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    Dream Logs DWN-12


    This is where I, FireFlyMan, will report my dreams for others' (dis)pleasure. As this is only a supplementary journal for me, there may be some apparently misplaced and missing log entries. Similarly, I won't bore anyone with certain sets of meta-data (ie induction techniques used, dream signs, etc.), though I'll gladly reveal as much if asked. Furthermore, any name of personally known real life figures will be replaced with ever-changing aliases.


    1. Log 1024 - February 2018 TOTM Bonus Task and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 02-18-2018 at 12:29 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Saturday 17 February 2018

      Got quite a bit to note, including two DILDs.

      Scrap Group 1

      Repeated dreams. I think these were horror themed, and set in a forest.

      Reading other member's journals in DV. Noticed someone mentioning getting in a fight with my guide, E (or a character with a similar name), who'd apparently used moths to attack.

      Watching King of the Hill. There was a roadkill squirrel by the neighborhood lot. Hank goes off to get supplies to clean it off. When he returns, he found that it'd already been removed. Bill later reveals having cooked and eaten the carcass.

      Dream 1 - February 2018 TOTM Bonus Task

      Scene 1 - Beware of Duck
      The visuals were slightly blurred. I was going down a dirt road in a wetland forest, a silver blue sky above. A Dwarf Fortress styled interface occupied my viewpoint from below, along with a like-styled ASCII mini-map.

      That might've explained why I thought it a good idea to grind my fighting skills by wrestling with some wildlife. At a nearby puddle, I took hold of several Muscavy ducks, and pinned them to the ground. After a few minutes, one of my fingers started feeling unusually itchy. I looked at my right hand, only to find a bloody stump where my ring finger should be. Scrolling through the message log revealed that a duck was indeed responsible. Stunned, I cleaned the wound in the puddle, and reeled away. Once the bleeding stopped, I resumed fighting, if a bit more carefully. And yet, I ended up promptly losing another finger, my middle finger specifically. I hurried to a nearby river to clean the injury best I could. Thinking of having previously done as much with murky water made me gravely concerned of a potential infection. The map showed a mess of blood in the stream and the surrounding dirt, though it wasn't anywhere near as bad in my natural viewpoint.

      Anyway, I thought it best to rest under a tree for a while. Some time later, I noticed various strange messages, each stating something like "your stomach is digesting itself." Was I starving? Did the bleeding cause this hunger? Hurredly, I wandered off further down the road via the fast travel menu, and stopped at a fork. There were several passerby's, but I ignored them. The ASCII mini-map revealed berries growing near a tree, which, much as in DF, were in infinite supply. I snatched an armful of the fruit, and chowed down. Also like in DF, I had to go in and out of fast travel to eat enough to satiate myself.

      Unknown transition.

      Scene 2 - I Can See the Writing on the Walls
      The visuals were dim and slightly blurred. I was in the hallways of an unknown structure, a place illuminated by weak lights. I soon arrived at a widened space crowded with people. Among the guests was my brother, Jose, who went off elsewhere. I later encountered Herbert, an old friend of mine. As I greeted him, I realized the dream, and told him as much.

      Things immediately deteriorated into a void. Unphased, I thought of TOTMs, and recalled the truth spell task. After forming a white energy ball between my hands, I whispered "truth". Nothing seemed to happen for a moment, before I was suddenly dragged around by a mysterious force. A stone wall then materialized beside me, scrawled completely with engraved words. Among the mess, I noticed my maternal grandma's name, along with several vague messages, though I couldn't make any sense of these. Further away, another wall formed. There were several posters there, including an ad for tuna fish, though none of that seemed pertinent. I glanced back at the construction beside me, where I found an opened red greetings card not too far off. This depicted a mediocre anime-esque drawing of two figures chatting. On a message box above them was text scribbled in crayon. As I was pulled near it, I snatched the card. It read as followed:

      "Your days are nigh; as you read this, another day goes by."

      Hmm... "Time is short", right? I got the message.

      Not too clear what else occurred until the dream ended.

      Dream 2 - Buzz Buzz Dreamer

      Unwitting, non-lucid void transition. Between random thoughts, a clear scene began to form. I was then floating around on my back down a road. Ahead and to the right of me was swamp land. A bit further ahead and to my left was a two-story shopping plaza. First facility in sight was a Peruvian cafe. On the upper level was a large donut shop, flashing in neon and evoking a gaudy 50's retro design. Intrigued, I floated towards there, when I got lucid. Furthermore, I started shrinking uncontrollably. Anyway, I slid through the balcony's railing, but was prevented from going further than that. I then noticed someone else passing by, a plain-looking light haired woman with shades, a blue smock, and black tights. For the heck of it, I formed insectile wings on my back, and, while flying upright, started buzzing around her. This quickly irritated the woman, who swatted at me in futility. She later took off her shades to glare at me, when she suddenly whipped her tongue out at me like a frog, almost catching me off-guard.

      Things destabilized and ended shortly afterwards.

      Scrap Group 2
      Vague memories of being in a school.

      Dream 3 - Trap Block

      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was running around on the floor of a giant bedroom, where I was given the form of the original NES Super Mario. Jose was there as well, as Luigi. There were a bunch of Super Mushrooms and Fire Flowers just lying around, which we picked up. I jumped on the bed frame, where I strike a hidden block. This somehow transforms my brother into Bowser. The "screen's" borders suddenly closed in on my sides, and I couldn't jump higher or down either. Likewise, Jose, in his new form, couldn't leap high enough to reach me. We were effectively stuck.

      I woke up soon afterwards.

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    2. Log 1015 - Secret Boss Guide

      by , 02-09-2018 at 04:47 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Thursday 08 February 2018

      I've got a few things to note. But, I kinda messed around too much, and have forgotten more than I should've.

      Scrap Group 1
      False memories of a dream kept repeating after an awakening. Supposedly, this involved powered armor being sold at the grey market, and my justification on buying such.

      Dream 1 - Secret Boss Guide

      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was playing a live-action version of a fantasy roguelike, one with a setting very similar to Shadow of the Wyrm. This started just after I completed the final quest, in which I've slayed all of the game's gods.

      After some unknown travels, I stop at a Victorian-era style castle, a place much too novel for the setting. The interior was built of gleaming white marble, yet, besides a dusty red carpet lining its hallways, the place was bare of furnishings. So too did it lack people. Eventually, within an office, I finally did find an occupant. This was the local ruler, her haggard appearance and traveler's garb belying her nobility. More importantly, she was the quest-giver to my latest task. We spoke of as much, the conversation in text box, though I'd accidentally skipped most of it. I did, however, catch two interesting tidbits: that there was one more ultimate quest to be done, and that this involved someone named after my guide, 'E'. Intrigued, I pressed her for more, though she only made repeated utterances. "Kill this final god for us", beckoned the lady, "she's been nothing but trouble."

      Almost instantly afterwards, I arrived at the entrance of a vast fortress built of dark stone. I go up a ladder to a parapet, then climbed through an unglazed window. Inside, I sneaked through an indoor balcony, its slit interior wall concealing much of whatever was below. As I passed by, a text box spams messages of enemy in-fighting, one (or a group) of which was known as a Spectral Tyrant Queen. These foes, I thought, stood no chance against me. No need to bog myself with mindless combat.

      Some more wandering around took me through an empty assembly hall and unguarded corridors. Eventually, at the corner of a long hallway, I reached the door to the boss room. I open it, and find... a contemporary office, painted in melon colors, clear of everything but the desk, chair, and cabinet. Well that's an anticlimax. I figured this experience wasn't real, only to conclude I was getting distracted with an unusually vivid daydream.

      I briefly woke up, and unwittingly reentered. What's more, I'd unconsciously willed the boss fight proper. Enter E, appearing as a giantess, emerging slowly right after she had punched a hole through the floor. She found my presence amusing, and dared me to attack. Before I could say a word, she lashes at me with a frog-like tongue, clearly with the intent to eat me. Failing that, she swiped and thrashed about. I somehow was able to roll away from each of her strikes. I soon noted my lacking weapons. Before I could go about finding one, the dream ended abruptly.

      Scrap Group 2
      Watching Dragon Ball Super in the living room. Frieza gets resurrected once more, returning in pieces as last time. At least then, he was intact enough to speak. It seemed some humans have unwittingly revived him. Cut to some of the good guys in a pool party at Bulma's place. Yamcha got a new girlfriend. What's more, against all reasoning, Krillin got reconnected with Maron (his girlfriend from years before). I noticed some of my aunts were there. They were completely befuddled about the cartoon.

      At home. Lotsa detailed stuff about my nephew soiling his pants. I'd rather forget about that...

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    3. Log 1013 - Juice and Corruption

      by , 02-07-2018 at 03:48 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Tuesday 06 February 2018

      This sickness is my new enemy. Whatever the case, I somehow managed a short DILD along with various other snippets.

      Scrap Group 1
      Wandering around town.

      Playing a roguelike. An NPC demanded that I kill the game world's gods.

      Dream 1 - Juice and Corruption

      Scene 1 - Failed Malfeasance Exposure
      The visuals were slightly blurred. I was walking around town during a grey, cloudy day. When returning home from the east, I noticed that one of the local plazas wasn't there. In its place was a mansion, the building itself barely visible past a wide, arborous perimeter. It's perhaps because of such concealment that a vehicle nearly ran me down as it swerved out of the structure's side gate.

      I turn the corner north and past the mansion's front entrance. Something there caught my eye, so I backtrack for a better view. Many other people quickly gathered, making it difficult to see. Among those around were a female reporter and a mailman, only notable because the former contracted the latter as a cameraman on the spot. Anyway, as I looked further, I discerned SWAT vehicles surrounding the building. False memory affirmed of recent allegations of shady activities on the part of the place's owners. I suspected they were a scapegoat to an unknown, far more unscrupulous party.

      As I continued north, I spotted the very owners themselves in plain sight. They were a stout, older Native American couple, the man wearing a fancy brown fringe leather jacket and pants ensemble, and the woman in a simple floral dress. Following them was an austere woman with very short red hair and a black suit. They spoke of previously trying to expose malfeasance on the part of others on the upper crust. But now, the group settled on cutting their losses and laying low.

      Things get unclear. Something about taking a bus to a mall. In a vending machine, I noticed a drink called "Buu Juice", which looked like a bottle of pink Gatorade with Kid Buu from Dragon Ball Z on the label. Then, I'd random thoughts and made Google searches on commercial cactus fruit juices. Warp.

      Scene 2 - Buu Juice
      The visuals were dim and slightly blurred. I was wandering inside a vast, poorly lit condominium. I unwittingly walked into a suite. Bags of groceries were inside the kitchen. On a table, I spotted a two-liter bottle of the above-mentioned Buu Juice. This somehow sparks lucidity. Things started hazing up. Instinctive finger rubbing slowly corrected that. I then drank of that juice, though it took my chugging the whole thing before I could taste anything. It was watermelon flavored, suitably enough.

      Just then, I heard someone arriving. So I hid under the table. For extra discretion, I also shrunk myself to the size of an action figure. I peeked out, and found a woman with short dark-blonde hair entering the area. She soon noticed the empty bottle. Outraged and flustered, she darted around to search for the culprit responsible.

      Things collapsed soon afterwards.

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    4. Log 1007 - Neo Civil War

      by , 02-01-2018 at 12:19 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Wednesday 31 January 2018

      Gonna try keep my New Year's promise. Anyway, I don't have much to note today.

      Don't have as much to note as I'd like...

      Dream 1 - Neo Civil War

      The visuals were a bit blurred. This occurred in an alternate timeline. After the horrors of WWII, the nations of the world unilaterally adopted extreme Luddist and isolotionist policies. This results in both technological stagnation, and grave regression in civil and human rights. Half the US, for instance, had gone back to using slave labor. Cue another Civil War in the 60's. I was given the role of a New Union Army officer and spy. In my latest solo infiltration of a Neo-Confederate base, I discover their hoarding and developing rocket launchers. To sabotage their efforts, I fire one such weapon into their warehouse, destroying their stockpile. But, my escape goes sour, and I'm captured. The rebels then promptly execute me by hanging. As painful and intense a death as it was, I was... oddly unphased. I don't know why, but, even beyond the disruption I caused, I felt as if I had the last laugh.

      That cat then woke me up.

      Scrap Group 1
      Vague memories of repeated dreams. Something of warping around and focusing on something?
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    5. Log 996 - Black Market Manor and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 01-21-2018 at 03:31 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Saturday 20 January 2018

      Got some things to note today, including two DILDs. There were a bunch of dreamlets too, but I've

      Dream 1 - The Marvel/Capcom Dream Alliance

      The visuals were quite dim. This took place within a poorly lit office building at night-time. A chaotic battle was occurring between a joint force of Marvel and Capcom heroes (Iron-Man, Hawkeye, Captain America, the Hulk, Ryu, Megaman X, and Chun-li confirmed) against the menacing Ultron. The villain was overpowering his opponents. In a bold maneuver, Iron-Man, Cap, Ryu, and X held off the rogue robot to stall him. In the meantime, Hulk stood back, covering while Chun-Li departed elsewhere. Eventually, Hawkeye fired off an EMP arrow at Ultron, who easily caught it within a forcefield. "Is that the best you can do?", gloats Ultron. Hawkeye smirks. That's when a barrage of missiles strikes Ultron at his flank. He turns, and sees the side of an attack chopper, Bat-Man logos painted all over, and Chun-Li within the passenger cabin. With Ultron's concentration lapsed, the forcefield went down, and, upon the arrow exploding, so too did he.

      I manifest, and followed the group down some hallways. We then stop at a darkened, empty garage or storage area. Inside, three people were seated on the floor. One was a figure I couldn't discern (or had forgotten). The other two were rather plain looking twin women, dark skinned, and both with ponytails. Without any prompt, the other heroes and I gather around with them. Then, the enigma started a conversation about meditation and dreaming, and asked for the girls on their progress. One of them claimed to have made great strides in her meditation practices. The other had reportedly mastered inducing lucid dreams. And yet, she seemed hesitant of such, and even expressed worry about her outlook in the future. "She fears it's the 'end of an era', so to speak.", I blurted out. The girl suddenly wept. This caused an outburst from others, a mix of consolatory remarks, and of arguing over how to take my own statement. Such commotion went on for a while, until the dream ended.

      Dream 2 - Black Market Manor

      Scene 1 - Phase Floor Hazard
      The visuals were dim. I was wandering around the unlit hallways of the building above. Seems it had been completely vacated. When I stepped into a large room, I suddenly phased through the floor. Transition.

      Scene 2 - Arms Deal
      The visuals were clearer. I was outside the lot of a mansion, a place located in the middle of a tropical wilderness, daylight peeking through the canopy of trees. The building showed obvious signs of decades-long wear. Previously abandoned, it served as the den for hooligans and other squatters.

      I wander away into the forest, only to turn back. I then approached the leader of the group, a mid-twenty-something year old guy with a shaved haircut and goatee, to make a deal., to make a deal. He lead me inside to the ruined, graffiti-laden manor's "lobby". From his backpack, he pulled out a bag of finely ground hash. Wasn't at all interested in that. What I wanted was weapons. I "knew" that this guy, though not an arms vendor himself, was connected enough with the black market to acquire such.

      He pulled out a notebook, and we began working out a contract. I used the pseudonym titled after a Goetic demon, cycling through a few names, as some were already taken. Anyway, I requested modded SMGs. He seemed confused, stating that machine guns would be a more optimal choice. Some chica from the streets, presumably the guy's girlfriend, then arrived. The two bicker over details of the current negotiations for a while before turning their attention back to me. In the end, I settled for 2 silenced SMGs, and one machine gun, all very reasonably priced at several thousand dollars. I also asked about combat armor, but they seemed to have no idea what I was talking about. I then gushed on for a while about my favorite firearms. This quickly bored the two, so I just took my leave.

      Back outside, I made my way down faded dirt path through the forest. I'd false memories of having an interesting conversation with a fellow there not too long ago. So, I hurried along, thinking I might be able to catch up with him. Along the way, I noticed something familiar about pathway, as if it were a crude facsimile of my neighborhood. Curious, I flew up, and headed the direction where my home would be. This soon granted lucidity. I continued towards my "home", getting my head brushed under huge tree leaves along the way. Things start destabilizing. I desperately rubbed my hands, but couldn't keep from getting sucked into the void. I continued falling for about a minute before the dream ended.

      Dream 3 - Trivial Near Nightmare

      Dreamlet transitioned to dream. The visuals were dim and a bit blurred. I was lounging around at home during night time. Soon, I noticed my brother, Jay, going around and asking the others various trivia questions. He approached me with such, something about biology, I think, which I got wrong. He annoyed me with further drivel, during which I got lucid. But, I caught myself having paranoid thoughts about my brother, a sign that a nightmare might occur. Just to be safe, I impaled him with my hand, causing him to fade into inky vapor, all while he eerily continued his quiz otherwise undisturbed.

      I started hand rubbing, only to warp in bed. Noticing that it was still dark outside kept me lucid. Unfortunately, I had trouble moving. Concerns with such caused me to lose the dream quickly.

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    6. Log 988 - January 2018 TOTM Advanced Task II

      by , 01-13-2018 at 03:27 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 12 January 2018

      It was a rough night. Even so, I'm glad I got a WILD/DEILD cycle out of this, no matter the fatigue and visual impairment I often experienced for most of it.

      Scrap Group 1
      Something of my cousin Sam visiting.

      Dream 1 - January 2018 Advanced Task II

      Scene 1 - Brief and Fluid Entrances
      Various WILD/DEILD transitions in bed. It didn't take as long as it usually would for me to move around fluidly, though only for short bursts. I later floated around on my back, then rubbed my hands for a moment, only to move my physical self. I then awakened briefly, yet still lost consciousness. Transition.

      Scene 2 - Guilty Gear Isuka Xrd
      The visuals were dim and blurred. No lucidity. I was playing a Guilty Gear game with Pier. This one was a four-player fighting game like Isuka, only with the cel-shaded graphics of Xrd. We used a Slayer and Potemkin team against the AI, but it seemed our characters' inputs were randomly swapped with each other mid-match, and sometimes, the characters themselves outright transformed into the other. DEILD transition.

      Scene 3 - Tender, Sudden Embrace
      The visuals were very dim. I was in the void. After rubbing my hands, I took a casual stroll into the tepid darkness. Once acclimated, I began visualising my guide, E, laying supine on my arms. I soon felt her weight, then her warm, smooth skin. And finally, my guide's form manifested completely in my arms, fast asleep.

      "Hey", I whispered, "you think you could help me out?"

      E stirred awake, and seemed very excited to see me. Perhaps too excited, as her sudden embrace caused me to fall over backwards, toppling me deeper into the nothingness. As we descended, she gave me a tender kiss on the cheek.

      I hit ground soon enough. Unfortunately, the impact, and my guide's form bearing down on me, was too much to handle. I awakened briefly. DEILD transition.

      Scene 4 - Not the Kind of Anchor I Expected...
      The visuals were quite blurred. I was in bed. After concentrating a bit, I fly/phase through door. There was some resistance, but I managed. I noticed someone scrounging about in the lounge, probably Ivan. This made me wonder if he was actually there at the moment IRL, and what may occur if we interacted. But, I thought to leave that for another time.

      As I continued flying around, the environment warped into an irregularly angled and steep hallway built of wood. Like before, I tried forming E again, this time with the intent of anchoring the dream through her. I got as far as feeling her weight, only to drop mid-flight through the floor. Brief awakening and DEILD transition.

      Scene 5 - The Sphere Makes a Triangle
      The visuals were very dim. I was in the void again. I could sense the dream cycle ending. Thinking quick, I decided on the energy ball TOTM. This was a painful process of focusing heat between my unseen hands. Blue sparks formed, which orbited around an unseen point. Such energy howled as I condensed it further, and soon illuminated the void and my form. Suddenly, the ball had somehow changed into a green triangle, spinning hypnotically. I'd lost myself momentarily.

      I then tried making the triangle again, and succeeded. This time, I hurled the energy onto an invisible floor. Then, on the resulting rune, I tried conjuring my guide. Not sure why, but I sensed there was a great significance to this. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to happen.

      As I feared, I did indeed wake up promptly.

      Scrap Group 2
      Dreamlets. Several were of luxury vehicles going down the road. Don't remember much of the rest, save for hearing this song repeat in the background... for fifteen minutes.

      Watching a supposed trailer for the Matrix. This had Cypher talking with Neo in an alleyway. "What would ya do if you were The One?", he asked. "You really think you're The One?" I hijack Neo's role, and respond "Yes. I do." Cypher's taken aback.

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    7. Log 987 - When Women Attack and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 01-12-2018 at 04:22 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Thursday 11 January 2018

      Got a WILD to note, along with another full dream and a dreamlet. There was definitely a lot more I could've remember from the non-ld, had I gotten up to record it after it occurred.

      Scrap Group 1
      Vague memories of driving around at night with familiar figures.

      Dream 1 - Skiing into Big Trouble

      Scene 1 - Reconnected Skiing Siblings
      The visuals were mostly clear. This occurred at the slopes of a snowy mountainside during a pale overcast day. I was a spectator. A man and woman in skiing equipment were taking a lift to the tallest hill. Once there, they deliberately fell and took off. I was then given "access" to the woman's thoughts. Apparently, she was an Englishwoman serving in the US armed services. Furthermore, the man was her brother. Before the current trip, the two had grown distant to each other. But, they reconnected via their love of skiing. Still, she felt her sibling took the sport a bit too seriosly for her tastes.


      Scene 2 - Buy-Time Magic Seeds
      Similar visuals as above. I myself was now skiing down into the streets of a small town, cloudy day sky above. Quite a predicament, as there wasn't any snow in sight. When things got too rough, I levitated myself twenty feet into the air, if reluctantly, as I did not want to attract attention.

      I arrived near a small plant's loading area. Suddenly, I was assaulted by a random giantess, a woman about 50 years of age and dressed in casual wear. She promptly captured me, and gave notice of her intent to devour me. But before that, she granted me a last request. False memories revealed of my carrying something unusual in my pack (which I just realized I was lugging around): the seeds of a magical plant, of which would grow instantly over night. What's more, these seeds were in the exclusive domain of an elite troupe of wilderness rangers/scouts. Anyway, I asked that I be allowed to sprout and eat the plant. The giant woman agreed, if only because she preferred "stuffed meat".

      In but a few paces, the ogress whisked me away to the backyard of her home. She kept her own garden there, which even included a gigantic beanstalk, a supposed variant of the above-mentioned plant. The giantess allowed me to dig the seeds myself as she gathered herbs for her wicked feast. At the very least, I brought myself some time.


      Scene 3 - Proper(ty) Placement
      Similar visuals. I was now inside the lounge of a gigantic home, a place with expensive furnishings. Behind me was a model house of my size. Soon, a giantess with straight, black, shoulder length hair steps in view, about the same age as the previous one. In contrast, she was dressed formally. This colossal woman was dusting the area. Upon noticing me, she directed I get back to the smaller home. "I like keeping things where they belong", remarked the giantess as she continued dusting.

      Don't recall anything else until the dream ended.

      Scrap Group 1
      Dreamlets. Some had me driving around.

      Dream 2 - When Women Attack

      Scene 1 - Back-Dash Warp
      Dreamlet transitioned to dream. The visuals were very blurred. I was wandering around the house. It wasn't until I arrived in the kitchen that I realized (or rather, believed) the dream state. My brother, Andre, showed up, though I ignored him. I leaped backwards, purposefully phasing through the wall, where I got warped into the void. Transition.

      Scene 2 - Mannequin Assault
      The visuals were blurred. I was at the entrance of a department store, outside in a wide, empty walkway, all during daytime. I flew around for a bit, only to get dragged and phased below the concrete.

      When I crawled back up, I spotted a woman exiting the facility. On closer inspection, this was actually more of a living mannequin, a pale, faceless, almost featureless feminine figure dressed in trendy clothes and accessories. It turned towards me, and immediately became hostile. I backed off, and briefly ducked beneath the earth to avoid it. That's when even more dolls suddenly amassed, too many to simply evade. I held ground, feinting between strikes and tripping up some of the easier targets.

      Just then, I was shrunken against my will, and was promptly stomped at by a sandalled foot. A glance up revealed the belligerent as a stout woman, further distinct among the others by her simple floral dress and, above all, anime-ish features. Reactively, I charged to and fro, bouncing off any ankles in my path. This knocked many of the women off their feet, including the larger lady, who's girth would've flattened me had I not dodged in time. Even while on her back, the anime woman furiously pursued me, stomping and swatting down anywhere I tried escaping.

      Things get unstable. From there, various hazy clips of Street Fighter V appeared, including matches between Ken and different female opponents. Transition.

      Scene 3 - Why Does Everyone Want to Eat Me?
      The visuals were dim and blurred. I was floating in the void. Finally, I was of mind to try and conjure my guide, E. I started visualising her form, when something suddenly grabbed my face. This was the work of the spectral, incomplete image of my guide, her discorporated hands sharply clenching my chin and forehead. Her hair covered her face momentarily. When unveiled, her eyes became pitch black. Welp, nightmare time.

      I questioned what she was doing, and whether she was my guide at all. Through shrieking, the ghost did confirm the latter (and indeed, I could already sense as much), though she remained vague on the rest. Nonetheless, her intentions became clear when a long, rope-like tongue slid from her mouth, and wrapped around me. Once I was bound, E's mouth distended and widened into a horrible maw. I was then pulled bit by bit into the damp abyss. Knew there was no point in fighting...

      Luckily, I awakened before things got too bad.

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    8. Log 980 - Can't Stop the Slander and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 01-05-2018 at 04:48 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Thursday 04 January 2018

      As part of my New Year's Resolution, I'll try posting here a bit more often, DV tasks or not. Anyway, I got a number of fragments to note, as well as two full dreams.

      Dream 1 - Badgering the Shrew

      The visuals were blurred. I'm shopping in a superstore at night time. Skip to my waiting in line. It seemed a Middle-Eastern girl in a hijab was holding everyone up. This frustrated someone ahead of me, a tall African-descended girl in her early-mid twenties, her thin frame covered by a black coat, and a beanie partially concealing her curly-kinky hair. Indeed, she became so irate, that she began disrespecting the idler, up to and including using the audacious term "sand-nigger". The irony of such didn't go over my head. Still, I sought retribution.

      "That wasn't nice", I blurbed calmly.

      On getting the shrew's attention, I fired a barrage of red lasers at her, just strong enough to itch. Taking things a step further, I conjured a tiny clone of myself, who zapped her as I did while scurrying all over her person. More than enough pestering to drive that reprobate away. Good riddance.

      There wasn't much more until this transitioned or ended.

      Scrap Group 1
      At home doing chores. I start organizing my bedroom/general storage closet, where I accidentally toppled a box filled with paper scraps. Amongst the litter were unusually tiny family pictures, as well as various cardstock tokens. The latter included several icons of Spider-Man, one of which was bright purple.

      Watching Spider-Man: TAS. This had Spidey investigating an abandoned clocktower. Inside, he finds Shaggy from Scooby Doo. The two are then attacked by hovering gun drones, and later, unmanned attack helicopters.

      Dream 2 - Can't Stop the Slander

      The visuals were a little blurred. I was wandering around in a huge facility. While walking up a flight of stairs, I noticed my wearing baggy jeans, and without a belt, no less, condemning me to much discomfort. Several hallways and checkpoints later, I turn up inside an education building complex spanning from pre-school all the way through university. There, I encountered my sister, Margareta, and her daughter, Sandra, the latter of whom appeared a year or two older. I called to my niece, and began following both to a classroom, only to get the door closed and locked in my face. Hmph.

      As I made my way back, I stumbled into a (larger than normal) waiting room for the local principal's office. After that, I somehow ended up within the huge reception area of a government office complex. T'was a ways out of my destination, I was sure, so I took the nearest elevator down.

      There was someone already inside, a black woman who seemed suspicious of me. Later, two oriental girls in their early 20's appeared out of nowhere, one stubby, the other skinny and bespectacled. Anyway, the elevator drops me off directly into city streets. While exiting, I overheard the Asian girls murmuring about a young woman in the distance, giggling and mocking her about something or other. Paranoia got the better of me; I feared those two would insult me as well.

      Incenced, I turned around, and blasted the skinny girl with stinging red lasers, but this seemed ineffective. Still, this did catch her intrigue. She approached, and asked to see more "magic tricks". So, I decided to leave her with a "gift": my mini clone. The girl graciously accepted the "adorable thing", as she put it, completely unsuspecting of the antics that awaited her. Couldn't help but snicker as I walked along.

      By that point, I'd remembered the related dream above, and gained semi-lucidity (enough to know this wasn't real, just not necessarily a dream). Anyway, I soon entered a fancy apartment building, a bright, art-deco structure. I made my way up, and arrived at a suite with plain contemporary interior. My destination. Inside, I heard my mom's voice speaking loudly (as she usually does) in another room. To be more specific, she was complaining about me to dad. Such annoyance. Thought spooking her good would put an end to that. After asserting that we were visiting California, I created a small tremor. Unfortunately, mom didn't seem to notice at all. She soon exited the room ( a bathroom, actually), and continued her tirade in plain sight. In response, I brazenly shot static sparks at her, bringing her hair up on end. Despite as much, she still went on as if nothing happened. Bewildered, I upped the amp, zapping her with such force so as to cause stammering, trembling, and even to roll her eyes back. And yet, she still. Would. Not. Shut. Up.

      I gave up, and let the dream end.

      Scrap Group 2
      Dreamlet transitioned to dream. I rode a glass elevator down to a cityscape similar to above. I "daydream" about Dragon Ball Super, particularly on the subject of dubs. This had me thinking of Whis getting bothered by his Saiyan pupil's repititive questions. He then manifested nearby.

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    9. Log 957 - Sky Highway Zone and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 12-13-2017 at 03:10 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Tuesday 12 December 2017

      Got several things to note, including a few LDs. If my memory were up to par, I would have had a lot of other things as well.

      Dream 1 - Behind the Wheel - A Street Racer's Autobiography

      The visuals were a bit dim. I watching a Youtube video on the humorous self-documentary of an Asian immigrant street racer. This was mostly monologue to the footage of his driving around in various highways. There was talk of his fascination of the sport, his struggles in getting recognition from (less-than-reputable) US sponsors, and his immigration to one of the southern states. He then comments, "And that's when I stumbled upon another problem: most of the roads here are shit." Then appeared clips of his local highway, the road long worn. In fact, there were long spans in the road to which he easily could scoop up loosened tarmac like sand.

      Not much else occurred before the dream ended.

      Scrap Group 1
      Something about The Evil Within 2. That secret agent lady (only watched a few videos, so the names haven't stuck) is in a talk show, where she reveals the reason for her defecton from the evil organization. Apparrently, her mother got cancer at some point, after which the two developed a much closer bond. This made the agent realize how far gone her morals have deteriorated during her tenure.

      Dream 2 - Sky Highway Zone

      Scene 1 - I'll Celebrate Some Other Time
      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was a guest in an unknown home, participating in festivities.

      Later, I begin feeling exhausted, enough so that I barged into the nearest bedroom for rest. But, numerous interruptions kept me from sleeping. This starts with my brother in law speaking about certain issues with his supposed father. An impossible occurrence, I knew, but besides getting suspicious, I didn't do anything.

      The last of these disruptions involved my cousin Wyatt (who appeared in his teens) along with one of his friends supposed friends, a kid I've never seen before. The two quickly make nuisances of themselves, conversing loudly while sitting on the mattress to watch a nearby TV. It was only when one of them almost kicked me off the bed that they'd acknowledged my presence. I resigned to dropping in the floor, certainly the more comfortable place to sleep at the time.

      Per chance, I began a WILD attempt, beginning with meditation, as usual. Cue rapid transition.

      Scene 2 - Tired Drive Awareness
      The visuals were very dim. I was driving an SUV around a forest highway during the dead of night. Several family members were in the back seats. I looked up at the stars, noticing how quickly they revolved. Was I going too fast? I then identified how fatigued I was, far too much to drive safely. That's when I remembered the previous occurrences, and realized the dream. Suddenly, the surroundings changed, appearing as a hypnotic, striped array in tunnel view. Things began fading. So, I felt out the vehicle's ceiling. Then, to the tune of Sky Sanctuary Zone from Sonic and Knuckles, I forced a warp.

      Scene 3 - Mode Change!
      The visuals were brighter. I was still driving a vehicle, only now, the road before me was spiraling sideways within the clouds of a blue sky. Despite the path set, the vehicle itself kept a forward trajectory, gliding off-road when necessary. Still lucid, thanks to the above song anchoring such.

      I thought of tasks to do, and recalled the powered armor TOTM. Before starting, I phased off the moving vehicle. From there, I uttered "Change Mode!" in a thick Japanese accent. Concurrently, I willed a third-person view to see myself get armored, though I only appeared as mostly a blur. I did at least witness my skin taking on a white, ceramic plated form. Furthermore, Egg Reverie from Sonic Mania replaced the previous song.

      Back to first-person, from which I immediately took flight. I moved around my limbs, noticing a natural, unrestricted motion of such. I soon identified cold air subtly blowing all over me from within the armor, and the unusual illusion of spaciousness that brought, if only compared to how tightly the suit clung onto me.

      It seemed the view from my right eye was dulled. But, I realized this was because of a scanning interface, so noted by markers being placed over various vehicles passing below me. This made me curious on weaponry. I tried finding a good target, but everything I found was moving too fast, not to mention unjustifiable to engage. After a minute of waiting, I decided to just blast the air. A green laser immediately shot from my right palm, puncturing holes through the clouds. It streamed for a quite a while, though I dared not aim at anything substantial.

      Things quickly destabilized afterwards, and the dream collapsed.

      Scrap Group 1
      Many, many dreamlets, a few of which had transitioned to dreams, though all but the one below are forgotten.

      Dream 3 - Burning Phoenix

      The visuals were blurred. I was scrounging around in the kitchen. Noticed my brothers and nephew watching the TV intently. On screen was an episode of Steven Universe. There was an ongoing high-speed chase, during which several characters were bouncing around in the back of a van (Greg's van, probably).

      I then gained awareness. To rid distraction from the program, I hovered up in a wreath of flames, then blazed through and away from the living room (like so; I even yelled out the move's name)There was some noticeable delay at first, which was corrected about halfway through the maneuver.

      I got distracted by random thoughts after that, and can't recall anything else.

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    10. Log 950 - Potion of Elemental Wrath and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 12-06-2017 at 02:43 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Tuesday 05 December 2017

      Spoiler for posterity's sake:

      I've two WILD cycles to note, most of which I retained awareness. There was a dream fragment in-between. I probably would have had more from before these, though a certain interruption kinda spoiled my recollection of such. Just as well, I suppose.

      Dream 1 - Potion of Elemental Wrath

      Scene 1 - A Blood Offering?
      WILD transition in bed. As usual, I blindly tried rolling off the mattress and into another scene, only to continually warp back to where I started. I'd sporadically either sightlessly land on the floor, or fell into the void. Either way, I further reinforced the dream state to myself by continually moving in place, be that by spinning, walking, or even dancing (poorly). And yet, nothing came to view, and any attempts to open my eyes resulted in swift destabilization. Various background noises almost kept me preoccupied, including cries of a fictional baby of which I needed to care, and of complaints to my percieved negligence, though I managed to ignore such.

      Eventually, I began calling out to my guide. And soon enough, parts of a scenery formed. This starts with a nude portrait of E ahead of me. As I observed it, various game-like menus and stats formed below, though I couldn't make sense of such. Pacing ahead, I soon found a large medival tapestry hanging on an invisible wall. At its center was a curious image: myself kneeling to a giant demon woman. In my hand was a golden chalice filled with red liquid, which I presented as an offering. Ominous, indeed...

      Things kinda destabilized momentarily. Brief false awakening, and warp.

      Scene 2 - YOU LEARNED - WRATH
      The visuals were blurred. I was in my home, staring at the backyard at the dead of night. Initially in a trance, I quickly recomposed myself, and phased through the sliding door. I looked up at the stars, wondering to what I should occupy myself, though it seemed I couldn't think of anything. Just then, the ground collapsed beneath me, and I slowly fell into an endless pit.

      One brief hand-rubbing later, and a new environment forms. I found myself floating over a forested seaside cliff at night time. I thought to dive in the water, though control of my movements were a bit unresponsive, even "wobbly".

      Another distortion. I was now in a forest clearing, likewise at nightfall. By then, I'd recalled several TOTMs, if with a few depreciated choices. In any case, I settled for the forbidden knowledge potion task. I imagined myself holding phial, and like that, said object appeared instantly. It seemed empty at first. Upon closer inspection, I noticed chaotic visions forming inside, that of sunny hills, of floating flowers, of tossed traffic lights, and a similar burst of random, colorful sights. So, I took a swig. Didn't initially notice anything tangible. But eventually, I discerned a bitter metallic aftertaste. Following that, I began feeling a bit queasy. Things seemed otherwise disappointingly mundane.

      Unrelated to the matter, a glowing portal formed next to me. I stepped inside, upon which I lost sense of my body, though my vision and hearing retained presence. Then, a video-game-esque score screen appeared, though what it counted is anyone's guess. Music was playing as well, starting with some unknown (or forgotten?) tense fanfare, then followed by Slow Moon from Streets of Rage 2 about half a minute later.

      Once the score was tallied up, a segment of text flickered, reading "YOU LEARNED: WRATH". The screen faded into a white void, whereupon I began reforming. Concurrently, a red street racing car was manifesting in view. A target, I presumed. I held up my arms towards it, and whispered "wrath". Suddenly, a storm of icicles descended upon the vehicle, battering it to ruin. A few seconds later, the attack changed to stream of lightning bolts. And following that, a roaring torrent of flames. Nothing remained of the target, save for a black stain on the invisible ground.

      I got interrupted, and woke up promptly.

      Scrap Group 1
      Something of watching Law and Order. McCoy has an arrogant ex-lawyer turned defendant on the ropes. Despite his outrage at such, the defendant goes along with a plea.

      Dream 2 - Geists and Heists

      Scene 1 - Wrath Revisited
      Another WILD transition. This started with a few more minutes of rolling and repeated false awakenings before a new scene formed. I was now in a large home, dim grey light illuminating its rooms. Wherever I looked, a dusty, tarp-covered piece furniture was present. Obviously a haunted place. It thus came to little surprise when I found a gaunt, stringy haired ghost girl lurking in the far corner. "Yup," I muttered, "it's a nightmare alright".

      I backed away slowly, only to catch the phantom's interest. The sight of her shambling towards me sent me running. She let out a piercing wail, then crawled after me, her form shunting in and out of existence sporadically. I was soon forced to climb a flight of stairs, though it quickly became apparent that this path had no end in sight. So, I turned to fight.

      Remembering the incantation, I called out "wrath". Unexpectedly, fire began raining down first. I realized then that, rather than descending in a specific order, I controlled which element fell by thought. Whatever the case, this blaze had no effect. So, I switched to ice, though, as I somewhat feared, this too did nothing. Moved on to lightning, which finally kept the spectre in check, leaving her helplessly shrieking in pain.

      Just then, a white meter formed below, and emptied quickly. In turn, the spell waned. Outta juice. I resumed my way upstairs, while desperately repeating "wrath". Instead of creating a storm, a many-elemental barrier formed around me, but only momentarily. Guessed this was how the spell looked "uncharged". This too kept the girl at bay, though not for nearly enough time between each chanting.

      Soon, the stairs led to a balcony. I was cornered. Fortunately, the gauge had refreshed. Thus, I wasted no time in unleashing another lightning storm.

      Things quickly destabilized.

      Scene 2 - Flickering Kitchen Awareness
      Non-lucid false awakening in bed. I got up feeling strangely dizzy. Furthermore, seeing that it was still very dark was highly suspicious. I made a hand test, though that proved inconclusive. So, I peeked in the kitchen, and found that the oven and sink were both gone, each replaced by random furniture. That's confirmation enough for me. But, things began blacking out, especially whenever I moved around. Quick, unwitting warp.

      Scene 3 - The KFC Heist
      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was seated in a white void. No awareness again. There were several other people there, neither of whom, I recognized, save for one figure in particular: Colonel Sanders himself. We were all discussing something about a big heist, though the specifics elude me.

      Suddenly, I found myself floating down towards an old-fashioned shopping district, the streets thick with tourists. Several of the previous characters had descended as well, including the Colonel. We were apparently at a theme park, a place which Sanders had part ownership. We tried sneaking by, though the fried chicken purveyor's presence was quickly noticed by the crowd. As such, he stayed behind to provide a distraction. The Colonel went on making wild proclamations of his formulating an even better recipe than the original, one he was sure would sell big. He then began shilling a local ice-cream parlor. But, the sight of a careless emo-teen gave him pause. He glared at the kid, who looked away sheepishly upon noticing the attention. "Well", yelled the Colonel, "it looks like this boy here could use some of that world-famous chocolate ice cream right about now!" An uproar of laughter followed. That was the cue for my peers and I to sneak on by.

      On entering our target building, things promptly faded into a bright light. End dream.

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    11. Log 929 - Two Twilights

      by , 11-15-2017 at 03:39 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Got a (surprise and surprisingly long) DILD to and dreamlets to note. Besides these, there was also one dream earlier in the morning, though I can't recall much at the moment.

      Scrap Group 1
      Vague memories of being in a torch-lit temple.

      Dream 1 - Two Twilights

      The visuals were pretty clear. I was walking around a shoddy urban area during twilight.

      At one point, I stop by near the remnants of an abandoned apartment building, almost entirely stripped down to its support frames. A massive renovation was underway, of which the main stairway and a canopy were being worked on at the time. I'd entertained the thought of buying the place for whatever reason, if only briefly. My daydreaming of that almost caused me to stumble into the others' work, so I left.

      Later, I cut through a gas station's lot. It seemed there was an abundance of armed security. Of them, some looked and sounded like what I perceived as West African military men. One of said men with a clipboard and glasses walked around asking passerby's questions, including whether one has participated in armed service. Not seeing any point to that, I hurried away, and almost got run over by a truck for my trouble.

      I eventually end up in a less shabby urban area, a neighborhood to which I supposedly resided. A group of Japanese middle school kids walked by and towards a nearby white apartment building. One girl seemed very familiar. In dream, she was just a friendly neighbor's kid that I'd routinely walk upstairs. When in the building, I spontaneously began meditating while floating around crosslegged. The girl and her friends asked many questions on such. As I reflected, I finally realized the dream state.

      While remaining seated, I flew out the nearest window and to the roof. The sun had arisen over a clear sky. I continued meditating, focusing on the blue horizon. I then launched myself to the distance, though with constant intermissions of reclarifying/restabilizing the environment.

      Soon, I arrived in the middle of the ocean, hovering several feet above the water. Had thoughts on the TOTM, though these were muddled by false memories. Cue a fruitless search for an island. Eventually, I do find a tiny empty landmass. It's there that I try the telekinesis/shape changing task. Try as I may, I couldn't even move a single grain of sand. Got bored, so I took off.

      Not long after, I landed on the streets of a beachside plaza, where I took a stroll by the shores. I was debating on which task to do next, when big waves toppled me backwards. The tides grew fiercer with time. Before long, a massive tidal wave was forming, large enough to destroy the area. I, through desperation, magically held the torrent in its place. After that, controlling that water was surprisingly easy. I had it wobble around for a moment, and, on a whim, froze it instantly. I then smoothed the ice wall into a flat surface, save for its crest, which I transformed into a pile of snow.

      Next TOTM in mind was the flag task. I walked to the highest point in the sand. Had to hand rub momentarily to restabilize things. Anyway, I picked up stick, and had it slowly morph into a white metal pole. I then tried creating a flag on it. Took having the pole unwittingly change into various street signs, but eventually, I managed to have a plain white banner attached. Next, I announced, "I hereby claim this place in my name", and firmly planted the flag in the sand. Concurrently, Mario's victory theme from Super Smash Bros. triumphantly sounded in the background. I soon noticed the Eye of Horus (or a similar symbol) appeared on the flag's face. Mysterious indeed, but it didn't feel appropriate to explore that at the moment.

      The sun was setting. Sensing destabilization, I hurried to complete that telekinesis task (again). There was someone else following me, unknown to me even then, yet I still felt acquainted enough to relay my thoughts to them. Anyway, I fly around, until I stumble upon a small island of short mangroves and underwater brambles. I telekinetically lift a vine, and try forming it into a stone tower. Instead, it assumes the shape of a muddy dirt mound just barely tall enough to reach out the water's surface. Eh, good enough, I thought.

      Things collapsed shortly afterwards.

      Scrap Group 2
      Many dreamlets, now mostly a hazy memory. Most of these occurred in a forest region. Others were brief glimpses of traffic near shopping plazas.

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    12. Log 900 - The Sampling Extravaganza and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 10-18-2017 at 03:08 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Monday 16 October 2017

      Got a few non-lucid dreams and a DEILD to note, along with a fragment. There was more to the non-LD portions that I've since forgotten by now.

      Dream 1 - School Lunch Buffet Brawl

      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was waiting in line in a buffet-styled outdoor school cafeteria. Instead of trays, each student was given round, sturdy paper plates. Items were already running low when I reached the serving area. Macaroni and cheese seemed to be among the most popular choice, so I scooped what I could before that ran out. I tried some, and found it to be extra cheesy. Following that, I poured in some soup broth (wha...?), and finally, a handful of steamed sausages.

      I turned away momentarily, only to see that everything in my plate (sans broth) had been stolen. Angered, I rewinded time to discover the culprit. Turned out to be some tanned skinned punk, whose hand I found on my plate. I rewinded again to interpose, and yet, he'd the nerve to nab my stuff anyway. More time travel, this time to deliver a sucker punch. But, it seemed I got myself into a losing bout, the bully forcing me into the defensive. What's more, some other guy with curtained hair taunted me for my setback. In thoughtless rage, I went back to sneak attack the both of them, only to get into an even more embarrassingly lopsided fight.

      Not much else occurred before the dream ended.

      Dream 2 - Market Psycho Wave

      Scene 1 - Supermarket Food Samples
      The visuals were mostly clear. I was browsing around a supermarket at nighttime. Thanks to semi-awareness, I effortlessly floated around the aisles, if just to go around and sample snack foods. When I reached the meat aisle, I tore out some steaks and sausages from their packages, then used magic fire to cook these instantly.

      Unknown transition.

      Scene 2 - Law and Order - Paranormal Investigations
      The visuals were a bit blurred. This depicted an episode of Law and Order. During prepping, exec ADA McCoy was pressuring an unnerved witness to speak truthfully, but he realized someone had since coerced them into silence.

      Cut to McCoy in bed, where he's rudely awakened by police. Much to his disbelief, they showed up to arrest him for murdering someone and leaving their body out in a grassfield. Prime evidence included blood-laden muddy shoes found by the cops in Jack's home.

      But, it seemed the police knew this was all part of a much greater conspiracy. It so happened that an evil psychic kid has been hypnotizing people into committing murders in their sleep, to which McCoy became an unwitting puppet. Despite knowing as much, the cops had no way of arresting the boy for doing such, let alone finding him...

      Later on, both cops and lawyers agreed to a risky gambit: setting McCoy free without cause in hopes of somehow luring the kid. Around this point, I manifest as an incorporeal figure. Through telepathy, I instructed McCoy to go to a suburbs, to which he reluctantly complied. It was then that the evil kid probed Jack's mind again. This time, Jack was one step ahead, for he somehow figured out how to mentally shield himself in short notice. As he did, I locked on to the kid's telepathy, which in turn let McCoy figure out the helloin's whereabouts.

      Unknown transition.

      Scene 3 - Lake Waves
      The visuals were blurred. I was swimming at the center of a park lake during twilight. Various other familiar figures were there with me, though I don't recall specifics. Not long into this, huge waves formed, and battered everyone out to dry land. I was steadily catching on to this absurdity, but not before larger tides literally knocked me back into reality.

      Scrap Group 1
      Attack on Titan related dream.
      Spoiler for major spoilers:
      Colt conspired with Eren to kill Zeke, of all things. What's more, Colt reveals his,being of the Fritz bloodline. Cut to a battlefield in a plains. Eren, as the Attack Titanm uses his Coordinate to have a wave of pure Titans assault Zeke's Beast Titan form.

      Dream 3 - The Sampling Extravaganza

      The visuals were mostly clear. I was browsing the very same supermarket from before. Soon, I overheared my Aunt Karin and Uncle Able joking about off-brand cereal, though they quickly rescinded their words. I then see bags of such foods on a rack nearby. One interesting variety had chunks of chocolate and normal (off-brand) Rice Krispies Treats. This somehow grants awareness instantly. I tried some, finding it tasted as good as expected, though, as with food in other dreams, it melted and vanished much too quickly. Indeed, this was true for cookies, chips, and other snack items I sampled.

      After some careless flying throughout the aisles, I went directly to the meat cuttery for some protein. Behind the counter was a man who looked extraordinarily similar to James Avery (aka "Uncle Phil"). There were black plates nearby, which stored what seemed to be beef nigiri. I ate some, when I discovered this was actually shellfish. 'Mr. Avery' wasn't unhappy that I touched something without permission. "Oh sure", he complained, "just take whatever you want."

      To patch things up, I tried summoning a copy of what I ate. But, whether gesturing, staring, or through command words, nothing of the sort occurred. I then tried feeling things out on the plate. As it so happened, this was the surface of a hotplate. What's more, that mere tap caused it to short-out in dazzling sparks. Despite the jolt, I was completely unharmed. "Heh, no summoning.", I comment. "But hey, at least I'm invincible."

      Next, I held onto exposed diodes, electrifying me further, and creating an more spectacular, iridescent display of electric orbs. I stared at those that fell on the plate, when I realized these had formed a single word: wish. Anxious seconds were spent trying to think of something, but I resigned myself to whatever came in mind. "Mechaz0r!", I shout. Not sure why I thought of Duelyst, having not considered it in a while, but oh well.

      Suddenly, the structure begins rumbling, while a familiar tune sounded in the background. The title song for Power Ranger's, to be exact. For extra amusement, I had it seamlessly switch to the Broforce theme. This, in turn, caused a huge karaoke screen to rise up behind the meatcutter's counter, though tiny, illegible text rendered that terminal moot save for the extravagence of it all. As I prepared to sing, a number of other patrons (mostly college/university-aged kids) flocked in to chant along with me. Despite many of us being off-tempo, it was a whimsical moment all the same.

      The tune got about halfway before I awakened abruptly.

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    13. Log 885 - Contrived Cascades

      by , 10-02-2017 at 03:10 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Got a few dreams to note, including DIELD. All but the latter are fragments, though.

      Scrap Group 1
      Watching Rick and Morty. The latter was in a chapel with his family (sans Rick). Apparently, Morty was marrying a gnome with a flagrant... bulge in his pants. Beth wasn't too happy with this, which in turn causes resentment with Summer. Later on, Morty seems to snap out of a daze, and realizes this matrimony was involuntary; Rick had previously drugged teen. So, he calls the whole the off. The gnome begs for Morty's return, and admits to doing painful things to cause the, uh, bulge for his sake, though Morty ignores as much. Later, Jerry complains of small flaws he noticed in decorations. When his ramblings went off-screen, his voice was replaced with that of a hammy stage performer for whatever reason. Concurrently, Beth and Summer were busy arguing on gay marriage rights issues.

      At the bedroom of an unknown home, of which warps into another. Jonathan shows up. We start looking for some blue file folder. Noticed the main theme for Twisted Metal 2 sounding in the background. In a filing cabinet, I find what I thought was the correct folder, only for Jonathan to point out numerous copies of the same object.

      Dream 1 - Contrived Cascades

      DIELD transitioned from a dreamlet. The visuals were blurred. I was walking around the neighborhood during the dead of night. Wasn't sold on this being a full dream at first. I look up at the sky, and imagine the moon appearing. Instead, two bright interstellar clouds form, one silvery in color, the other violet. That's when I'm suddenly pulled up into the depths of space, and I finally rubbed my hands to confirm the dream state. Oh, the vibrant sight of comets, stars and nebulae never ceases to entice. After a few minutes of soaring through the cosmos, the view shrinks into a window skewing and bouncing around black borders. Not anything some manual arrangements couldn't fix.

      I then thought of doing TOTMs, of which the 'awareness behind the dream' task was readily in mind. "Awareness beyond the dream", I called out, "what should I see? What should I dream?" Cue immediate warp. I find myself in a billdboard-2.5d room, its ceiling, floors, and walls all appearing as rocky tiles made of water. Realistic waterfalls leaking throughout the structure contrasted this otherwise contrived sight. And yet, when I passed through these cascades, I felt nothing. When I looked at my right hand, I saw it was replaced by a hand-shaped mouse cursor.

      Another warp half a minute later. I was now in an elementary school's computer lab. On screen in front of me was some Roblox game or something similar. Figured that's what I saw before. I soon lost lucidity, and got caught up in the act of being an adult student there in the same class as my nephew, Lucas. Not too clear on what happens next. Pretty sure this involved a teacher catching me playing games on my assigned computer. The dream ended soon after that.

      Scrap Group 2
      Numerous dreamlets. Ones I remembered include the Demon roguelike, my walking around the neighborhood again, and later on, of my brother Eugene making a cake without eggs or milk. In each case, I tried going deeper by interacting with the environment, only to collapse the dream.

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    14. Log 871 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 16

      by , 09-17-2017 at 05:20 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Got a few scraps and a briefly lucid dream to note.

      WBTB, where I spent 10 minutes meditating before drifting off.

      Scrap Group 1
      Memory of a lucid dream gone kaput. I could barely remember Dragon Ball characters or other media figures being involved.

      Dream 1 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 16 - Part

      The visuals were clear. I was a crewman in a civilian submarine. This was a large, dome-like vessel, equipped with 360 degree pivotable propellers and supported by underwater surveilance drones as part of her navigation system. Besides me, at least seven others serviced the craft, of which an older, stern blonde haired woman was its captain.

      We descended to the depths of an illuminated ocean. I'd random thoughts on comparing this sub to Batman's submarine, when I gained awareness. I crossed my fingers, and hoped I'd find my guide, E, floating around. Soon, one of the remote drones caught sight of a massive figure. This was indeed my guide in the form of a pale, colossal mermaid, or more appropriately, "whale-maid", given her tail's horizontal orientation and lack of scales. My fellow crewmembers scrambled to open communications via said drone, and were genuinely surprised at being able to have a conversation with my guide. After a talk, all parties agreed to meet at some location.

      I got too engrossed in this story, and lost awareness. Anyway, the crew and I eventually arrive at the ocean floor, where we find an entire functional contemporary town, of all things. Despite all the neon signs and buildings, the place looked unusually barren. E was similarly nowhere in sight. Again, we spoke remotely, during which she clarified her dwelling in mountains so as to not frighten the local populace.

      Once at the correct location, I finally spotted my guide's silhouetted form within eyesight. Even past the shadows, she appeared unusually haggard. Still, I (unconsciously) corrected her appearance when she approached us. It seemed E was very intrigued with the sub. Perhaps too much, as she took to innocently mishandling random components. Such curiosity risked harm to my crew, especially at those depths. We had no choice but to use the ship's (then revealed) electroshock-weaponry to release ourselves from her grasp.

      Don't recall much else until the dream ended.

      Scrap Group 2
      Another WBTB where I meditated for a bit. Dreamlets transitioned to various dreams unconsciously.

      Walking around my neighborhood at daytime. Fallen trees and other debris hindered my stroll.

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    15. Log 870 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 15

      by , 09-16-2017 at 09:01 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Got two DILDs to note, along with a fragment.

      Spoiler for If brevity is the soul of wit...:

      Scrap Group 1
      Browsing an arcade, where I see one of the classic Mortal Kombat games. Next, I went outside to a cityscape at night time. Someone nearby lit fireworks, which, spectacularly enough, took the shape of a dragon. Very similar to that one scene in the LOTR - Fellowship of the Rings.

      15 minutes of meditation as part of a WBTB. I made sure not to concentrate enough to the point of complete clarity. Lost awareness during a WILD attempt, though I got a DILD.

      Dream 1 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 15 - Part 1

      The visuals were a slightly dim and blurred. I falsely awaken in the king-sized bed of an unfamiliar large room. A glance out the nearest window revealed a night sky. No lights were on, yet the place was kinda illuminated. This was likely what granted me awareness seconds later.

      I got up to look around. Aside from the room's size, there wasn't much spectacular about it, just a slightly messy bedroom. I then searched for my guide, E, and indeed, I could sense she wasn't far, yet I couldn't see her. Coulda spend all night looking, so I imagined her appearing on a countertop nearby. She was summoned in record time, appearing in her human form and dressed in a gold-colored sleeping gown. However, she wasn't conscious and barely present. I picked her up in "bridal carry" fashion, and concentrated. Within seconds, she manifested entirely and with full vitality. I then set my guide upright on the floor.

      "You didn't have to help me, you know?", she complained.

      "Heh, yeah", I blurted". "I just wanted to show off." E rolled her eyes and smiled.

      I look to the white wall nearby, which reminded me of the competition. "Shall we?" I offered my hand to my guide, and she reciprocates. First up was phasing. I pushed my free hand through the wall with ease, then barged in along with E. Wooden beams and supports were readily visible. Actually, it was a bit roomier than I'd expected. Anyway, we continued outside.

      I then try teleporting to any random location. Things fade into a void, to which I responded with hand rubbing for a while. When I come to, I found myself back in the aforementioned bed. I take a moment to recall what occurred, only to lose awareness. False memories of the fragments above form. This includes clips of a supposed 2-player co-op mode in one of the classic Mortal Kombats. Cage and one of the ninjas fought Reptile, and later, Goro. After that, a preview of Dragon Ball FighterZ, a battle between Krillin and Adult Gohan. The former paralyzes his opponent with a Solar Flare, to which Gohan let's out a hilarious squeal.

      This ended soon afterwards.

      30-minute WBTB, half to write notes, and half to stretch and meditate. As above, I intended a WILD, drifted off, and got a DILD instead.

      Dream 2 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 15 - Part 2

      Scene 1 - Vaporous Embrace
      Dreamlet unwittingly transitioned to dream. The visuals were slightly blurred. I was walking around the neighborhood on a bright, partly cloudy day. When near the school, I see a kid shouting insults at someone from the fence. The latter was someone I knew, one of my brothers' perhaps? Anyway, in vengeance, this acquaintance transforms a cloud into a large fist, and has it slam the brat down onto the pavement. This amuses me enough to gain awareness.

      Using that spectacle as inspiration, I try morphing the biggest cloud in sight into the likeness of my guide. To better control things, I narrated what I expected for the next few minutes, from which the clouds roiling into E' figure were the immediate results. Next, I commanded E to descend for a closer look, only to be reminded of how truly gigantic a cloud actually is; even at hundreds of feet above, I couldn't see my guide in her entirety. I then hitched a ride on her palm, and, remembering the TOTM, asked her for a hug. She pressed me a bit hard upon herself, enough so that I soon found myself engulfed within her vaporous mass. In awe, I flew around in such fog for half a minute. Cue transition.

      Scene 2 - Tick, Tick, Boom.
      The visuals were a bit dim. I was entering home during twilight. Still aware. While passing the downstairs bedroom, I spotted Justin playing a computer game, and overheard him saying crummy things about me. Got kinda sore about that, but I lightened up when I found caramel-cream cakes in the kitchen and dining room. I tasted some of the icing, which was about as sweet as expected. There was momentary concern about dirtying the food, and I thought to warp time just for that sake, but I recollected myself. Still, I (literally) rewinded time anyway.

      I stopped at the room's door, where I planned getting even with my (in-dream) jerkass bro. First, I telekinetically moved random junk around, but that didn't get his attention. I then had the keyboard smack his face a few times, yet he still was unresponsive. Taking drastic measures, I focused on the computer's monitor, and, after having it tick and beep for a few seconds, caused it to detonate in a small, fiery explosion. Justin was finally bewildered with rage, while I walked away chortling.


      Scene 3 - Red Card Death Penalty
      The visuals were brighter. I was in my adolescent years, out playing soccer in teams of two with some unknown kids. I was aware, yet, despite having unfavorable opinions of the sport, I went along with such. My dislike was reflected by my clumsy play, where I kicked the ball out-of-bounds or directly to the opponent far too many times. One of said opponents, a scrawny, light-brown haired kid, ridiculed my mistakes with highly irritating laughter. I tried going super-speed to get an opportune goal, but couldn't manage anything remarkable.

      One further mistake later, and that annoying kid finally struck my last nerve. I rushed up to him, and gave him a flying headbutt right below the chin. My intention was to send him flying to the horizon. Instead, it was only his head that rocketed straight up in a stream of blood. Still, I was entertained enough to laugh as he did to such misfortune. I even had half a mind to kick the severed head into the goal when it landed, though the others' horrified reaction kinda threw me off.

      Don't recall much else until the dream ended.

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