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    Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal


    by , 07-17-2011 at 01:31 AM (559 Views)
    Swamp Guards

    I was walking through an old torn down industrial area. It was quiet, there was nobody around and for some reason I thought I was dreaming. I pinched my nose and it failed. It was the first time the nose pinch had ever failed me! I glanced at my hand quickly and put it back down by my side. I thought something was a little strange and glanced back at my hand to see six fingers! I grew an extra finger out of my hand just to make sure. Yup, I was lucid. I couldnt remember my goal and walked for a little while trying to remember. Then I remembered I wanted to go to Denn! I looked around and there was a forrest only 100 meters away. I ran towards it flat out. The forrest was more of a swap and had large platforms elevated at least 10 meters above the swamp. I started onto the platforms and made my way into the forrest.The swamp looked a lot like this only it had far wider platforms and was higher off the ground.

    It was layed out in what seemed like a large grid. I wanted to memorise the layout I was in so I could draw it when I woke up but I didnt do a good enough job. I ran up a little stairway onto a slightly higher platform and then back down the other side. I ran right past a guard of some sort. He had basic but nice looking leather armor and a long spear. After running past him I ducked down behind a chair. I could see him through a rather large gap in the chair. However he could see me too. He slid his spear towards me. I grabbed it and as he pushed it in for the kill. I adjusted my weight and lifted my feet from the ground. As he pushed the spear in, it simply pushed my body with it. I flew back safely, out of reach of his spear. He came in again and this time I doged it then grabbed the spear again and pulled it in towards me. With his thrust already sending him forwards he came tumbling down infront of me where I kicked him out cold. I turned around the make a stealthy escape but there was another. I easily took care of him, typical guards with no skill at all. After finishing him off I turned around to see two more, one on each side of me. I wasnt worried, they were no threat. As I still didnt have a weapon I used the same technique as the first two, dodging their attacks which was very fun and a lot more interesting with two at the same time. When the opportunity arrived I pulled them both in and kicked them into submission. As I started to make my escape I woke up into an FA.

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