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    Dreams from the northern

    The great flood of dream bay

    by , 03-01-2012 at 06:39 PM (516 Views)
    29th of February
    28th LD

    I was watching a movie, which was like The Exorcist. But saw something weird about this, and there I go I'm lucid. Did noseplug RC and it worked. So I hanged around my house for a while, doing nothing special. Suddenly the dream scene changed to a forest near a bay. If you have played Spore, it was a Spore like forest. So I walked towards a desert, which was near a city. On the end of the forest, I suddenly got an idea: A flood. So I faced towards the sea, imagining there would be a huge wave. A wave came, but I wasn't impressed, it wasn't big enough!!! This time it might have gotten a little out of control. A wave started forming, but it didn't move forward. The huge wave just kept getting bigger!!! It started forming a dome over the area. But half over the area, I panicked and the huge halfdome of water came crashing down from the sky. I covered my head, then a big splash of refreshing water hit me. After I opened my eyes the whole place was underwater. Started climbing a tree and doing some puzzle, suddenly woke up.

    One of the best lucids I've had.

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    Tags: flood, lucid
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    1. Debigas's Avatar
      I had a lucid dream when i was young (na´ve and didn't knew what a LD was). That i was inside my grandmother's building, watching television. Suddenly, i walk to the balcony and the sea was in a berserk mode (Florianˇpolis, my town, is an island), yet it wasn't invading the town. I looked at it all my might and i felt my feet soaking! the whole building was flooded. The town was dry, that was my RC. The sea just teleported inside my building, ignoring the streets, cars, et cetera.

      It was scary yet remarkable
    2. Finlander's Avatar
      Haha, that's weird.