my dream journal. I suddenly got the feeling that perhaps I was still dreaming and did a reality check to confirm this. I had six fingers. "I am dreaming!" I said. Even though there was no one else around, I thought I would sound crazy if someone did happen to hear me from another room, so I did another RC just to make sure I really WAS dreaming before I started talking to myself about the fact that I was dreaming. This time, I counted seven fingers.

      For once, I actually remembered the Task of the Month. "Okay, for the Task of the Month, I have to be bitten by a vampire... or a zombie or a werewolf," I reminded myself. "Now, where am I going to find a vampire?" Being in my seemingly-empty house seemed like a bit of a problem here, but I quickly came up with a solution. "Oh, well, there was that one vampire who spent the night..." I said, hoping that would work, though I was a bit too uncertain about that.

      I entered my room to look for this vampire, who was hopefully there. Not only was no one there, but my room was dark for some reason. I'd also stopped talking, which has begun to have a rather predictable result. This caused me to inadvertently close my eyes, try to open them, and end up opening my real eyes instead. Oops.
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    10. First Successful DEILD

      by , 09-28-2012 at 03:24 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      (Wow, I haven't updated my DJ in a while! No, my recall hasn't been failing me; I've just been getting lazy with writing down my dreams. Oops!)

      I successfully DEILDed for the first time this morning!

      It was actually a complete accident. I wasn’t actually intending to DEILD until I started seeing vivid hypnagogic imagery and saw it as a good opportunity. I just focused on the HI and started describing what I saw in my mind - at first, just to myself, but I guess I shifted to narrating to my subconscious at some point; at one point, I addressed my subconscious as “you guys”, only to realize what I’d just said, apologize, and say, “Well, the one or many of you.”

      I soon started to become aware of where I was, but I wasn’t dreaming yet. It was more like vivid wonderland visualization during an active forcing session; I couldn’t physically see a thing, but I was well aware of where I (and everything else) was. The place I was was just this random field that I drive past fairly frequently IWL. After not too long, I crossed the road and realized I could actually see properly and must have entered the dream. In addition to the road, I saw that there was now an additional road branching off from it. I somehow knew that this road must lead to my subconscious. A couple cars did go that way; they must have been driven by dream guides/part of my subconscious.

      I noticed a box on the ground. It was a cardboard box (like a package something would be delivered in) addressed to me. I knew it was from my subconscious. Before opening it, I decided I should stabilize by doing an RC. I counted my fingers but ended up counting only five on each hand (strange, that RC almost never fails me), but I still knew I was dreaming, as I’d consciously made the transition to the dream state. I picked up the box again anyway and saw that it was now addressed to my brother (accidental text RC much?). I knew it was still really for me (as it was in my dream), so I decided to open it anyway.

      Before I even had a chance to open it, everything went black, and I realized I was awake. Disappointed, I opened my eyes and got up. I’m definitely going to try to go back there, though; I have to follow that subconscious road!

      (EDIT: Whoa, ignore the wonderland/forcing thing if you have no idea what I'm talking about. I copied this straight from my tumblr and forgot to remove that part, oops!)

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    11. It's about time...

      by , 09-19-2012 at 03:15 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I finally had another lucid dream! In the dream, I was reading a magazine. The magazine had pictures of miniature light-up TARDISes that people (somehow) used to get to sleep. I wanted one.

      I got the idea to do a spontaneous RC. I looked at my hand and counted six fingers. Fully certain I was awake, I counted again, figuring I had just counted wrong. Still six. I counted a third time just to make sure, and I still had six fingers.

      With no choice but to accept the fact that I was dreaming, I began pacing back and forth across my room (something I sometimes do IWL for no particular reason), talking to myself in a whisper as I tried to recall something that would give it away. The pictures in the magazine had been animated! It had to be a dream!

      I did the first thing that came to mind, which happened to be another teleportation attempt. This time, I decided to use a portal. I traced an oval in the air with my finger. A portal (which looked like one from the game Portal) appeared, but the image was very faint, and the portal didn't work.

      I resumed pacing/talking (as I've learned that doing or thinking nothing can cause a dream to collapse). I attempted to remember the TOTM, recalled something about a dream journal, then remembered that had been last month's task. Unable to remember the current task (and not wanting to waste the whole dream trying to remember), I returned to what I had previously been doing.

      This time, I tried using a door, which I also made by tracing it with my finger. The result was the same as last time, except with a door.

      I woke up soon after that.
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    12. Well, I guess that was lucid...

      by , 09-12-2012 at 02:03 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      In my first dream last night, I was playing Wind Waker. I was trying to get to a certain place (somewhere in the southern part of the Great Sea), but it was hard because I kept nearly getting swept up in one of those cyclones. It was kind of annoying. When I finally got there, there was no island, but the Flying Dutchman's ship was there. I boarded the ship.

      Here, the dream switched to first-person, and I was also myself now. On the ship, I ended up in a kitchen. In the kitchen, I had to help wash cups and mugs. I happily complied and thought it kind of reminded me of being at camp, since part of a volunteer's job is washing the cups we use for lemonade each day.

      I woke up from that dream but soon went back to sleep. In the next dream, my computer was acting all weird and I didn't know what to do.

      In the NEXT dream, I was in my room. I could hear a bunch of kids outside, so I peeked out my window. There were a few of the younger kids from church and a bunch of kids I didn't know. Then, I got a phone call. It was from a girl who I guess was an acquaintance of mine in the dream. We talked for a few minutes.

      After I got off the phone with her, I decided to have a lucid dream. I sat down and closed my eyes, as if I were going to meditate. I soon started getting vivid hypnagogic imagery (I was still consciously aware of my body the entire time), which my dream self interpreted as a dream. In the "dream", I was playing Pokemon Blue, but it was all glitched up. Since I knew I was dreaming, I decided to have fun with these glitches. I know I was in Cerulean City, but I don't really remember much of what happened. The "dream" started to fade, so I opened my eyes to wake up.

      I got up and headed for my laptop so I could update my dream journal, but I woke up on the way there.
    13. Well...

      by , 08-23-2012 at 10:26 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      Okay, let's see how much of this I can still remember... I haven't really had the chance to type up this entry until now.

      I was at home, in the living room. The keyboard was there, right where it used to be (it's been in my room for ages now, though). For the purpose of having more space for the crowd of people, I'm assuming, the one couch not facing the TV was missing, and the room was slightly bigger.

      There was this rope hanging from the ceiling, and I guess the part about people pulling it was fairly important, but I can't remember much of that now.

      What I do remember is Andrea, a girl I sort of work with over the summer, running up the stairs and saying to me, "I thought you were going to be tighter."

      As with many a strange thing a DC has said, I understood her meaning perfectly, despite her rather odd choice of words. She was referring to me resolving to be stricter with my reward system for LDing.

      Apparently, she wasn't referring exclusively to my reward system, but also LDing techniques in general, as I replied, "I am; I write down my dreams every morning."

      There's a small gap here that I can't quite remember now, but I do remember seeing my friend Giana shortly afterwards. I looked down at my hand as an RC, took note of the extra finger, then told her I'd be right back because I had to go to the bathroom. Clearly, my subconscious still had control over dream-me.

      I went into the bathroom and closed the door. I'd heard that touch was a sense that was often overlooked in dreams, so I decided to pay attention to how things felt - the door handle, the floor (I had bare feet), the light switch, even my jeans as I pulled them down; they all felt just as they would IWL, and the door handle and floor even felt somewhat cold.

      I got so carried away with paying attention to tactile sensations that I unintentionally closed my eyes so I could focus more on this sense. Almost as soon as I did, I realized my mistake, and sort of freaked out a little, as my previous experiences with closing my eyes had almost always resulted in me waking up.

      Well, I didn't exactly wake up right away. The dream abruptly changed to a weird post on some forum that doesn't exist... and THEN I woke up.
    14. TWO LDs?!

      by , 08-19-2012 at 01:02 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I had two more lucid dreams this morning! The first one, I was in the backseat of a car. Mr. Crocker (from Fairly Odd Parents) was driving. Suddenly, I noticed that there was no one driving anymore and that Mr. Crocker was sitting in the trunk! It was one of those cars where you can reach into the trunk from the backseat, though, so it's entirely possible and likely he climbed in from inside the car.

      Anyway, there was no one driving now, but the car was still going really fast. "Get back in the driver seat!" I told him, but he just ignored me.

      That's when it hit me - I hadn't actually seen him LEAVE the driver seat, which meant I must have fallen asleep in the car! This was just a dream! Actually, I was in bed IWL, but I guess that wasn't really important, as long as knew I was dreaming. I did the hand RC to make sure. Five fingers - nope! I tried my other hand, just to make sure, and I counted six fingers this time!

      Suddenly, I noticed my iPod was laying on the seat next to me. I turned it on and noticed the time was some number that was too big to be the time (I didn't pay much attention to the time), then quickly turned it off because I was afraid the bright screen might somehow cause me to wake up.

      After putting my iPod down, I wasn't sure what to do next, seeing as I was still in the car. My mind went blank for just a moment, which taught me a valuable lesson the hard way: NEVER STOP THINKING. Before I knew it, I was suddenly awake, staring at the back of closed eyelids.

      Yes, I learned that you MUST always focus your attention on something. Just constantly thinking about what you are doing or will do will help prevent the dream from collapsing that way. Focusing your attention on your thoughts is still helpful.

      Anyway, I opened my eyes to check the time. I didn't really pay attention to the specific time; I was just checking if I should get up or if I had more time to sleep (it's an analog clock, so I can just look at the rough position of the hands, without much regard for the numbers, for an estimate of the time). I decided to go back to sleep and try to become lucid again.

      This next dream started in third-person. Hermoine Granger (from Harry Potter) was there. A little dog started chasing her. Suddenly, the dream switched to first-person, so now I was running from the dog. I realized, "I've had this dream before. I must be dreaming." In actuality, I've never had a dream even remotely similar to that before, but whatever gets me lucid works, I guess!

      Knowing now that I was dreaming, I simply left the room (I'm assuming I was myself now, as I forgot I wasn't). I found myself in the gym at my church. I did the hand RC just in case (even though I was already certain I was dreaming) and confirmed that I was correct. Thinking about what I should do now, I decided I should start with the basics of dream control. I decided I had two good options - continue trying to teleport, or summon someone/something. I chose teleportation.

      I went to the door and told myself, "This door leads to my room," stating the first place I could think of and trying to visualize it somewhat despite having my eyes open. It, unfortunately, led right where it should.

      My mom was there. "I'm having another lucid dream," I told her. "See? I have an extra finger right there, which means I'm dreaming." I pointed to the extra finger.

      "That's nice," she said, not really seeming to care.

      "I have to keep thinking, though," I continued. "If I stop thinking, I'll wake up again." I went outside, doing my best to maintain a constant monologue, mostly a mix of reminding myself I was dreaming and thinking about what I should try, whenever I wasn't talking with someone or doing something specific. I'd occasionally switch between thinking and speaking out loud to myself.

      Anyway, when I went outside, I ended up on some unfamiliar street. There were a lot of shops and other businesses around, so I figured I'd just wander around and find somewhere that looked interesting. As I was wandering, I decided to try summoning while I was walking along. I'd heard that reaching into your pocket is a good way of summoning small objects, so I tried it. "My iPod is in my pocket," I said, naming the first thing that came to mind, as I was only doing this as practice. I reached into my pocket, and... it was empty. I resolved to simply explore this place my subconscious had given me instead; there were plenty of buildings around, after all.

      While I was still walking and looking around, I came across these two Asian guys. Hoping they knew this was a dream, I asked them, "How do you summon objects?"

      "I'll tell you how," one of them replied. "You don't." Clearly, he wasn't aware this was a dream.

      It turned out that they were on their way to work, so we each went our separate ways. I soon spotted a sushi restaurant at the end of the street. Since I'd heard food can taste really good in LDs, and since I love sushi, I went in.

      However, a lady from my church, who was seated at a table near the entrance, stopped me to talk to me. She proceeded to say something only a DC would say. "When you go to the bathroom, Kiona follows you in." I can't remember her second sentence, but it ended with the words "toilet seat".

      This unexpected conversation was enough to temporarily distract me from my current task of ordering sushi. Almost as soon as she was done talking, the dream ended just like the last; my vision quickly faded, and I was awake before I'd even had the time to think about stabilizing.

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    15. Zelda Stuff

      by , 08-16-2012 at 03:58 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I can remember four dreams from last night. In the first, I was at a summer camp. It was just a day camp. I'm not sure what kind of summer camp it was, but it was indoors, in a building that looked kind of like my basement. There were a bunch of other kids and teenagers there. I recognized three people from last year - Zelda, a girl with copper-coloured skin and dark, wavy hair, and a girl and a boy whose names I couldn't remember. Zelda was wearing a yellow dress and had her hair, which fell almost to her shoulders, partially pulled back into a ponytail. She was pretty.

      Anyway, the group split into two. One group went upstairs, and the other stayed downstairs. I stayed downstairs, but the people I knew went upstairs. Soon, though, I found out that I was supposed to be with the other group, so I went back upstairs to find them.

      After a while, we went back downstairs into a dining area. We were seated at tables. Each person was supposed to have a "date". I hadn't known that, but I assumed my date was going to arrive anyway, even though I had no clue who my date actually was. Someone else came to my table (each table could seat, like, six people, I think), also waiting for their date.

      Someone came over and handed me a piece of paper with everyone's names on it, so I could choose who I wanted as my date. I checked off the box next to the name of the boy that I knew (I can't remember his name, though). Instead of him, though, four other boys came over.

      I don't remember the exact transition, but we somehow ended up on a bus, where the boys were bullying us. I figured it wasn't really a big deal, though, since I know taekwondo and felt confident I could defend myself if necessary.

      In my second dream last night, I was playing Petz 5, but it was nothing like Petz 5. It didn't even have any pets in it. I was scrolling through a list of minigames. In the thumbnail image for one of them, I noticed Deku Link (from Majora's Mask). I accidentally clicked on that game. It was like a platformer, except it scrolled down (and the scrolling was automatic, so you couldn't go too fast, or else you'd fall off the bottom of the screen). Before long, I'd fallen off the bottom of the screen. Instead of restarting the level, going to a "Game Over" screen, or anything else logical, it cut to a different scene (which looked like it was from a COMPLETELY different minigame, probably the next one) in a saloon.

      That's when I got that sudden "click" to lucidity.

      "This isn't Petz 5, is it?" I said, not exactly asking a question but, rather, declaring it out loud.

      "Nope," my brother answered. It turned out he had been behind me. We were in my parents' room, he was on the bed, and the "computer screen" was just projected onto the wall.

      Even though I was already certain I was dreaming, I did the hand RC just to double-check. Six fingers. Yep, I was dreaming.

      My brother said something about having been up at three in the morning to get on the bus (presumably, to the summer camp from the previous dream, even though he wasn't in that dream). I corrected him, telling him we got on the bus at seven and that I would know because I was there.

      I was still lucid, but I think the dream was trying to go back on autopilot, since arguing with my brother was apparently more important than any of my LD goals.

      I woke up soon after. I felt awake and fairly refreshed, even though it was still dark out, so I think that must have been the end of an REM cycle that woke me up.

      I went back to sleep and had a dream which fits neatly between the other two. This time, I was on the bus back from camp. The bus had one backwards-facing seat, so I decided to sit in that one. The bus stopped in a parking lot somewhere, where my mom was waiting. I was the only person to get off at that stop. After getting off, I realized I'd left my glasses on the bus, so I ran after the bus (it was already leaving), holding up a sign that said, "You forgot someone!"

      The bus stopped and let me back on. I boarded the bus, took my glasses, and left.

      I had one final dream last night. I was playing Wind Waker (I think) and came across an enemy that I think was either a Darknut or an Iron Knuckle (well, one of those things with a heavy suit of armour). When I got close to it, I noticed that it briefly turned red, then blue, then attempted to fire lasers at me. I figured out that red meant deactivated, while blue meant activated.

      I started fighting it, but this game had a weird control method. Like a DS game, it was controlled with a stylus. However, I was using a toothbrush (the back of it, not the part with the bristles) as the stylus... and I could somehow reach the screen just fine, even though I was sitting on my bed, and the screen was where my window should be (it was the same size, too.

      Anyway, I defeated it, and it turned red. However, it turned blue again shortly after, making me have to fight it again. This kept happening every time I defeated it, except it would only get partially revived most times.

      Eventually, the toothbrush got ruined from being used - rather harshly - as a stylus. I came up with a better idea for how to defeat the Darknut. My mom was in the room, so I said to her, "Get me a weapon, but nothing too sharp, so I don't accidentally damage the screen or hurt myself." What I really meant was for her to go to the kitchen and get a knife. For some reason, I thought that would make the Darknut easier to defeat.

      Then, I realized that whatever I used as a controller wouldn't matter, since it was the sword I had IN the game that mattered. Realizing that, I figured I could just use my hand, but not as a stylus; the game was apparently motion-controlled now, like a Kinect rather than a DS.

      However, I decided that would be a bad idea, since it could reach out of the screen and attack me if I used my hands.
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