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    Dreams from the northern

    6 Golems and 2 lucids

    by , 02-12-2012 at 12:32 PM (386 Views)
    12th of February
    26, 27th LD

    I was going to an airport, but got lucid on the way there and travelled to a farm. Farm was TF 2 like and was in the middle of a desert of somekind. Well I walked around the farm and I was given a task to destroy 6 golems. First one was guarded by little spearmen and the golem was made of hay, with a bullseye painted on his stomach. I threw rocks at the golem and his assistants. I travelled to the other golem. This golem was made of stone and had one guard besides him. When I attacked the golem, I was attacked by pack of docks. I kicked two of them, but threw the last one at the guard. A windows error message appeared , I clicked it away. The message just floated in front of me. Started losing the dream and that was it. I destroyed one of the 6 golems, but it was one of the best LDs i've had. Partly because my recall was so good.

    Another lucid, but this one was pretty boring. Walked around my hometown, but didn't really do anything special.

    Well it was still a very succesful weekend, got 3 lucids which is more than I've ever had in a two days time.
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