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    Dream Logs DWN-12


    This is where I, FireFlyMan, will report my dreams for others' (dis)pleasure. As this is only a supplementary journal for me, there may be some apparently misplaced and missing log entries. Similarly, I won't bore anyone with certain sets of meta-data (ie induction techniques used, dream signs, etc.), though I'll gladly reveal as much if asked. Furthermore, any name of personally known real life figures will be replaced with ever-changing aliases.


    1. Log 1323 - Simpsons Baseball Explosive Temper DILD... Fragments

      by , Yesterday at 02:50 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Wednesday 12 December 2018

      Mostly fragments and a brief DILD today.

      Scrap Group 1
      Watching an episode of the Simspons. The title family were watching a baseball game from the nosebleed aisle.Homer fails to catch a foul ball, and loses his phone for his trouble. Also, Maggie was about to fall off the side. Seems there were no safety railings.

      With a group of college age kids. Not sure what they spoke of, only that it was of things that would greatly alter my perception of the world if true. I asked they explain it to me. But, they only skimmed a bit on it, and rebuffed me for not understanding such. Bastards. Using powers I just realized I had, I got revenge on them with a fiery explosion. Got aware. I opted to just blow the whole place up. The dream immediately collapsed.

      At a mall's paring lot with mom and my brothers, Trevor and Dug. Me and Trev watch a particularly gross episode of Teen Titans Go. Highlights include Starfire getting her brain painfully squeezed out of her skull. We then talk of Guilty Gear. Later, mom tells Dug to get something from a store. Before he had time to return, mom drove off. She failed to hear our warnings, until she was alread miles through a highway.

      Some media of a super powered guy/girl duo.

      In a hospital, supposedly to visit a friend working there. She's doing tasks on a dated CRT-screen computer. I noticed some files were actually my own. I try deleting them later on, but couldn't find them. A passing janitor then gives advice on how to navigate without a mouse in Windows.

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    2. Log 1322 - Wacky Wavy Arms Awareness

      by , 12-12-2018 at 03:47 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Tuesday 11 December 2018

      Many fragments and two DILDs today.

      Spoiler for Well that was more than it looked at first glance:
      Scrap Group 1
      Vaguely recalled something about the Flintstones. Think these included kid-unfriendly joke.

      In a pebble-filled garden at night. Unknown Columbian people were having a party. Got aware. I shrunk myself to about an inch in height. My perspective seemed a bit too wide, so I flattened my head. But now, I could only see up to a distance of about few (regular-sized) meters. A woman walked by. I tried getting her attention, but she didn't see me. Cut. Non-lucid. My family were having a party at home. I remembered what occurred previously, and "daydreamed" about it. An aunt interrupted me. She asked my help to get something for her.

      Wandering around urban area. An uncle was there. He was giving advice, including things that I did not want to admit to.

      Playing D&D - Tower of Doom as the Cleric. There were several new stages. Later, I discovered a grab attack. I showed my bro, who didn't believe me at first. It took a few minutes before I pulled it off again. We both agreed this changes game dramatically.

      Watching a trailer for a traditionally animated. Mother Earth, a fat, amazingly tall woman with red hair and wearing a tunic, has been revived. She was supposedly thin in the prequel. Somehow, she accidentally swallowed a talking duck bath toy. In fact, there were plenty of eating jokes at her expense. Cut to a manor house in Egypt. Queen Victoria, guarded by an anachronistic late-Medieval knight, was meeting with councilors. They spoke of Gaia's revival, and, more pertinently, how she was a threat to the British Empire.

      In a party within an apartment building. Close and extended family members were there. Something extremely humiliating occurs. I react... extremely. Rather forget about this one.

      In a public restroom. My nephew was there with some of his friends. Noticed my nephew was a bit tubby. Reckoned its cause he hasn't been eating at his home as of lately. I told him he was going on a diet.

      In a large bathroom. I spotted Peridot from Steven Universe in the tub. She rambles on about humanity's folly. I shrugged, and told her "Who cares?"

      False Awakening in an unknown bedroom. A ghost woman was haunting me, her skin glowing a sickly white, eyes sunken and without irides, and long, dark hair disheveled. She repeatedly pried my covers from my face, stared at me, then covered me again. My visuals were at times projected from me in several angles over her. Anyway, I was initially frightened,then got curiosity once I noticed she was harmless.

      My sister snoops at some notes I'd unwittingly left on my phone, all LD related. She laughs at my embarrassment. I get outraged.

      Dream 1 - Wacky Wavy Arms Awareness

      Scene 1 - Jeff Bridges in The Adventures Sonic the Hedgehog
      The visuals were a bit blurred. Spectator mode. This started as an Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode. The title character and his pal Tails had unwittingly instigated a tall, savage echidna girl. As Sonic tried talking his way out, he and Tails were captured by the girl's tribe of amazons. Many manner of beasts composed this tribe, even a T-Rex.

      Then, some live-action characters in heavy motor vehicles entered the scene, a Mad Max-esque gang. Notably, well known actors from the 90's, including Jeff Bridges, were in this group. Anyway, the gang's leader (Bridges) had previously agreed to marry the Amazon leader (much to his own distaste) if they'd captured Sonic. The Amazons, for their part, were beginning to regret this arrangement.

      I materialize on a the top bunk of a bunkbed in a darkened bedroom. The above scene was being displayed on a small CRT screen several meters away. I began rambling out my thoughts nonstop. This greatly annoyed a little girl seated on the floor below me, who just wanted to watch the show in peace. Annoyed myself, I slammed my hand down at her and (through powers I just realized I had) struck her with a bolt of lightning. She went unconscious. I assumed we regularly fought each other in such a manner.

      Afterwards, I flew around for a bit. To keep afloat, I had to both remain seated, and flail my hands around in a wave-like motion.

      Things darkened. Brief trip to the void. Transition.

      Scene 2 - Wacky Wavy Arms Flight
      Similar visuals to above. I was floating in a park by a maple wetlands, cloudy twilight sky above. Cool, gentle winds dispersed fog from nearby ponds. Despite the algae, the surrounding waters looked surprisingly clean.

      I was flying around in the manner noted above. Soon, I became aware, if only because of how silly this looked. Things destabilized briefly, though I brought everything back by force of will.Sweeping through the area, I spotted a yellow-furred dog yelping under a tree. Zap! I struck it with lightning. This time, the target was completely vaporized. I repeated the same on empty field. A scorch mark was left at the point of impact. After that, I flew over a pond. I shot an icicle towards there, and watched as a portion of water froze.

      Just recalled I need to breath an element to score points. I shouted 'Yol Toor Shul!', but nothing seemed to happen. Noticed a girl walking by, staring at me as if I were crazy. So, I shouted 'Fuus Ro Da!'. It worked. A sudden blast of wind tossed the girl out a hundred yards.

      The dream collapsed immediately after.

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    3. Log 1319 - Flaming Eye and Ghost Schmuck

      by , 12-09-2018 at 02:31 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Saturday 08 December 2018

      Got non-lucid things today.

      Scrap Group 1
      Playing on the keyboard. I play a difficult song, and actually do quite well at it.

      Dream 1 - Flaming Eye and Ghost Schmuck

      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was infiltrating an hidden underground bunker. A dark-skinned woman in a catsuit was partnered up with me, if not my acting superior. Monsters lurked around the place. We took special precaution to avoid them.

      Later, we were trapped in a turbine hall. Cue a boss battle with a giant, 15ft. diameter burning eye. Whenever it attacked, it took the form of a dinosaur's head, which then belched flames. Afterwards, it would retreat to another part of the arena. The boss also had a cloaked ghost as backup, of which would transform into various weapons. The ghost could be stunned temporarily, but was otherwise invulnerable. And, like many video game bosses, the giant eye was vulnerable only when it was on the offensive. My partner and I took quite some time to figure this all out. Unfortunately, the woman was killed shortly after. Still, she somehow talked from beyond the grave, demanding that I use some rare, limited use resurrection trinket. Using video game logic, I chose to just "reset" this fight instead.

      Things changed around a bit. Now, a phone's ringing served as a tell to the eyeball's attack. Furthermore, the ghost now took the
      shape of a pale, fast-talking schmuck with black hair, and dressed in a like-colored suit. This guy was a real smartass, tossing out jeers and phone-themed wisecracks in rapid succession, not helped that he somehow had personal info on my partner and I. He started with a "hotline" joke, then went on to (pretend to?) call specific relatives or neighbors or such. Really made it easy for me to go after him, despite the eye being the highest priority target. Still, my partner, being far more agile than I, seemed to have a decent handle taking the main boss out alone.

      That cat woke me up eventually.

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    4. Log 1318 - Iridescence and the Nature of Beauty

      by , 12-08-2018 at 12:23 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 07 December 2018

      Got an LD by blind sheer luck. Better not get complacent with that...

      Scrap Group 1
      In the kitchen of an unknown home. I was preparing a hamburger, when that cat jumped on some toasted buns I'd left out. Guessed it liked the bread's warmth. I shoo'd it away, then placed another toasted bun (which appeared out of nowhere) on the counter. Once again, that cat seated itself on the bun. This repeated at least two more times.

      Playing Team Fortress 2.

      Dream 1 - Iridescence and the Nature of Beauty

      Scene 1 - Golden Glow, Prismatic Light
      Various forgotten scenes before this point. The visuals were mostly clear. I was wandering around in an unknown city during a clear blue day. Later on, I visit a nice, clean park. I started feeling unusually itchy. Soon, I noticed large insects flying around. In particular was a large, molten roach, which hovered around despite its lack of wings. A dragonfly chased it around. Unfortunately, this drove the nasty cockroach towards me, even causing it to bump into me constantly. I power walked the heck outta there. While exiting, I overheard kids talk about a race of insect-headed people that lived nearby, including a "tick woman". All the more reason to leave, I suppose.

      Then, a misremembered encounter with someone on the streets. Something about guessing what they'd draw next in a stack of playing cards. I opted for the ace of spades, and, by chance, got it right.

      About a minute later, I got spontaneously aware. Rubbed my hands, softly this time, so as to not startle myself awake. On a whim, I had my skin glow in a piercing golden light. Music unintentionally sounded to my transformation, Super Sonic's theme from Sonic 2, to be exact.

      I rocketed out the city, if keeping low to the ground. Soon, I was floating down a forested highway, its roads winding and slightly inclined. Things began destabilizing. To fix this, I fired some of my glow to the surroundings, but instead of being gold, it shot out as a prismatic light. The environment shone with chaotic iridescence. Then, after half a minute of further travel, everything was restored to normal.

      Some time afterwards, I spotted another city in the horizon. Many of the the most visible structures, each primarily constructed with tall, grey blocks, resembled Gothic-inspired apartment buildings, only scaled to impossible heights. I made my way to the city, things began blacking out. Once more, I fired lights to the environment, if only to see that above-mentioned colorful spectacle, before things were normalized again. Anyway, there didn't seem to be much else to look at. The streets were bare of traffic, and only a few pedestrians were around. A chill was in the air, though it was hard to tell how cold, exactly.

      I then "recalled" a false task of guessing a card from a stack (no doubt influenced by an encounter above). From my peripheral, I conjured playing cards in my hand. This time, I guessed the Jack of Clubs. Right again.

      Next, I moved on to the Team Bauble tasks. I tried conjuring a bauble between my fingers, but couldn't manage it. Around then, I stumbled into a Carnival parade. Yep, including exotic dancers. No idea how they could perform (let alone dress as they did) in such weather , but oh well. One woman in particular wore a mesmerizing pattern of beads as her top. Inspired by such, I formed a circle with my fingers towards her. In a instant, a bulb bearing such patterns formed in my hand.

      Then, I tried making it rain bauble. I raised the decoration in my hand overhead, and made it vanish. But, nothing else seemed to happen.

      Various forgotten non-lucid scenes. Something about an Italian neighborhood, and taking interest in posters hung on the walls of a brick building. Got briefly awakened, then unwittingly returned to the dream.

      Scene 2 - Dio and the Nature of Beauty
      The visuals were blurred. I was in the courtyard of a Middle-Eastern palace during sunset, all of this occurring in an anime. Indeed, a group of like-drawn figures were around. One of these was Dio Brando from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. There was another guy there. I can't recall specifics, though he seemed highly uncomfortable to be there. Also there was a upper-class woman with straight, blonde hair, and a distinctly Roman nose. She wore a pink, decorated Victorian-era pink dress, and bore an arrogant smile to match. A woman with purple hair attended her.

      Dio went on a monologue about the meaning of beauty, and, more specifically, on how the noblewoman represented the epitome of beauty. Between that, he made subtle and coercive insults to the other man. The unnamed "guest" mentioned a 'Yulia', claiming she was far more elegant, though Dio denied as much. Then, Dio directs the pretty woman to fetch something from a nearby barrel. In a dramatic change of events, the woman giggled uncontrollably. She then pranced about hysterically, while repeating the commands given to her in a distinctly slurred tone.

      Shocked, I questioned whether Dio had lobotomized the poor woman. He lambasted me for thinking such, humored at first, but then becoming forlorn. Brando explained that the woman suffers from an incurable brain illness. Called it "Hunter's-something" disease. Normally, horrible facial deformities would be a symptom of the illness. But, Dio reversed that with a spell, an enchantment which he described as "bringing out the woman's inner beauty outwardly". Turning to the other man, he asked of something he'd heard Yulia's mother blurting out once, of another person with that above disease. Dio, it seemed, was concerned of this Yulia. The guest, startled by such sympathy, assured Brando that Yulia was, as he put it, "the spirit of good health."

      Things destabilized. I woke up with those last quoted words racing in my mind.

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    5. Log 1317 - Jaunt to the Shimmering Void Mall

      by , 12-07-2018 at 04:35 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Thursday 06 December 2018
      Had quite a rough night, but I toughed out the odds...

      Scrap Group 1
      Watching a D&D discussion podcast.

      One or two fragments of my wandering around a shopping center.

      Dream 1 - Jaunt to the Shimmering Void Mall

      Scene 1 - Whirlwind Breath
      The visuals were blurred. WILD transition in bed. Of course, I was incapable of moving. Noticing how strongly I as breathing, I thought to use such respiration to blast me out of the room. Instead, I'd somehow conjured a whirlwind. I was sent spiraling in midair. About 10 seconds later, I was violently thrust through the floor and into the void. Transition.

      Scene 2 - E and the Shimmering Void Mall
      The visuals were a bit dim and blurred. I was falling in a dark void, pitch black initially, then glimmering with bursts of light in the distance. As soon as I hit "ground", I called out to my guide. It took a bit of patience and a lot of repeating, but eventually, I saw her form several yards ahead of me. She was dressed in worn, faded casual clothing. Furthermore, she appeared a bit different than usual, appearing thinner (if still untoned) having lighter hair tied in an unkempt bun, and being a few years younger than me. Her facial features also wasn't hers, though I corrected that in time.

      My guide seemed a bit woozy, almost tilting over, as she asked why I'd called her. I scooped her in my arms to keep her from falling. I then requested for her to lead me to the Backyard. While she yawned, she agreed to as much, but not before she finished her work at an arcade she was supposedly employed in. Thought she was just blowing steam to distract me. Still, I was curious enough to see where this was going.

      The environment briefly warped. Now, we were in an empty courtyard within a mall, twilight from outside the only light source available. E pivoted herself to let herself stand and walk on her own two feet. She spoke of having two jobs in this structure, a Dave and Busters, and a different arcade. I asked for a pause to do other things between our explanation. As per the contest, I briefly tried conjuring a Christmas bulb, but couldn't. I opted not to force anything. Anyway, my guide mentioned details of her tasks within both jobs, though I can't recall specifics.

      This went on for over two minutes, until the dream destabilized. Quick DEILD.

      Scene 3 - Tornado Breath
      The visuals were blurred. Transition in bed. Once again, I couldn't move. I tried the wind trick above, only this time, I wanted to bring a full-blown tornado. This was accomplished with surprising ease. I was instantly sent spinning inside the disaster's funnel. Although this all visually appeared as simplistic 16-bit graphics, both the sensation and deafening winds were more than believable.

      Destabilization a minute later. Various unknown non-lucid transitions until getting to below.

      Scene 4 - Honey Rice and Dumplings
      The visuals were dim and blurred. Non-lucid. I was seated in a void. Whereas the surroundings were pitch black, I could plainly see two full plates of Chinese dumplings laid out in front of me. With a pair of chopsticks in hand, I wasted no time helping myself. Some of the dumplings were a little soggy, but overall, they tasted fantastic. I went on to the point that I could barely breathe.

      I then called to the unseen patrons, asking if they still had any "Honey Rice" left. Although I couldn't see them, I did hear them say there was some of that food, and indeed, they slid me a plateful of such.

      I got curious at that moment. So, I imagined rubbing my hands, and lo and behold, I did just that. Got aware again. Still, I just continued indulging myself, shoveling down as much delicious rice and dumplings as I could. I continued for two minutes until the dream collapsed.

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    6. Log 1304 - Earth-Splitting, Death-Breaking Wave

      by , 11-24-2018 at 12:20 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 23 November 2018

      Got various things today, including a DILD.

      Scrap Group 1
      Playing Dungeon Crawl - Stone Soup as a Deep Elf Conjurer of Vehumet, as usual. Noticed that the message log also included content from Dream Views' Discord chat. I got far enough to get 5th level spells as a gift. In this case, Bolt of Magma. Meh.

      Several dreams set in a familiar apartment suite. I was watching TV on a CRT screen.

      Vaguely recalled several brief lucid states, during which I floated around indoors each time.

      In a Victorian era city during daytime, the streets ominously empty. Later, I spotted a pale, brown haired adolescent girl running in panic. Someone was chasing after her, a long faced middle-aged man dressed in black. The girl gets cornered quickly. Outraged and terrified, she could do little but yell at him. As I listened, I realized that not only was this man her father, but that he was also responsible for a calamity that'd all but left humanity to the brink of extinction. I opted to step in at that moment.

      Playing one of the D&D arcade games with my brothers. I was using the Elf. We were fighting the Manticore in a darkened area. At first, I thought we were playing Tower of Doom. But, when I got KO'd, I was allowed to switch to the Magic-User, a character only found in Shadow over Mystara.

      Dream 1 - Earth-Splitting, Death-Breaking Wave

      The visuals were slightly blurred from glare. I was once again in the desolate streets of that above mentioned Victorian-era city, bright grey sky above. As before, the pale girl is running away from a pursuer. But this time, not only was the girl heading straight towards me, but she was also being chased by a different figure, someone inhumanly tall and concealed in a black robe.

      I again interposed myself between the two, ready to defend the youth. However, the pale girl, trembling in fear, pleaded that I should not engage the figure. In fact, she claimed that the cloaked figure before me was actually Death itself. Unphased, I aimed a punch straight to the face, only for my fist to phase right through the being's hood. Seems the girl wasn't mistakened. But, rather than fear, I was struck with lucidity.

      Death immediately retaliated with a drawn knife, attacking relentlessly. Doing so seemed to leave it with a tactile form, allowing me to redirect its arms, and thus, the blade, away from me. One bad lunge from its part left it exposed to grappling, whereupon I quickly tossed it skyward. I built energy from within, intending to fire at Death with such. But, it seemed the hooded ghost had instantly recovered, and was already diving down at me blade-first. As such, I chose to jump straight towards it instead.

      While ascending, I recalled the Earth-splitting task. With that in mind, I attacked the creature with a mighty chop. As before, this simply phased straight through its head. Death mocked me, boasting that my attacks were useless. I simply pointed behind it as I floated in place. In the distance, an endlessly long streak of energy arced towards the Earth, then cut straight through. Soon afterwards, the planet began splitting apart. Curiously enough, another planet Earth had been nested inside, appearing as if it were being viewed from above the planet's atmosphere. This, too cracked open to reveal yet another Earth, and repeated again, then once more, until finally, only the vastness of space could be seen between and past these bodies. Seconds later, Death convulsed in place, a thin line of glowing light slowly splitting it apart as well, before the spirit quietly faded into nothing.

      Various forgotten non-lucid transitions. Don't recall how this ended.

      Scrap Group 2
      Unknown dreams in a white void.

      Spoiler for Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin potential spoilers ahead:

      Attack on Titan related dream. Berthold and Armin were referencing a similar extinction event as above, only now, it pertained specifically to Marley killing off Eldians. Armin assumed it was for natural resources (especially fossil fuels). However, Berthold reveals that Eldians were themselves being converted into such resources, first by burying them alive, then exhuming them years later.

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    7. Log 1293 - Sky-dal Wave

      by , 11-13-2018 at 02:10 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Monday 12 November 2018

      Got a DILD and some near-WILD REM Atonia states to note.

      Scrap Group 1
      Repeated states of REM Atonia, so noted by the sensation and sound of violent winds bearing down on me. I tried imagining the cause. This increased windpower dramatically, but otherwise did nothing else. I tried rubbing my hands, but could feel nothing of the sort. I barely nudged myself off my bed, only for an unrelated interruption to awake me.

      Dream 1 - Sky-dal Wave

      The visuals were a bit blurred, but clarified over time. I was riding in a van or SUV during a bright day. Several family members were there, though I couldn't distinguish either of them. Noticed we were by a local plaza, where we then turned towards one of the nearby condo complexes. Suddenly, I was shunted to the front seat, facing back. While figuring out what was going on, I began imagining random things. Seeing images of such floating ahead of me finally convinced me of the dream.

      I climbed out the sunroof, then launched myself skyward. As I was some nearing clouds, I remembered to conjure a tidal wave as part of the TOTMs. A single stroke was all it took to do as much, the wave rising all the way to the heavens before it dropped out of view. I continued onwards, but noticed there wasn't any noise. Voicing sound effects fixed that in time. Just for the sake of thoroughness, I decided to repeat the task. So, after swooping down towards an ocean, I called for another wave. The tides violently took such a form, if smaller than I intended. I leaped over it, only to find a truly colossal wave was charging towards me, its roars deafening. I barely corkscrewed over its crescent to safety.

      Next in mind was the world-splitting task. I blasted off out of Earth's atmosphere in an instant. Unfortunately, before I had time to notice, the dream destabilized, then collapsed.

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    8. Log 1291 - Moody Underground Run

      by , 11-11-2018 at 01:08 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Saturday 10 November 2018

      Got a FA/WILD/DEILD loop to note, along with some scraps.

      Scrap Group 1
      Various false awakenings, most in unfamiliar settings. One had a little girl huddling to me, like a scared daughter running to her parents' bedroom. I had no idea what to do. Another included a room with a small window behind me, the light of early dawn peeking in.

      Several brief DEILD transitions and lucid FA, each of which collapsed when I tried to move, and transitioned with one or two minutes of waking between them.

      Blind DEILD transition in bed. I rub my hands. In fact, I rubbed them so vigorously, that my palms burst into flames. The conflagration spread quickly, bright orange light flickering through my eyelids. Hurt like hell, but I somehow remained calm. Even so, I woke up a minute later.

      DEILD transition in bed. After some concentration, I summon my guide, E beside me. Fun ensued... ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡) The dream eventually collapsed. DEILD transition two minutes after.

      Dream 1 - Moody Underground Run

      Blind LD transition in bed. I reach beside me, and, as expected, felt that my guide was already there, if completely nude. I seized her, then pulled us both through the mattress and into the Void. With the visuals now faint, I noted the startled expression on her face. I tried imagining a more scenic view, a forest under an aurora, but that didn't seem to happen.

      After seating E on my shoulders, I opted to simply run off to find such a destination. In time, an underground environment formed around me, a structure made of ruined concrete. My guide suddenly began panting heavily. Reckoned she was tired, despite me doing all the running for her. But as I looked up from the floor, I noticed rows figures around me, all females in bed robes, each suspended lifelessly in the air. Whether they were floating, or hanging from a noose, I did not know, nor did I want to find out. Despite the macabre view, I never stopped running, dodging below and between the stiff figures.

      In time, the structure narrowed into winding tunnels of dirt and loose stone, twisting to curved slopes. More women were huddled silently by the walls ahead of me, each alive, but gaunt and made helpless from despair. Perhaps to suit the mood, the World 4 theme from Eversion began sounding in the background. In any case, I continued more or less undaunted.

      Steadily, the environment began becoming clearer and brighter. So too, in a sense, did the structure. Dirt and rocks were slowly replaced with grated steel and smooth concrete, until eventually, the surroundings resembled an urban transit area (well, minus the actual trains and tracks, but I digress). What's more, the women around me appeared much healthier and were much more lively overall. Curiously, they each were also only dressed in less concealing bedclothes. Concurrently, the music subsided. Much of this view somewhat reminded me of one of my earliest recorded dreams. I glanced up expectingly at my guide, who only simpered back at me.

      It was only then that I noticed my strength slipping away. Each step now strained me greatly, and E's weight was finally bearing down on me. I could barely haul us both towards an emergency exit. But, the second I tried opening it, I immediately collapsed. So too did the dream.

      Scrap Group 2

      Something about being on a black haired giantess' head. I rope down a strand of her hair to get at eye level.

      Something about stopping a giantess from rampaging in a city.

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    9. Log 1286 - Mario Game, Shower Semi-LD, and Brief Gunfight LD Scraps

      by , 11-06-2018 at 04:01 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Monday 05 November 2018

      Just fragments and a brief LD.

      Scrap Group 1
      Playing a Mario game.

      Showering in an unknown small bathroom. I got semi-aware, and started 'daydreaming' about getting into a boss fight for some reason. Cut. False awakening in a bedroom, where I pretty much do as above.

      DEILD transition, first into a dreamlet, then a dream. I start visualizing a boss fight as above. This first took form as a typical 16-bit RPG battle screen. Warp to my actually battling in the void. I was in a gunfight with a light-skinned woman in a 20's mobster get-up. Despite our automatic firearms and the lack of cover, neither of our shots struck true. "Danger in the Dance Floor" from Sonic Mania was sounding in the background. The dream collapsed rather quickly.

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    10. Log 1284 - Seated WILD

      by , 11-04-2018 at 01:52 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Saturday 03 November 2018

      Got that WILD to note, along with a fragment or two.

      Dream 1 - Seated WILD

      The visuals were dim, and fluctuated between blurriness and some clarity. WILD transition during seated meditation (that's a first for me). My body felt especially (perhaps disturbingly) numb and light, but also quite weak. I mostly just preoccupied myself with looking around at my surroundings. After a few minutes of moving around, I'd get reanchored back to the seat. There was one point where I'd warped outside into an eerie courtyard, but only briefly. At other moments, I floated around the house, but couldn't keep up in the air for long. I made several attempts at calling my guide, without success. Ditto at summoning a tortoise, my laptop (which I'd completely forgotten was only a few feet away!), and even at projecting myself outward to another's dream. In one of the final instances, I crawled back to bed, just to see what would occur if I 'slept'. Of course, I just got reanchored in the seat a minute later. Eventually, I stirred, and awakened.

      Scrap Group 1
      At a hotel with family. Cut to a Law-and-Order-inspired animated movie. This even had voice clips from Jerry Orbach, lines that were supposedly recorded years before in a related project just before he'd died.

      Cooking at home. Unlike in real life, the front left burner actually worked. I only casually questioned as much.

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    11. Log 1283 - Monster Form Quick Race

      by , 11-03-2018 at 12:39 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 02 November 2018

      Got a DILD to note, along with a few fragments.

      Scrap Group 1
      At a hotel with family.

      Dream 1 - Monster Form Quick Race

      Scene 1 - Imagined Flight Warp
      Unknown transitions until this point. The visuals were clear. I was standing on a balcony overlooking an old suburbs, clear blue sky above. Somehow, I became aware. I imagined myself blasting off into the aether. I almost felt myself getting that much done, only for things to warp.

      Scene 2 - Brutish Race
      Similar visuals. I was now floating out of my house towards the driveway. My brothers were there, both entering an unknown (mauve-colored?) SUV. On a whim, I transformed myself into a hulking monstrosity, complete with oversized claws and bone-plated skin. I showed off this form to one of my bros, but he didn't care. Next, I opted to race them to the front of the complex. The two instantly cruised ahead, easily taking the lead, even despite my cumbersome form. Lucky for me, traffic kept them from actually reaching the exit. As such, I managed to get the win. Both my brothers, perhaps out of spite, claimed I wasn't the victor, but was in fact surpassed by someone named "Lindsey". But I knew better, and called them out for trying to pull a fast one on me.

      Things collapsed shortly afterwards.

      Scrap Group 2
      Something of being in an ancient library. Various writers were transcribing scrolls.

      In an antiquated airship, its interior made of wood. Storm clouds obscured the view outside. There was a foreboding tension in the air.
      lucid , dream fragment
    12. Log 1281 - Seinfeld, School Drop Off DILD, and Near Accident Fragments

      by , 10-31-2018 at 11:56 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Wednesday 31 October 2018

      Got fragments today, which includes a short DILD.

      Scrap Group 1
      Another Seinfeld dream?

      Riding around an elementary school bus, of all things. Someone's giving a lecture on patience and leadership. I step out, and accompany an unknown young black girl to her class. She complained about the lesson, but I assured her it would be useful in time. The moment I entered her class, I suddenly became aware. I claimed I was late for a meeting. The girl insisted that she'd give me a ride there, but I declined; after all, how could she even manage such? I was making my way out of an office, when these young punks insulted me. I ignored them, and blurted something about their comedy needing work. The dream collapsed shortly after.

      At home. Out in the driveway, mom almost unwittingly ran over my niece. I scold ma for her carelessness. But, she didn't seem all that concerned, much to my outrage.

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      lucid , false awakening
    13. Log 1280 - Too Anxious for the Entreaty

      by , 10-31-2018 at 01:35 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Tuesday 30 October 2018

      Got a DILD/DIELD to note, along with some fragments and non-dream states.

      Scrap Group 1
      In a school's cafeteria.

      Watching Seinfeld. Kramer is having invasive surgery done to him due to a common illness gone wrong. Still, he was exceedingly paranoid about the whole situation.I was given his role. Got sudden awareness. I vibrated in place, trying my best to teleport. But, to my horror, this didn't seem to work. The dream collapsed in seconds. DEILD a minute later.

      Dream 1 - Too Anxious for the Entreaty

      The visuals were a bit blurred. DEILD transition in bed. I immediately launch myself out of the house and to the twilight clouds above. During my flight, I pass an entire tropical forest, then crossed a whole ocean. Took a moment to spin and rub my hands. A few minutes in, I took a better view of the stars. But as I looked closer, I found these were actually small, stationary, glowing orbs floating in midair, some distant, and others very close by. Stopping over a suburban island, I called out to the cosmos, entreating it to take me to the Backyard. Anticipation got the better of me. The dream collapsed soon after.

      Scrap Group 1
      Several near-ream transitions from REM Atonia. In one, I create an explosion, unwittingly collapsing the state entirely. Various others had me spinning in place momentarily before things got disrupted.

      Something about Doom, or some other dark sci-fi setting?

      In the living room at home. My brother was there,as were my niece and my cousin's baby. I tried to RC, but the others kept interrupting me in some way or another. A kid's song was sounding in the background.
      lucid , dream fragment
    14. Log 1278 - Flickering Sea Lights Awareness

      by , 10-28-2018 at 05:41 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Sunday 28 October 2018

      Got a DILD and some fragments. There's a lot more to the latter that I've forgotten.

      Scrap Group 1
      Wandering around an urban area at daytime. Several family members were around, including my sister and mom. We later stop by an old colonial era (seaside?) wall, complete with rows of cannons. Sis and I float up to the top for a better look. Suddenly, some invisible emergency occurs, causing massive casualties. To both our horrors, mom was one of the victims. My sister and I broke down and cried.

      Similar sightseeing as above, but at night time, and with 100% less tragedies.

      Dream 1 - Flickering Sea Lights Awareness

      The visuals were quite dim. I was in a beach during a stormy night. Several close and extended family members were around. It seemed we'd all intentionally gone out of our way to go during such a hazard for the sake of it. I ran through the waves, then began flying over them when they became especially rough, cutting right over the tides.

      Soon, I noticed faint lights flickering in the sea. This caused spontaneous awareness. As I looked closer, I discerned one of those lights were actually a street light jutting out of the water.

      Things started destabilizing. Staring closely at the lights helped, but only for about half a minute. Ditto for rubbing my hands. Without warning, I was dragged into deep water. I spun around, barely keeping both my face over the surface, and hold of the dream.

      Lucidity lost. It'd since become dawn. I trudged out of the deeper water towards the others. All of them were huddled on a round marble platform, which itself was partially submerged. I squeezed myself inside, but it became apparent we couldn't comfortably remain as such. And so, they decided to allot turns. With an almost troubling unanimity, someone else (my brother?) and I were relegated as one of the last to go on there.

      Not sure of anything else until the dream ended.

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      lucid , nightmare , dream fragment
    15. Log 1277 - Unfriendly Team and Blurred Mirror Void Scraps

      by , 10-27-2018 at 04:24 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Saturday 27 October 2018

      Only got some minor things today. There's a lot of other dreams I've forgotten, one of which I suspected was an LD...

      Scrap Group 1
      Playing TF2 as the Demoman. I repeatedly tried to blow up a sentry nest, with no luck. Even once I did clear it, I left myself exposed. This prompted unfriendly responses from my own team.

      Walking around town, I think? Warp. I was taking a shower in the large bathroom. I glance to the mirror, when I see my face suddenly blurring up. But, it was some unrelated thoughts of how I got there triggered lucidity. Donned only boxers, I float cross-legged towards the mirror. I then phased through it into a blurred void. Things collapsed shortly after.

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      lucid , false awakening
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