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    Mysterious Man, Beautiful Woman

    by , 07-07-2010 at 11:40 PM (538 Views)

    I wake in the same position I fell asleep: opposite the way I normally sleep, this time with my feet facing the door. I perform a reality check while laying down, confirming I am dreaming. I attempt to sit up but have trouble. I notice a faint bluish glow come from a drawer near my feet. From it, a man appears.

    He helps me stand while lucid for the first time in a while by teleporting me off the couch in my current position, as if the couch is what has been holding me back. I look at him, pondering his significant to the dream, and ask if he is willing in able to assist me in my lucid dreaming efforts. He nods very slightly and turns and walks through the door of my room which promptly shuts behind him as I begin to follow his footsteps.

    The dream fades to black and I awake in a semi-lucid state on a beach where the sun is setting. I am carrying two surfboards and walking next to a beautiful woman who I understand to be a long-time girlfriend. We are sitting, but decide to stand up and walk down the beach where we find a more suitable spot. I lean in to give my lover a kiss but become paralyzed, waking almost immediately.


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