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    1. 17/07/2011

      by , 07-17-2011 at 01:31 AM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)
      Swamp Guards

      I was walking through an old torn down industrial area. It was quiet, there was nobody around and for some reason I thought I was dreaming. I pinched my nose and it failed. It was the first time the nose pinch had ever failed me! I glanced at my hand quickly and put it back down by my side. I thought something was a little strange and glanced back at my hand to see six fingers! I grew an extra finger out of my hand just to make sure. Yup, I was lucid. I couldnt remember my goal and walked for a little while trying to remember. Then I remembered I wanted to go to Denn! I looked around and there was a forrest only 100 meters away. I ran towards it flat out. The forrest was more of a swap and had large platforms elevated at least 10 meters above the swamp. I started onto the platforms and made my way into the forrest.The swamp looked a lot like this only it had far wider platforms and was higher off the ground.

      It was layed out in what seemed like a large grid. I wanted to memorise the layout I was in so I could draw it when I woke up but I didnt do a good enough job. I ran up a little stairway onto a slightly higher platform and then back down the other side. I ran right past a guard of some sort. He had basic but nice looking leather armor and a long spear. After running past him I ducked down behind a chair. I could see him through a rather large gap in the chair. However he could see me too. He slid his spear towards me. I grabbed it and as he pushed it in for the kill. I adjusted my weight and lifted my feet from the ground. As he pushed the spear in, it simply pushed my body with it. I flew back safely, out of reach of his spear. He came in again and this time I doged it then grabbed the spear again and pulled it in towards me. With his thrust already sending him forwards he came tumbling down infront of me where I kicked him out cold. I turned around the make a stealthy escape but there was another. I easily took care of him, typical guards with no skill at all. After finishing him off I turned around to see two more, one on each side of me. I wasnt worried, they were no threat. As I still didnt have a weapon I used the same technique as the first two, dodging their attacks which was very fun and a lot more interesting with two at the same time. When the opportunity arrived I pulled them both in and kicked them into submission. As I started to make my escape I woke up into an FA.

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    2. 12/05/2011

      by , 05-12-2011 at 01:09 AM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)
      Where Is Denn??

      I was in a large open field. There were about 5 guys around different spots of the field each doing presentations of a computer game or something. They were all dressed in their armor and after I had watched the presentations one approached me. He said he really liked my sword. I had one sword on each hip, one was a special scimitar and the other was a very fine looking but not so special short katana. The man was talking about my katana so I said he could have it if he could beat me in battle. He made his way to me, my view went to third person and I saw a man creeping around from behind. They both came on and took me to the ground, after a bit of a struggle I defeated them both and they disappeared. I picked up my swords from the ground and walked over to a friend. Soon we were in my local city running through busy intersections dodging traffic. We got to the bottom of a long street and I stopped, my friends kept going and then for some reason I realised I was dreaming. I walked over to a lady and asked her what way the town of Denn was. I was still in the middle of the city and she pointed in some direction. I could see trees the way she pointed but not enough for a forrest. I ran as fast as I could towards the trees, I ended up on all fours running flat out. I got to a tree but still in the middle of the city. I thought I should climb the tree and get a better view so I might see Denn. Shortly after climbing the tree I could hear a narrator that sounded a lot like David Attenborough talking about how monkeys were introduced from another planet many years ago. They came from a cloudless planet and didnt like it here because we are destroying the planet. Then I woke up
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    3. 28/01/2011

      by , 01-30-2011 at 03:41 AM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)
      Desert Crystals

      I was walking out in the desert with my friends tom and rueben. I kept finding little clusters of random crystals growing out of the sand. They were big crystals and some very amazing ones which I have never seen anything like before, they almost looked like glass blown and cut crystals. I was only choosing one or two of the coolest looking crystals from each cluster but before long I had full pockets and hands. I thought it was strange I had found so many amazing crystals so I did a RC and realised I was dreaming. This is the first time I was sad to become lucid, not overly sad but I knew that the crystals I had found were not going to be their when I woke up. I walked away from what was going on and called out for drizzt and my dream guide but then I woke up.

      RPG World

      I was in an RPG kinda world, everything was like a 3D game, the characters around me were from oldschool RPG's, they were all shorter than me and kinda chubby although this may have just been from the bad graphics! I dont remember how I became lucid but throughout the whole dream I had awareness. One of the characters was a zelda kind of person. I think she wanted me to do a quest or something, she was definatly more important than the other chracters. Just meters away was a small pyramid structure, it wasnt more than 5 meters high and had a large openeing. It was like an entrance to a set of tunnels or something. It was dimly lit inside with flaming torches. I made my way in and saw a man make his way out of the shadows with a long wooden staff. He looked young and fit like a warrior. He was crouched in a defensive pose making his way to me and I asked him not to fight and if he could come out into the sun with me and teach me some contact staff. He agreed and we walked back out of the pyramid, the other characters were still thier but they were more human now and everything didnt look 3D anymore. We both had a play around and he did a few cool tricks that I am trying to learn IWL but I think I need to train with him again as I didnt quite see how to do the trick properly.

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    4. 14/01/2011

      by , 01-28-2011 at 12:22 PM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)

      I was with my brother Hayden. We had just hopped in a taxi after a party, my other brother was about 10 meters away looking in a bush or something. I told the taxi driver to drive up to him because we were taking him home with us. The taxi driver looked dodgy and kinda avoided what I said and started driving away. I told him we had to go back and he insisted we drive this way. We were on a motorway very fast and the driver was trying to crash. He ended up driving straight into the middle of a fork in the road. The car went flying into the air in slow motion and I instantly knew I must be dreaming. The car was heading straight into the sea. I climbed out of the window of the car while still in the air and hopped down into an off ramp which went down to the water but now the water had changed to concrete parking and slowly a big building formed around me with parked cars around the place. I saw two s13 silvias drifting in circles around each other in the distance and that made me think of some sweet cars to try and spawn. I imagined a golden r32 gtr skyline and as I turned around... It wasnt there. But instead was the oldschool batmobile! I was so stoaked, i started a slow run towards it and then saw batman making his way to the car. I sprinted over and jumped in and yelled out too slow as I boosted away! The car wasnt as fast as I thought it would be. I hopped out of the batmobile and was in a big convention type area, kinda like armageddon. There was a big lego scene setup and I smashed my arms right through it. I turned around and there was a warhammer scene, I did the same. I walked down to a set of stalls that had shelves like a library and was looking around and I found the most amazing journals, I think they were spicificaly dream journals, they also had amazing crystals. I looked for the owner of the stall and when I found him I asked where I could find these in waking life and before he could answer I started waking up
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    5. 23/10/2010

      by , 10-28-2010 at 12:19 PM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)
      Hockey And Drizzt
      I was playing hockey with a friend. We were just shooting some balls at a goal. Then all of a sudden a big group of players from another dodgy school showed up. They were really intimidating. We were passing the balls around and they were starting to be dicks. I think I smashed one and ran to the side of the building right next to the field. There were about 5 guys lined up infront of a small hotdog stand. I swung my left arm and then my right over and over smashing each guy with one hit. I grabbed a hotdog and turned around. I smashed it into his face. Then all of a sudden a shotgun blast smashed into the wall right next to me. I ran a few meters to an under pass through the building and then realised I was dreaming. I turned invisible. It was only a low level of lucidity. I was invisible when I stayed still and hid over a fence. We were in the country from my hometown. 4 guys jumped the fence infront of me and ran off into the paddock and a few ran past. It was then that I became a bit more lucid and became the character Drizzt. I chased the four guys sprinting fast and quiet. I raised my arm and took down one with a crossbow hidden on my arm. I take the next two out in the same fashion and then pull out my scimitars. I easily take down the last guy. I walk across the paddock and get to the end of the long driveway to the hockey turf. I look down the end and see two ninjas wearing light brown clothes. I jump high into the 5 meter high bushes that surround the driveway and start running towards the ninjas. I come up to one and pull out my bow. I jump off the hedge and fire my arrow. It hits. I then realise that I really want to meet my dream guides and spirit guides. I turn around and instantly forget about the ninja. I walk back to the other end of the driveway now I look around calling my spirit and dream guides to come to me. I suddenly get a nervous feeling and wake up.
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    6. 13/10/2010

      by , 10-12-2010 at 11:14 PM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)
      Mech Samurai

      I dont know how I became lucid. I remember wearing a mech suit of some kind. It was really cool, it had boosters on the feet like Iron man but was a little more chunky around the shoulders and stuff, felt like a futuristic version of samurai armor. I had a cool helmet with a hud kinda like halo. I could activate my shields. I started walking down the road with two long katanas in my hands. I could see in the distance another person in a suit just standing, waiting for me. When I got within 100 meters I took to the sky. I found my armor started to fall off, I shook off the flimsy shoulder pads still hanging onto my body. The other suit was below me, I came down on him and we had a small battle ion the air before returning to the ground and continuing the fight. He was good and landed a killing blow to my chest. I was lucid though so I knew it couldnt hurt me. I came back with a flurry of strikes, smashing his katana through the air. I continued my assault across his chest. He had no wounds although he had scars from previous battles. I came right up to him and he was a young boy maby 13 with fiery red hair. He looked very sad and angry. I told him it was ok and that he was an excellent fighter. His emotions did not change and he turned and ran away. I wanted to teach him and continue to battle.
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    7. 15/09/2010

      by , 09-15-2010 at 12:52 AM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)
      Im pretty sure both of these dreams were influenced by watching IP man 2 last night.

      Spear In The Back

      I was at a martial arts festival kinda thing. It was night and there were a bunch of us, it kinda felt like the festival had ended and we were all partying. Then nit was the next day and I was lucid. There was a brutal guy trying to kill me and he had a lot of friends. It was only me and my brother Ryan holding them off but it wasnt that hard, they were all easily taken care of even though they had weapons like machetes and stuff and we had nothing. I think at one stage I got a machete or maby two and started owning. The main guy however is a bit harder to get to. He always kept a distance of about 20 meters and was throwing long thin spear at us. We could easily dodge them but the fight went on for a long time. We kept moving away from the guy and coming into large groups of guys to kill but always moving away from the hard out guy. Finaly when I was moving through hearvy terrain in the bush the guy lands a spear in my back. It didnt hurt that much or go very deep but it is poking out of my back. I can still fight off the guys but now im easier to spot in the forrest. I try hiding behind a tree but he can see the spear poking out of the side. I call Ryan to come help me. I thought it would be best to leave the spear in my back but then I remembered I can easily pull it out and heal myself, so I do that. I see Ryan about 50 meters away in the bush fighting the hard out guy and others at the same time. I need to help him and then Camrin trots up on a horse infront of me. He has a shield and sword. I pull him from the horse and grab his sword and in one huge arc I slice his throat and wake up.

      Western Japan

      I was in oldschool Japan. It was kinda like a western cowboy japan without the guns. I dont know how I became lucid. I was taking down tonnes of people as I made my way to a village. There were a lot of tough looking guys around so I fell back to the village I had just conquered. A guy had followed me back here. I did sone sneaky jumps onto the roof and was following him around, he had no idea where I was. I waited for the right time and then pounced down onto him. I struck him so hard across his neck but nothing happened. My katana flew over him in all sorts of angle as fast as anything but the man was fine. Then I thought maby he was another dreamer if I couldnt hurt him. I yelled out "this is my dream!" to see what he said. He said something weird and I asked him if it was his dream. I cant remember what he said but he didnt make much sense so I thought he must just be a DC. Then joffy rode past one of the buildings a while away. When I looked back the guy was in pain, I thought he must have been struck by an arrow or something. He started rambling about something, then I woke up.
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    8. 13/09/2010

      by , 09-13-2010 at 12:18 AM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)
      Beyond The Stars

      I started out with some friends of mine under the stars. We all had seperate beds in random positions. My friend Joel was going into hospital the next morning for an operation. Joel wasnt scared and we were all happy and joking around so it cant have been anything too serious. I was sitting on a bed with a friend of mine. He was leaning against me and when I moved he got kinda annoyed. Then he lay down to go to sleep. I was gutted as cos it was the bed that I had my blanket and pillow on! Nevermind, I walked over to an empty bed and lay down. It was a beautiful bright night. The stars looked amazing, there were constelations that looked really cool. I kept my eyes open on this really impressive patch of stars. I wanted to keep that in sight and become lucid. Almost instantly I felt myself pulled towards the stars. I held on to some sort of invisible circle around me which was guiding me through the stars I think. I flew so deep stopping slowly with planets and asteroid fields and then hurling deeper and deeper. I came into a planet and was put inside some kind of ancient building. It felt like it was a pyramid or something similar. I went into some sort of treasure room, there were all sorts of weapons and jewels. All the jewels and blades of the weapons were made of a glassy looking clear crystal. I started grabbing lots of stuff. Then a friend popped up behind me. I told him that we were sleeping under the stars at this very time and we were dreaming. He found it very interesting and then started telling me which artifacts I should grab. Then it was as if I was in more of a laboratory. Still ancient but there were benches on the edges of the room and small vials and bottles. I started loosing the dream a few times and was able to catch it a lot earlier than normal and stabilized by touching things and focusing on stuff around the room. I often started loosing it when I was talking to fraser. I eventualy woke up.


      I dont remember how I got lucid. It was my longest lucid ever easily. What felt like at least and hour or two. However I lost pretty much all of it
      I was on some sort of mission. I was in a big building with lots of people. An older guy left a message for me. I went to find it but a young african guy had followed me. I snuck out away from him and up a few stairs to the designated area. I think I was set up I escaped the area and was in a big mall type area. There Were a bunch of guards chasing me, I could run pretty fast but they were pretty hardcore. They were the good guys who I knew so I didnt want to hurt them. I deflected their attacks and kept running. Then the head guard came for me. I tried telling her I was set up but she didnt beleive me. I ended up stealing her long spear which was a lot nicer than the other guards spears. I then ran off into the mall. Now they werent attacking me and werent guards anymore. They were more like free runners, all jumping around the place with low gravity. I was doing the same doing some really awsome jumps and spinning around in the air making it look easy. One of my last jumps I casually spun around in the air and landed my foot on a railing and bounded down to walk normally. While I was spinning I looked at a guy looking at me with a realy casual expression. He was amazed! I started to wake up and I saw some words pop up infront of me. They said something like "you should wake up now and write down your dream before you forget."

      As I woke up I realised I was in another dream.

      Astral Body?

      I woke up and went to turn the light on so I could write out my massive dream before I forgot. I tried turning the light on and it didnt work so I did the nose pinch and realised I could breathe. I ran out to the window and started pulling myself through. It felt really wierd as I passed through the glass. As I was about half way through it got kind hard. I had to really try to pull myself through the window. I was being pulled back pretty hard. I started going down a hill infront of the house. I turned around to my house and saw a silvery blue thin cord going from my chest up to the window. It was still hard to walk so I started pulling slack from my chest so I could walk all good. It got pretty tight a few times and then when I pulled out some slack it snapped. Sweet, now I could move easily. Everything had a kinda oldschool 3D look to it. I saw a guy walking next to a creek. All of a sudden he fell in so I jumped in and saved him. It was quite deep and very fast for what looked like a small creek. He started talking about all these places he had been and stuff, it was really wierd and went into third person view for a minute than went back. Now a pretty girl called ingrid walked past me. The a few seconds later she walked past again with very hot clothes on. I grabbed her before she could walk away and started talking and then woke up.
    9. 06/09/2010

      by , 09-06-2010 at 12:26 AM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)

      I was driving around on a scooter. I was in wellington and decided to go through the bus tunnel. The hill up to it was very steep and the scooter barely made it up. When I got to the top I saw a few cars coming out and it looked like it was too busy to get in. I realised I was dreaming and grew and extra pinky finger. I drove around the corner and walking infront of a house was a really hot girl. I stopped and made my way over and started kissing her. I closed my eyes and could feel and hear outside of my dream body. I focused on feeling her lips on mine and that held me in the dream but after a while it faded.

      Lets go drifting

      I DEILDed back into the dream and found myself outside of the house. I walked around it and couldnt find anyone. I went to the downstairs part of the house and walked in through the garage. There was a mean as s15 silvia parked in there. I walked around the house and it was empty and under construction. I went back down into the garage and hopped in the silvia. Ash and Alex K were with me. I went out onto the motorway. There was a big exit lane accross the road so I ripped it up and drifted into it perfectly. I started getting sideways down the road and then there was a barrier to the sea. I wanted to try flying the car so I smashed through the barrier. The car glided a bit and then landed in the water. "Now were in a boat" I said as I stgarted drifting in the water. We hooned around for a bit and then I jumped out and started running on the water. I eventualy sunk and everything faded away into black.
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    10. 02/09/2010

      by , 09-02-2010 at 12:45 AM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)
      Gone Fishin

      I started out driving the farm truck with my dad. We were driving around then for some reason the lane I turned into had oncoming traffic! I should have realised this as a dream sign because the way the road was it was my side of the road. I had to drive onto the curb and down a ramp. Now I was on a lower side to the main highway we were supposed to be on. We tried finding a way back up to the main road but all the exits were blocked by trucks or the ramp going up to the road had turned into rubble. I left dad standing their and walked around the side to a building. There were some people that seemed familiar. They were in a covered shed that their boat came into the side of but it was really flash and was their house as well. They wanted me to pick a random co-ordinate between 1,179 or something. I think I chose 139,160 or something like that. Damn its hard to remember numbers! They seemed pretty happy. Dad came back and I could see out of the opening of the shed they had put bait up in a trail all the way from their boat to way out around the docks. It looked like they had a net or heaps of small lines of hooks along the trail. They werent getting any fish and thats why they wanted my co-ordinates. Then we all sat down as it got a bit later in the afternoon and now these people had changed to family friends that I knew. I did an RC and realised I was dreaming. I did it pretty casualy and the family friend asked me if I was into dreaming and that sorta stuff. I looked at him pretty funny anf then he said I jkust saw you do that RC, are you into LDing? I was like hahaha yea. Then told the group, mum was here now and she asked if I could make her lucid. I went over and told her to make an extra finger pop out of her hand. I willed the finger to pop out and she got really excited. Thats when the dream started to fade.

      Drizzt's Reflection

      I kept dead still from my last dream and slipped right back into the one I was just in. I saw the friends kids we were with then knew I was far enough in to do an RC. I already knew I was dreaming but this stabilized it and I turned to enter a room by myself. There was a huge mirror on the other side of the room. I could see myself in it and said out loud "I am Drizzt!" and imagined black skin. Instantly I went into a kind of crouched form. I could see in the reflection I had black skin and a black set of hard leather armor.

      I looked really tough and felt the hard armor over my chest. I went up closer to the mirror and when I got closer I saw that it looked like I had pretty average face paint on. That was kinda gay but the armor was really amazing. I pulled out my two magical scimitars.

      The magic on them looked just like this but the blades looks like plastic blades that had been painted and the paint starting to peel off. I jumped off out the large window into a small corn field patch. The corn was different heights and never taller than your head. I tried running really fast through the corn and then over to my left towards a small hill. At the base of the hill was a creek that was set down about a meter from the ground. I jumped high and cleared it. Then all of a sudden a huge dog like creature came sprinting down the hill towards me. I pulled my scimitars which were now made of steel and looked a lot more deadly. With two small strikes I cut it in the face and throat and it stumbled to the ground. I jumped back across the creek and went down the drop a little bit. I was tryuing to jump back up and heard another dog coming. I jumped up and readied myself as the dog charged me down. I sidestepped at the last possible moment and cut down sideways, slicing the front of its face off. Then a third came running, I easily dispatched it and made my way back into the corn were I woke up.
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    11. 01/09/2010

      by , 09-01-2010 at 12:06 AM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)
      Drizzt and Transformers

      I was in a big room. It was a battle arena of some sort. I had a small transformer maby about 1 foot tall. There were a bunch of other transformers boosting around the area fighting. I saw a few other people telling them what to do (kinda like pokemon selecting attacks). One of the evil transformers managed to get some object which apparently when fused with the transformer would make him unstoppable. I was chasing the transformer with mine as is sped towards its master. I dont remember what happened next but I was in some small sort of cardboard box. It was like a cell. I though "fuck this!" and walked out. There were two guard guys who didnt seem to care that I just walked out of the cell. I was wondering where that evil guy was. He was only half my height. I was gona find him and smash him! I realised I was dreaming but didnt do any RC's or stabilize. I was looking all over for the kid when I found a big white horse outside. I jumped on and started riding with no saddle. It was great! I was going really fast through the country. There were pine forrests on either side of me. Thats when I remembered my task. I dismounted the horse and started running towards the forrest. I tried to pull scimitars out my my sides but there werent any. It felt like I was wearing a sweatshirt that was a few sizes too small. I said out loud "I am Drizzt Do'Urden" and looked at my hands as I imagined them becoming a dark grey/black but they didnt turn. Then the dream started destabilizing. I tried to hold on to it but it slipped and I woke up.
    12. 27/08/2010

      by , 08-26-2010 at 09:28 PM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)
      Crazy Boarding

      At the very start of the dream I was Drizzt Do'Urden, a character from a book im reading atm. Funnily enough last last chapter I read last night he was fighting with his friend.

      My dream started with me arguing with Wulfgar. I dont know what we were arguing about but it didnt last long. All of a sudden my ex Rachel and some random pretty blond mate of hers show up. We were outside in a slight clearing in the bush. They came over treating this area like it was my house and asked if they could put some chips on. They put them in the oven which I couldnt see. Then they came over and now I was lying in bed. They came and hopped in next to me. We started watching a girl on TV snowboarding. She really sucked. I was telling the girls how bad she was then all of a sudden I was sucked onto the slopes. I instantly knew I was dreaming, no RC needed. The gravity was realy weird and I kinda glided and spun around in the air landing perfectly. But the gravity is so low I bounce back into the air and am spinning all over the place but again landing perfectly. Once Im on the slope properly I start carving hard into the slope. There is a guy longboarding next to me and another guy snowboarding. I easily carve through them. I start boarding with my hands on the snow and legs right out still able to fly down the mountain at a high speed somehow. The slope levels out at the bottom and all of a sudden im with my flatmate and some other guys who are about to play some basketball. Its dark and apartently lukes brother lives next door. I want to teleport back to the mountain to do some more boarding but it doesnt work. I remember I need to transform into Drizzt but I didnt think it was the right LD so I leave it. I loose lucidity and we go into lukes brothers house. Were there for a while talking and stuff. When we are about to leave I cant find my phone. Then a movie starts playing in my head about how in Russia a good way to get rid of a cellphone is for a dog to eat it because no1 would suspect a dog. I was watching handicam footage of a guy following a big brown bulldog. It kept wiping its ass on the concrete. There was a narrator talking about the cellphone stuff. The the guy walks away from the dog and the narration stops. I notice that there are no cars around or people. The place looks deserted. It doesnt feel very safe. I watch the guy walks through the complex of houses and then starts to open a door. There are no lights on in the house. I pull my phone out and try to turn on the phone light, it doesnt work. I become lucid again even though it was kinda in the back of my head since I lost lucidity. I try willing the lights on but it doesnt work. Then I find some matches. I light a match but it goes out. I grab a few more and then see a lit candle. Then I woke up.


      Im playing a game called Stalker atm. I remember dreaming about running around killing a bunch of people and taking cool items and guns.
    13. 19/08/2010

      by , 08-19-2010 at 06:00 AM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)

      I was in a jungle, its was nice and warm and very sunny. I started to notice there were lions everywhere! There were hundreds everywhere I looked. None were too bothered with me but when I got too close sometimes they stood up. I was trying to get away but everywhere I went there were just more! I tried climbing up some palm trees that had enough angle for me to get up but I kept slipping.

      Pack of Unicorns

      I was in Wellington and I hopped on a bus with some mates. They were going to Masterton and I couldnt go because of something. I was deep in conversation with them when I noticed I had forgotten to get off and was all the way in Masterton. Suddenly they hopped off and I was alone on the bus. I went to the driver and told him the story. I didnt have any money and so on. I had my eftpos card in my pocket but didnt want him to see it as I didnt want to pay for the trip. I hopped off in the country and there were a few other cars. A middle aged couple approached me and said they were driving over to Welly later that night an 9pm and said I could get a ride with them. I was happy to have that sorted but they did seem pretty dodgy. Then my dad came out of nowhere and me and him and a cute girl with short red hair hopped in a van, the girl was driving. I noticed a unicorn in a field we drove past and then saw more. There must have been about 5-8 in the paddock. I thought this was pretty odd and RC'd. My pinky didnt pop straight out as usual but with a little effort it emerged between my fingers. I was dreaming! I started rubbing my hands together, it felt so real! I told my dad I was dreaming and told him to rub his hands together too. I was just starting to think about making a portal to the moon when the dream faded away.

      Escape with the Midget

      I was with a midget, for some reason we were prisoners in some sort of royal castle. The head man of the castle had organised for us to escape. I dont remember how we got out of our cell but I remember sneaking around and seeing the main guys wife who didnt want us to escape. She saw us and sent her guards. We ran into a realy big room and out a huge door into the courtyard. There were heaps of guards chasing us. I was ahead and was going to run out away from the castle when the midget yelled out to go into the church. I didnt think it was a very good idea but opened the huge wooden door to the church. Just as this happened it went like a movie to a shot of the midget who was quite a bit behind me. The guards were still quite a way behind him. They shot some wierd thing at him. It looked kinda like the head of a fork and when it flew through the air you could see the way it came like bullets in the matrix. When it hit him he couldnt move. Then all of a sudden he burst free and started running again. It went slow motion and I could see heaps of the things flying by and barely missing him. He made it into the church and I started locking the door. There were like 5 locks and I did them all up. The midget ran into a small midget sized door. I tried to follow him but I got stuck in the small door. I knew I couldnt make it and woke up
    14. 18/08/2010

      by , 08-18-2010 at 01:12 AM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)

      I was in some large courtyard area, everyone was wearing my old school uniform and all the guys were from my old year group. One guy who was always a complete asshole to me poked me with a fork as I walked past. I told him not to do that and started giving him some shit. Another one of his dickhead mates backed him up and then another. I grabbed the last guy to come over in a headlock and dragged him a few meters away before slamming him onto the ground. He was knocked unconscious but started to move a few seconds later. Everyone started looking at me so I casually walked away. I found a random room with a bunch of people practicing martial arts. There was an old asian teacher and a bunch of students. I realised I was dreaming and popped out an extra pinky finger. I went to the other side of the room and there was a big curtain, I went underneath it and there was another room like the last but empty. A small kid followed me, i turned the light down to dim so no one would know we were there. Me and the kid started sparing and he was pretty good. I peeked back under the curtain and saw 2 police officers, they saw me so I ran out the back door. There was a beach and it had gotten dark now. I was sprinting very fast on the sand and kept trying to fly but couldnt. I didnt know what else to do so I jumped into the water. I could breathe fine and felt a mermaid tail instead of legs. I started swimming through the water fast, it was realy fun. I came across a bunch of other mermaids and a few mermans. It was like they were all getting ready for an orgy or something. I went over to a few mermaids and they werent interested. I was kinda gutted but then I saw two very pretty mermaids looks at me and I swam over to them. I grabbed one in each arm and swam slowly as I woke up.
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    15. 17/08/2010

      by , 08-17-2010 at 02:45 AM (Ferret's Lucid Dream Journal)
      First Portal!

      I was walking past Natcoll where I study, there was a telecom store next to it and they had all sorts of awsome deals! I thought about getting one because my phone is so cheap and old but then I thought it worked good enough so I kept walking. Then me and Ash were in some wierd area not in the middle of town. It had started to rain and there was a little hut looking thing. It was only about 2 feet tall so we had to get on our hands and knees to get in. It was made of old corrigated iron and looked like some sort of fort I could have made when I was a kid. I dont know what I was looking for in there but it was a lot larger than it looked on the outside. Eventualy I came out and I realised I was dreaming. I rubbed my hands together and then called out "Koi pond portal!" and moved my hand like a mage. Suddenly a small red poral came up. It looked just like an oblivion gate but it was only about one foot tall! I lay down on the ground infront of it and placed my hand right before it and accidentaly closed my eyes! Dammit! Everything went black and then I woke up in my bed, one of my flatmates and a friend came in and I started telling them about my dream and the portal and then woke up, it was a FA!!

      Falling Apart

      I was walking down the street with Tom, Reuben and Ash. This little kid ran past me and smacked me in the head and ran off. We were all like wtf just happened!!! But kept walking not realy worrying. He came back from behind and I knew this time, I turned around and swung my arm into him so hard he went flying to the ground. He didnt move at all, we turned around and went into a bar just two shops down. Reuben grabbed a bottle of spirits and a shot glass and did a little bit of flaring and then started splashing the alky on the table in a straight line and off the edge of the table where a worker was waiting with a glass catching it all. It was very impressive! We walked back out of the bar and there were paramedics with the kid, he was still not moving. We kept going in the same direction and turned around the first corner we came to. It was getting pretty dark now. I realised I was dreaming and popped out my extra pinky finger. I called out "Koi pond portal!!" and the guys asked what I was doing. I didnt answer and the portal didnt work. I didnt say anything now but kept trying to make any sort of portal. I wasnt thinking about where it would take me, I was just trying to get one to pop up. Then Tom said hey let me try! I know he has made portals easily in his dreams so I thought it would word well. I tried and a black oval came up but quickly disappeared. I tried the hand movement he used and got a bit more luck but nothing major. Street lights aroudn us kept going out and cracks were forming along buildings and roads. I knew I didnt have much time left. I kept trying, now there was just one small part of wall that was visible, everything was black. The light on the wall grew darker and darker. A black cirlce formed in the middle of the dark wall and I grabbed and the wall and pulled myself through at the last second. I was spinning around in a black void, it felt pretty cool. I was hoping I was in space and I would spin around and see the moon and second but instead I saw my room. I saw books and paper and pens flying around the room and settling on the bed and I landed next to them. I got out of bed and then woke up, another FA!!!
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