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    New Cameron

    by , 07-01-2014 at 04:21 AM (644 Views)
    Hey guys, I still exist! I meant to write this dream down in the morning, but whatever. Better late than never, right?

    The dream I remember best from last night took place in an airport. I'd arrived at an airport where I had to change planes to catch a flight back home. When I asked about catching my next flight, I was informed that the plane I needed to board next would be at an airport in New Cameron. I asked where that was, and the guy I asked showed it to me on a map - I was on that biggest main island of New Zealand, and New Cameron was a small island not too far off the mainland. I asked him how long it would take me to get from the airport to New Cameron, and he told me it would take about an hour, which was bad news for me because I had to board that flight in half an hour. I started desperately wondering if I could manage to get a different flight back home from the airport where I currently was and thought I'd have to call my parents and let them know I'd be coming home on a different flight.

    I woke up and, out of curiosity, went online to look up New Cameron to see if it was a real place and found out that it does exist but not in the same exact location as in the dream - then I woke up and realized that I'd only looked it up in another dream.

    I fell asleep again, and, in the next dream, I was a Pikachu with a human form, and I had to find books in an old library about using electric-type attacks. I don't remember that dream very well.

    After that dream, I woke up for real, told my mom about the New Cameron dream, and went online to look up (for real this time) if New Cameron was an actual place in New Zealand. Turns out (unsurprisingly) it isn't; the closest I could find was a New Cameron Street in Australia.

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