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    1. Log 1388 - Marvelous Movie Shoot and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 02-16-2019 at 12:03 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 15 February 2019

      Got a big heap of stuff today.

      Spoiler for Don't want to hog so much page space:

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    2. Log 1381 - Celestial Warp Travel and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 02-09-2019 at 01:35 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 08 February 2019

      Really need to start posting entries here more frequently again. Anyway, I got several dreams today, including an LD loop.

      Spoiler for Kinda long again:

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    3. Logs 1335 - 1337

      by , 12-26-2018 at 07:58 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Spoiler for Log 1335 - Street Flight Chase Awareness and Other Assorted Stories:
      Spoiler for Log 1336 - Power Sites, Car Trunk, MSH, and Demonic Ward Scraps:
      Spoiler for Log 1337 - Clumsy Babysitting Unexpected Guest Polluted Storm Swim Bridge and Near Accident Fragments:

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    4. Log 1328 - Demon Elevator Expanse

      by , 12-18-2018 at 03:33 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Monday 17 December 2018

      Quite a dream loop today, even despite being exhausted. Would've been more, too, but certain tasks kept me from recalling everything.

      Scrap Group 1
      Playing Dungeon Crawl - Stone Soup as a Deep Elf Conjurer, as usual. I leveled up far enough to get Lich Form.

      Vaguely recall being in a classroom.

      Dream 1 - Demon Elevator Expanse

      Scene 1 - Typical Effects of Fatigue During WILDs
      The visuals were dim and blurred. WILD transition in bed. I floated up, but had trouble controlling my movements due to strain and fatigue. I slowly fell to the floor, and tried phasing through, yet I couldn't.

      Reloop in bed. I shrunk down to an inch. This caused some alterations to the environment. Among other things, the mattress now had black and white striped sheets.

      Unwitting warp.

      Scene 2 - Imps in the Expanse
      Similar visuals as above. I was in the kitchen of an unknown home. From the start, I was being dragged around against my will by an unseen force. Said force pulls me up some stair, then hurls me into an exposed elevator shaft. Regaining movement, I find that the area opened up into an vast cavern expanse. Constructions were few and far between, and even of those, many were either quite incomplete, or weathered from decades of abandonment (such as the rickety platform I was standing on at the time).

      Suddenly, devilish figures rose from the depths, dispersed in steady waves. Dark-scaled imps immediately accosted me. Pulling out a dagger from nowhere, I fought back, taking out each one by one. Eventually, the imps were assisted by man-sized, spiny, reptilian humanoids. Though wingless, these larger monsters were adept climbers, agile, and especially vicious. With my blade, I denied these creatures a foothold on the platform, and even climbed over and onto the ledge to force them to engage me individually. Incidentally, the intro stage for Shin Megami Tensei - Synchronicity Prologue sounded in the background. Really got me pumped.

      Rewind. Things played mostly as above. Only now, I'd further access to the caverns via completed constructions. In fact, my viewpoint wavered between first-person, and a 2D third-person perspective of the scene, no doubt to match the platformer antics I'd get myself into. Anyway, the creatures coordinated their attacks better, much better than I could handle alone. So, I tried conjuring a genie to assist me. Instead, two other fantastic beings answered my call, a human-sized pixie, and a lithe, winged demon-woman, respectively. As one distracted the opposing fiends, the other would swoop in, and snatch away the weakest enemy away from view, no doubt to drop or otherwise dispose of them.

      Some forgotten things. Unknown warp.

      Scene 3 - Mean Old Giant Lady
      Similar visuals as above. I was in the kitchen of an unknown apartment suite, the walls and other constructions of dark wood. I shrunk myself again, then flew around to look for inhabitants. Soon, a thin late-middle aged woman with light colored hair walked by. She noticed me, but she didn't seem happy. In fact, she began chucking things my way. Luckily, her aim was way off. I zipped off as quickly as possible.

      Unknown warp.

      Scene 4 - Giants Outside the Ball
      The visuals were slightly clearer. I was in an apartment suite decorated with antiques. A sizable group of people, each dressed in fancy Victorian era garbs. were having a ball. Got bored, so I imagined the women would spontaneously become giant. From out the window, I noticed female passerby's had changed to such a size instead, each of their steps creating tremors. The other attendee's were horrified of the sight. The giantess', for their part, didn't seem at all concerned. I tried stepping out a balcony, yet couldn't. I also called out to the giant women, but they, for whatever reason, ignored me completely.

      Lucidity lost. Forgotten scenes. Unknown warp.

      Scene 5 - Hippie Guru in the School's Hallway
      The visuals were blurred again. I was in a school's busy hallway, seated by a wall near a bathroom. I'd just gotten out of deep meditation. Found myself lacking both shoes and pants, those items placed beside me. I slip them on as inconspicuously as possible, then walk away. Soon afterwards, I spot this hippie guru type figure in a trance. He then talks to some kids nearby, giving advice of some kind. It sounded relevant at the time, but I can't recall anything.

      Forgotten scenes. Unknown warp.

      Scene 6 - Forest of Evil Maneaters
      The visuals were dim and blurred. Lucid again. I was in a dark, wilted forest, the ground laden with piles of stone. Suddenly, I was assaulted by a pair of horrid ogres, bloated, saggy figures dressed in skin loincloths, one sickly green in color, and the other, bright pink. I hurried off, getting a good lead on those stumpy monsters. Unfortunately, I was soon scooped up by another of their ilk, much larger than the other two. Appearing as just an unkempt, blue skinned, scowling giant of a woman at first glance, a better view revealed that not only was her her otherwise long hair mottled with flagrant bald spots, but that her neck was disturbingly stretched far out of proportion. In an instant, I was swallowed alive. This scene repeated itself at several different third-person angles were shown for my displeasure, though of course, the other sensations weren't likewise discorporated. Yech...

      A few other forgotten scenes. I woke up a few minutes later.

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    5. Log 1324 - Driving and Beach Fun DEILDs and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 12-15-2018 at 04:21 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Thursday 13 December 2018

      Got a WILD and various non-lucid things to note.

      Scrap Group 1
      At a beach during a windy, cloudy day. Spectator mode. Dragon Ball Z characters appeared, a battle involving Frieza and King Cold vs. Goku and Vegeta. Cold tricks Vegeta into letting his guard down, after which he blasted him head on. But, Vegeta easily resists the attack, then retaliates.

      Dream 1 - Water Plant Park

      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was driving to and from an airport at daytime. I'd charge of a teenage girl with blonde hair.

      Later, we go to a hybrid water plant/water park, going straight to the biggest ride. To get to the top, we had to go up a shifty rope ladder. After a difficult climb, we're given safety instructions by a lifeguard, who happened to be René Balcer. We had to climb yet another set of ladders, this time made of steel. I slip up, and almost fell off the place. The lifeguard grabbed on, frustrated, as if she dealt with this plenty of times before, and both her and the girl helped hoist me back up.

      After than, we all got on a random discussion on a fictional painting software which supported a likewise made up file extension, '.ZAD'. And then, I had a spontaneous revelation. Dizzy from Guilty Gear was actually real, and happened to unlock the potential of people that believed in her. As further proof, I claimed that the girl, who happened to be Bridgette from the game (despite that character being a dude in-series), was a recipient of such a blessing.

      Seconds later, I spotted a giant, rustled yellow feather floating down a stream. The others didn't seem as concerned as I was.

      Don't recall how this ended.

      Dream 2 - Driving and Beach Fun DEILD

      Scene 1 - Driving Accident Awareness
      The visuals were slightly blurred. I was wandering around in a shopping center during daytime. I walk up some steps, when I spot some shady figures hanging around. Indeed, another passerby chased one such hood, shouting of how they'd stolen his wallet. Made some precaution to keep my hands in my pockets. At the parking lots, an unkempt and clearly deranged man in a bicycle was hurling out insults at random. An out-of-place couple took him at face value, and got in an argument. Things looked like they were gonna get ugly. I promptly got in my vehicle and left to home.

      A minute later, I ended up in a T-section. A BJ's across the street. The left would take me to a long bridge through a bay. Not sure about the right. "Figured" I took a wrong turn; either way but back would take me far from my destination. I tried making a U-turn, but overshot by a large margin. The vehicle suddenly spun out of control. If this went on, I would've certainly plummet into a ditch of briars and sand, possibly even the bay just behind. I calmed down, and realized the absurdity. Cue awareness. Either way, I took a hands-off approach. Whatever happens, happens.

      Brief awakening. DEILD seconds later.

      Scene 2 - Flying Dune Ride
      The visuals were glared. I was riding a vehicle through a hilly beach during a bright blue day. Started semi-aware (I thought I was just having a dreamlet). I race over a mound, to find that I was literally sent flying. Such flight sustained for half a minute before I was forced to the ground. It was a rough landing, but I made it intact. The impact made me realize this was a legit LD. Still, I only repeated as above a few more times before the dream collapsed. DEILD attempt, but I lost awareness.

      Scene 3 - Big Fowl
      The visuals were clear. I was walking in a lake-side subtropical forest, a site undisturbed by civilization. Sunlight peeked in from a canopy above. Several astonishingly large fowl were swimming in the water, brown feathered geese, if not swans. A few stepped on land, but were quickly frightened off by my presence. Brief awakening. DEILD.

      Scene 4 - Insert Lenny Face Here
      The visuals were glared. I was in a blue void colored as a clear afternoon sky. Soon, I imagined myself as a shrunken figure on a beach. Antics ensued. Nothing more than PG-13, but still... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    6. Log 1319 - Flaming Eye and Ghost Schmuck

      by , 12-09-2018 at 02:31 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Saturday 08 December 2018

      Got non-lucid things today.

      Scrap Group 1
      Playing on the keyboard. I play a difficult song, and actually do quite well at it.

      Dream 1 - Flaming Eye and Ghost Schmuck

      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was infiltrating an hidden underground bunker. A dark-skinned woman in a catsuit was partnered up with me, if not my acting superior. Monsters lurked around the place. We took special precaution to avoid them.

      Later, we were trapped in a turbine hall. Cue a boss battle with a giant, 15ft. diameter burning eye. Whenever it attacked, it took the form of a dinosaur's head, which then belched flames. Afterwards, it would retreat to another part of the arena. The boss also had a cloaked ghost as backup, of which would transform into various weapons. The ghost could be stunned temporarily, but was otherwise invulnerable. And, like many video game bosses, the giant eye was vulnerable only when it was on the offensive. My partner and I took quite some time to figure this all out. Unfortunately, the woman was killed shortly after. Still, she somehow talked from beyond the grave, demanding that I use some rare, limited use resurrection trinket. Using video game logic, I chose to just "reset" this fight instead.

      Things changed around a bit. Now, a phone's ringing served as a tell to the eyeball's attack. Furthermore, the ghost now took the
      shape of a pale, fast-talking schmuck with black hair, and dressed in a like-colored suit. This guy was a real smartass, tossing out jeers and phone-themed wisecracks in rapid succession, not helped that he somehow had personal info on my partner and I. He started with a "hotline" joke, then went on to (pretend to?) call specific relatives or neighbors or such. Really made it easy for me to go after him, despite the eye being the highest priority target. Still, my partner, being far more agile than I, seemed to have a decent handle taking the main boss out alone.

      That cat woke me up eventually.

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    7. Log 1275 - Poacher Mansion Raid Collateral

      by , 10-26-2018 at 03:26 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Thursday 25 October 2018

      Got a brief DILD, a fragment, and a long dream to note.

      Scrap Group 1
      Flying around town during daytime, going south through a local street. I go at the edge of the street, when I start thinking over just what circumstances would allow me to fly in the first place. Cue lucidity. I only managed to fly across before the dream collapsed.

      Playing a 3D Mario game. This was far darker in tone, and had a lot more going on screen at a time. There was a painful segment in a castle where I was required to get hurt and collect power-ups repeatedly to survive. I managed to clear the game, but got a rather bittersweet ending that involved most of the extended cast and worlds dying off.

      Dream 1 - Poacher Mansion Raid Collateral

      The visuals were a bit dim. I was the young leader of a traditional warrior tribe in western Africa, one of the last few of such groups in the world. Dressed in hides, feathers, and bone, armed with spears, axes, and daggers, me and four other tribesmen set out to raid a mansion, a known hideout for poachers. A "foreigner" also joined us, a ranger from the local forest. Unlike the rest of us, he was dressed in a green shirt, khakis, and hiking boots, and was armed with an old shotgun. Our mission was to infiltrate the mansion, find the enemy leader, and capture or (if necessary) kill him.

      My warriors set out at twilight. From the cover of the forest, we soon arrived at the mansion's entrance. The place was isolated from the rest of civilization, which might've explained the lax security. Our group crept around the entrance all the way to the backdoor. Once inside, we paced up a nearby stairway. We head up two levels to a small room, when we heard someone passing through another stairway all the way across. The other warriors prepared themselves besides that entryway, while the ranger and I waited head on. For a brief moment, I, as myself, took a moment to reflect on the nature of violence...

      Our enemy was approaching. We were ready to pounce. The figure steps out of the entryway. "Stop!", the ranger yelled suddenly. Ahead of us was a man with a grey shirt and cargo pants, the typical outfit for poachers. And yet, the now confused man and the ranger talked to each other as if they recognized one another, speaking in a Western tongue (which, to the tribesmen and I, sounded like complete gibberish). Eventually, the ranger explained that this man was actually a law enforcer going undercover. It seemed our intrusion would compromise the detective's assignment. As such, I agreed to save the raid for another time, if under protest. The agent saw us out the backdoor, and took his leave.

      Still, I wasn't quite satisfied. I had us all sneak around to the front, if only to see what we were dealing with. Then, through a window on the side of the building, we spotted a large gathering of poachers, about 30 of them, all lounging around, or perhaps in some kind of group meeting. I simply observed in the shadows for a while, trying to familiarize myself with each of them. Among the most outspoken of the bunch was an older light skinned African. Maybe a lieutenant? At the time, most seemed to lack conventional weapons, and none had anything larger than a pistol.

      But, it seemed I made a terrible mistake: the poachers also collected living exotic animals from all over the globe. This was made readily apparent when, from out a corner, charged a grizzly bear. With shields and spears drawn, we held our ground. The bear, in turn, stood up, ready to swipe. The perfect moment to attack. As me and three others distracted it with our shields, another warrior made an expert thrust right in the beast's jugular. We then circled around, avoiding its frenzied reprisal. Within a span of thirty seconds, the creature could no longer defend itself. A few jabs at the back of its head finally did it in.

      Just then, a poacher peeked out from a side door. Acting quickly, I hurled my axe at him, planting it right between his eyes. Unfortunately, this instantly alerted the entire compound. Enemies were now flooding towards us. Warrior or not, there was no way we could take on thirty at once. We retreated as fast as we could, and we actually got a good lead on our enemies. But, as we pressed on, one of our warriors had been fatally wounded. Although he'd the willpower to keep up, and possibly survive the chase, there was still no way to save him afterwards. He opted instead to face the pursuers head on, if only to buy time...

      The chase continued throughout the wilderness. Then, in a clearing, my group stumbled into an entire school's computer lab, completely out in the open. Such a discovery paralyzed us. There was nowhere else to turn, yet we did not want to involve innocents into our conflict. Woefully, the poachers didn't have the same idea. They fired into the area heedlessly. Once they'd closed in, those madmen knowingly butchered anyone in their way, adults and children alike. At that point, I was sure fighting back would accomplish nothing, only delay the inevitable for everyone. Calling out to my men, I commanded them to rescue anyone they can then retreat. I myself took hold of a small girl in a school uniform, no older than seven years, too frozen in panic to even move. Abandoning my heavier armaments, I hauled her out of the site. Guilt was
      quickly weighing in on me...

      Don't recall how this ended.

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    8. Log 1266 - Persistent Pursuers

      by , 10-16-2018 at 11:56 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Not much today, despite my efforts...

      Scrap Group 1
      Going out for a long walk around town. I pass near an elementary school.

      A visualization of a nursery rhyme that quickly takes a nightmarish turn.

      Looking at a Greek myth related comic strip. The latest batch revolved around the Odyssey. There were a few strips of the Cyclops gobbling down Odysseus' men by the dozen, all while Odysseus converses with the monster nonchalantly about completely unrelated things.

      Dream 1 - Persistent Pursuers

      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was walking around town, going eastward past a local plaza. For no fathomable reason, flew into the middle of the traffic. Two other pedestrians, a woman and an old man, yelled at me for such foolishness.

      Skip ahead further the street. Wilderness replaced the houses to the south. The north was instead lined with the tents of seasonal shops and amusement centers, colorful decorations hanging off their surfaces and from power lines near the structures. I went under one such tent to look around. Several relatives were around, though I can't recall who exactly.

      I was watching a some kind of performance, when I was suddenly accosted by at least half a dozen wild dogs. A few of the canines got a hold of my arms, but I managed to wrench free. I fought back, and could keep the group from surrounding me, yet they wouldn't let up. So, I floated up, just barely getting out of their jumping distance.

      But then, some woman in a pink shirt and jeans flew in after me. She tried clasping me, but was going much too quickly to get a good grasp. In response, I kicked off a surface away from her, if stronger than anticipated. Indeed, it seemed the woman didn't expect as much either, as she couldn't catch up at all.

      Almost immediately, I ended up back near the plaza. That's when yet another assailant, an employee from the McDonald's below, chased me as well. They mis-blamed me for stealing food. Had I better control of my flight, I would've tried clarifying things, but that didn't happen. Still, it didn't seem they were in the mood to talk. What's more, an interface revealed their having "powered up" beforehand so as to conjure Broly. As if on cue, I slowed down without input. Even powering up myself didn't help. Luckily, I was still got out of sight.

      Cut closer to home, where I was floating down the street a few feet just above the sidewalk. Just then, I was shrunken down to a few inches high. Several kids passing through noticed, and tried catching me, even threatening to eat me. How annoying. I slinked through a fence, but one was persistent enough to climb over.

      My perspective zoomed out. Things now appeared like some cheap Flash platformer game. Indeed, I was now taking part in a "boss fight" against the now giant kid that was chasing me. Just a simple matter of jumping on the brats head while avoiding getting myself swatted. It took minutes before I finally took him down. But then, I had to contend against a much more formidable opponent: the kid's own mother. Like some demon from hell, she rose from the depths, quaking the surroundings in her fury.

      The dream collapsed immediately after.

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    9. Log 1258 - Time Loco-Motion and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 10-09-2018 at 12:39 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Monday 08 October 2018

      Lots of things to note today, including a DEILD. There are, however, a lot of details missing to the dream preceding said LD.

      Dream 1 - Great Hailstones

      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was at home in the lounge at daytime. My sister, Nevena was nearby.

      Later, a powerful storm passed through, debris battering the house through its winds. But, when I looked closer, I realized it wasn't debris at all, but instead, thick chunks of hail. Quite fascinating, but dangerous. I warned Nevena to keep away from the windows. As if on cue, a great hailstone pounded right through the window, shattering it entirely.

      Several other visitors and family members showed up to see all the commotion. Among them was my brother, Boyd. I eagerly mentioned the near-prophetic caution I gave above. He, on the other hand, was more concerned of my having bad breath. Unlikely, as I distinctly recalled having brushed my teeth earlier (as in, right before I went to bed!). Pity I just let the thought pass.

      Anyway, we coordinate getting the shutters ready as a temporary seal to the then empty window frame. There was a lot of miscommunication as to who was to do what. In the end, my bro cleared the storage closet and retrieved everything himself, while I just stood around confused.

      Next was actually installing the shutters. There was, thankfully, no rainfall, and hail was sparse. Unfortunately, hailstones that did hit ground were now enormous. In fact, each seemed more as solid ice cylinders the size of tin cans than conventional hailstones.

      Details get unclear. Something about strangers hurrying at the door? Not sure how this ended.

      Dream 2 - Counter-Siren Song

      The visuals were bright but slightly blurred. I was working at my old job at the gas station during a sunny day.

      From the register, I spotted a sizable crowd forming at the lot beside the store. At the head was a peculiar woman, slim figured, and hair and robes both colored in vibrant shades of green and violet. She was drawing in the crowd with a wordless song, morose, yet haunting. But, as I discerned her inhuman tones, I realized she wasn't a woman at all, but rather a mythical siren. What's more, I also noticed that Boyd was among those that had been ensnared!

      For a moment, I was paralyzed in fear, before setting out reluctantly. I paced carefully outside to the corner, keeping just out of the creature's view. "Remembering" I had magic of my own, I soundlessly evoke a countersong (a made-up 80s rock tune, I think?). I then drew closer towards the enchanted crowd. Those nearest to me immediately snapped out of their trance. By good fortune, this included my bro. The rest, it seemed, needed more time.

      Sadly, time had run its course. I was out of juice. The siren, for her part, was infuriated at my meddling. She slowly approached me, and with a glare, she wordlessly commanded those enthralled to do the same. There was no way I could take her head on, even one on one; despite her waifish appearance, she had the strength to match any wild beast. I instructed Boyd and the others to flee and call for help. Just as well, I was planning to do the same anyway.

      The dream collapsed shortly after.

      Scrap Group 1
      Wandering around in an urban area. Something about meeting Chipp Zanuff from Guilty Gear. We rescued people from a disaster. I used time control powers to help with such. DEILD transition to below.

      Dream 3 - Time Loco-Motion

      The visuals were clear. I was in an urban area, grey sky in view above the surrounding buildings. A set of elevated railways lined the nearest street, where a train passed by almost instantly. Both the TOTM and contest were fresh in mind. I reversed time, and watched as the whole train slowly moved backwards out of sight. With a wave of my hand, time flowed forward again. But now, various random objects replaced individual cars, including road vehicle frames, if not entire road vehicles themselves. All such components were completely scrambled and misaligned, yet tumbled along in sequence and without altering the entire train's movement at all.

      Next, I ran heedlessly in the the middle of traffic. Cue the sound of angry horns as vehicles veered away from me. By exhaling, I slowed down time. Concurrently, the air rippled around me, and the dream became without sound. I chased several vehicles, but found that, despite their slowed speed, I couldn't really keep up with them. Actually, I felt enervated all around.

      Just then, a terrible pileup was forming ahead of me. In fact, one or more of the vehicles were in the process of exploding. To save myself, I slowed time almost to the point of stopping. I then ran well ahead of the site of the accident.

      The dream collapsed shortly afterwards, and I woke up.

      Scrap Group 2
      At home. Mom was in the kitchen, while Nevena was doing karaoke in the living room. Oddly enough, she was singing to the tune of Holy Diver by Dio. I jubilantly joined in with her. Seems we both flubbed the lyrics at times.

      Something about watching Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy?

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    10. Log 1231 - Flight, Flood, and a Giant Strawberry

      by , 09-12-2018 at 01:34 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Tuesday 11 September 2018

      Got DILD (if only seconds-long for the lucid portion) and a fragment to note.

      Scrap Group 1
      At an arcade, playing some made-up games.

      Something involving my nephew and his cousin.

      Dream 1 - Flight, Floods, and a Giant Strawberry

      Scene 1 - Girl's Glare Awareness
      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was in a school's computer lab. My bro was there as well. We speak of an out-of-business sale for an outlet that we supposedly previously visited. When we left the lab, I started floating around, if just to show off. I did, however, have trouble balancing myself, and had to keep my legs tucked in so as not to bump into anything. Two young girls (about 8 - 10 years old) were ahead of us, one with long black hair, the other with brown. The former of the two kept glaring at me with contempt. Questioning who she was triggered lucidity. I continued flying through the hallway, when the dream began collapsing into a blue void. Thorough hand rubbing until a new scene formed.

      Scene 2 - Flooding Indoor Waterside Loading Bay
      The visuals were dim. Awareness lost. I was in a waterside loading bay, a huge indoor facility occupying both land and sea. Instead of warehouses, goods were sent directly to a large outlet nearby, likely the same one mentioned above. Pathways were quite narrow, leaving far too little room for porting work.

      A vast barge was moored, large enough to cover all docks. It also looked highly damaged from use and age, perhaps even incapable of moving. I hopped into an exposed inner hold. Despite the room appearing dirty from years of neglect, there were plenty of perfectly intact crates left over. I thought to peek in, when the ship suddenly began sinking. So, I jumped back to land fast as I could.

      I stared in awe as this disaster unfolded. Yet, I also noticed the ship had been submerged much too quickly. Just then, the water began to rise, steadily engulfing the entirety of the dock. In a panic, I rushed to the warehouse. Too late. Just as I was about to get inside, rows of steel airlock doors slammed down in the entrance. Such pressure forced me back to the rising sea, and before long, I was engulfed completely.

      Hurriedly, I swam up under a canopy, hoping to suck what precious air I could. I thought to kick up some bubbles, which would hopefully stick under that surface long enough for me to breath. Still, I also knew I couldn't survive here for long... "Better rewind time", I thought. Transition.

      Scene 3 - Strawberry Wizard Boon

      The visuals were rather blurred. I was at a forest clearing, mists concealing much of the savage wilderness around me. Directly ahead was a dirt/ rock mound, carved and built with enough rickety constructions to make a crude dwelling. I go inside to find a stereotypical old sage, a haggard, ancient white-beareded man wearing rags and a worn out pointy hat. After handing me a sizeable knife, the old man points to a giant strawberry behind him. I hack at the oversized fruit, cleaving it in two. Then, on a guess, I take left half, and offered it to the sage. But, he only shook his head in disappointment, and pointed to the exit.

      Once again, I rewound time. Now, I chose to offer the right-hand portion. The wizard nods, and, finally, began to speak. He rewarded me with a boon for my "soldiers", granting a specific type of them the power to form visible, triangular-shaped winds. False memories had me recall my fighting with, and later recruiting, some legionnaire type figures. Reckoned these were to whom the old man was referring. Furthermore, this visit somehow prevented my drowning predicament above.

      Things warped. More false memories. Don't recall how this ended.
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    11. Log 1216 - Silly Time Tampering

      by , 08-28-2018 at 01:53 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Monday 27 August 2018

      One dream today.

      Dream 1 - Silly Time Tampering

      Scene 1 - Over-Rewarded For Charity
      The visuals were slightly blurred. I was in an unknown apartment suite, its furniture and constructions mostly colored/painted white. Supposedly this was Helen's (a friend's mom's) place. Various of her friends were about, all of them lawyers, doctors, and of other renowned professions. They spoke of some charity drive they've started to help needy children overseas. When asked about that, I muttered some half-hearted condolences. This, somehow, was interpreted as my offering to donate $20 bucks. Woulda certainly look bad to back out, so I (reluctantly) parted with such money. Even so, Helen rewarded me with a $40+ gift card to a supermarket. Talk about being over-rewarded... Unknown transition.

      Scene 2 - No Time To Be Late
      Similar visuals. I was wandering around in a mall, or more likely a huge megastore complex. While crossing through a narrow hallway, I was accosted by a little girl, light skinned and with long black hair, and no older than 8 years of age. I figured she was the daughter of a (supposed) cousin or acquaintance. She was a real bossy type, outright demanding that I attend some pageant in which she was competing. Sure would be silly for a guy like me to get coerced by a child, only, that's exactly what happened...

      Later, I entered a grocery area. Good reason as any to use that gift card above. While perusing something or other, I stumbled into a condiment shelf, causing a jar of mustard to tip over. Helen suddenly appeared, making a scene herself, as if trying to deflect attention away from the accident. Quite embarrassing for a bunch of reasons. So, I turned back time via holding my breath. The jar didn't break, though an employee did briefly turn up to investigate anyway.

      Cut to my walking through the hallway again, where I remembered that I was late for the pageant. I rushed to a banquet hall, the place where the event was being hosted. But, I got there too late: the contest was over. Boy, was that girl bitter. I turned back time again, but not before floating up on a corner; wanted to avoid getting "time fragged" or somesuch.

      Anyway, cut to the beginning of the pageant. This begins with all the contestants making a swimming display, the pool opening up out of nowhere. After that was a round of song and dance. Of course, as they were just kids, these were all amateurish performances at best. Quite boring.

      Not sure how this ended.
    12. Logs 1212 and 1213

      by , 08-25-2018 at 03:19 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Log 1212 - Raid on Death Squad HQ, The Gang Steal a Car, Crazy Niece, Apartment Suite Uncanny Guide, and Spontaneous Flight DILD Fragments

      Two in one. As such, I spoilered what's below to keep from cluttering up the front page.

      Created Thursday 23 August 2018
      Spoiler for Log 1212:

      Log 1213 - Bandido Blaster and Other Assorted Stories
      Created Friday 24 August 2018
      Spoiler for Log 1213:

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    13. Log 1196 - Uninhibited

      by , 08-08-2018 at 01:57 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Tuesday 07 August 2018

      Got the WILD loop to note, along with a few scraps. Can't say I'm comfortable about posting up the last segment, but whatever.

      Scrap Group 1
      Playing the classic Tales of Phantasia.

      In a bedroom within an unknown apartment suite. There's this teenaged girl there who was overtly timid for her age. Even just the sight of my beard frightened her, causing her to hide under a sheet. Me and someone else later discover she suffered from amnesia.

      Dream 1 - Uninhibited

      Scene 1 - Guess I Need an Actual Reason to Call Next Time...

      WILD transition in bed. Brief hand rubbing. Once again, my covers left me almost entirely blind, and I was, for whatever reason, incapable of removing them. I called my guide, E, via Codec to help out. But, instead of ridding the covers, she instead fastened it further over me. What's more, she kept me held in an uncomfortable embrace. Her grip was too strong to slip away from, let alone to even drag her with me elsewhere. I demanded this stop, though my guide found far too much amusement at my own expense to even consider that. Transition.

      Scene 2 - Banana Oatmeal
      Lucidity lost. The visuals were blurred. I was in the living room at home, daylight peeking in. Dad was in the kitchen making breakfast. On a closer look, I find he was preparing banana oatmeal (not something I've ever seen him cook). He offered me some, but I declined; the fruits weren't ripe enough for my taste. Later, I spontaneously rubbed my hands. This brought awareness again, if briefly. Transition.

      Scene 3 - Unexpected Hands
      Practically blind again. I falsely awaken in bed. By thought, I rubbed my hands. Feeling myself doing such let me regain awareness. Once again, I called E. Soon, I felt four hands... uh, groping me. Although this wasn't the first time she had that many arms (let alone was that forward), I still got a bit startled. Anyway, she soon begins playing tricks on me, pinching and pulling me at a moment's notice. I then rolled off the bed into the void, though I lacked the strength to take her with me. Warp.

      Scene 4 - Nommed!
      The visuals were blurred. I was suspended in midair over a tropical landscape, waterfall below, and a dawn sky above. I glance back, to find that my guide, now gigantic (at least 30ft. tall), was actually holding me close to herself. She drew me closer to eye level, only to begin gnawing on my left arm and shoulder. Again, not anything new, yet I still became highly unnerved. I pleaded with her to at least not make this too painful. Her chewing felt like it'd broken me, but there wasn't any pain. Transition.

      Scene 5 - I'm Not Deadpool! I'm My Original Character, Bledpool!
      The visuals were slightly blurred. Lucidity lost. Spectator mode. This was supposedly an episode of 'Futurama'. It starts with a customer service rep, a fat, obnoxious wise ass of a man, on his phone in his cubicle. The person on the other line lost their patience, and hung up. Just then, a talking moose barged into the office, and confronted the guy. The beast shows visions of a most unfortunate future, all brought about by the man's snark. And so, the man promises to behave, and runs off.

      But then, while going down a stairway, the worker was assaulted by a man in a white superhero costume, a figure that appeared as a Deadpool ripoff. Indeed, this character even shared the real thing's penchant for comedic lunacy. In a flash, the fat man is left gravely wounded. While bleeding out, he notices a fellow co-worker, a blonde woman with whom he's infactuated. The man tells her not to look, to run for safety. But, the woman just gives him a hateful glare. She then reveals having hired that 'hero' to kill the belarded man. Turned out the guy was a stalker, and had (despite his best efforts to hide it) previously ruined her chances with a potential soulmate.

      Cut to an urban neighborhood. Things appeared in live-action. I'm now given the role of the above antihero (or someone like him). My brother, Ivo, who was wearing glasses, was also with me. Soon, a guy on a bike passes by, and hurls insults at us. In turn, I call a downdraft to knock that douche into the ground. For good, cathartic measure, I blasted him again. Ivo called me out for using excessive, and possibly lethal, force. We argue about this throughout the town, then inside a mall. As we went up an elevator, "I" (only acting 'in character') outright told him of "my" lack of any empathy.

      Cut to a highschool courtyard/dining area. "I" (again, 'in character') had a teacher, a woman with greying brown hair, at gun point, and demanded a ransom. Surprisingly, the other students welcomed the chance to see that woman dead. Even "I" thought that was cold. Many of those kids even went out of their way to kidnap the principal, a man that looked and sounded like a live-action Principal Skinner, and brought him before me. "I" repeated my demands, but the principal remained steadfast. He admonished the students and "I" for acting on such madness.

      Don't recall how this ends.

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    14. Log 1195 - Flagrant Traffic Violation and Recent Renovation

      by , 08-07-2018 at 01:17 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Monday 06 August 2018

      Got some things today. A pity I couldn't get much done with that DILD.

      Dream 1 - Flagrant Traffic Violation and Recent Renovations

      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was at the lot near my home during late afternoon. There was a van right near the backyard's fence door, and and an old dark colored pick-up closer to the road. My friend, Stefan, was driving said pickup, and my bwas there as well. I too go for a ride. The vehicle had a supposed back row for additional passengers, a space that way too cramped.

      We pulled out the lot, to find a police officer questioning a stranger in my home's driveway. I got concerned we ourselves would get in trouble for having our vehicles scattered about. It didn't help that Steve was driving erratically. In fact, he got off the vehicle while it was moving, simply to test a supposed remote control feature. My brother and I both jumped out as well for our own safety. Meanwhile, the pickup almost swerved right into the cop. As flagrant as this seemed, the officer hardly batted an eye. The others and I jumped back in, and drove off.

      Cut to night time. We were driving around town. But soon, the surroundings appeared completely unfamiliar to me. All the buildings looked far too big, not to mention all those electronic billboards and neon signs blinking on these structures. I questioned the others of such, neither of whom gave a remotely adequate answer (think one of them said these were merely some 'recent renovations'). Cue lucidity. I rubbed my hands on instinct. Unfortunately, the dream collapsed seconds later.

      Scrap Group 1
      Random warps to surfaces overlaid with maps of the Earth. Many of these depicted supposed alternate realities. Indeed, many of the continents looked off. There was some involvement with Rick from Rick and Morty.

      In a hotel. I go downstairs to a mall's food court. There was this western-themed place, the attendant there an older black guy dressed for the part. The man even performed a catchy tuned. Hell of an effort, especially considering each meal being both reasonably priced and of decent quality.

      At a classroom, possibly in preschool. Something about a bully? And maybe a girl standing up for me?

      At home during night time. An uncle of mine comes to visit, along with two of his (supposedly) young sons. Despite being no older than 5 and 10, respectively, both kids had beards, and behaved more like teens trying too hard to be tough.

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    15. Log 1190 - Turbulent Ocean Mall

      by , 08-02-2018 at 12:23 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Wednesday 01 August 2018

      Got a DILD to note. Don't recall anything before that. Wish I coulda put what's below in less words, but ah well...

      Dream 1 - Turbulent Ocean Mall

      Scene 1 - School Bug
      Dreamlet transitioned to a dream. The visuals were slightly blurred. I was in a highschool classroom. I felt very tired, enough so to fall 'unconscious' within seconds. In fact, I'd unwittingly dropped my head on the shoulder of a guy in front of me. I did tilt back a bit, caring little of my faceplanting on my desk. While 'asleep', I overheard some girl's plot to cut my hair. She did indeed go ahead with such, but that didn't bother me.

      I 'woke up' a minute later. While looking around, I spotted a woman in one of the desks, dark hair, of larger frame, and notably busty. Another out-of-place 'student' besides myself, though it seemed as if I've seen her before... Anyway, for amusement, I shrunk myself down to a few inches. I then flew by the woman to get her attention. Visibly astonished, the woman seized me, holding me still for a better look.

      Transition seconds later.

      Scene 2 - Stroll to the Ocean Mall
      The visuals were blurred, though it clarified over time. I was taking a stroll around my neighborhood. Or, better put, floating towards home, doing so while seated cross-legged.

      Skip ahead. Instead of my intended destination, I somehow arrived at the entrance of a large mall, seemingly just recently opened. I sensed this was located in a supposed bad part of town. Indeed, I soon spotted a 'known' criminal exiting from a movie theatre, who'd wooed a high-school aged girl at least eight years his junior. Feeling obliged to interpose, I changed into the form of (Perfect?) Cell from Dragon Ball Z. I charged energy in my outstretched hands, then threatened harm to the ne'er-do-well if he didn't leave the girl alone. He slinked away without a word. Next, I gave a word of warning to the girl. She wasn't at all happy with my meddling, claiming she could take care of herself, and promptly left in a huff.

      Things warped a bit. I now appeared as some gangly guy in his late 40's. Supposedly, he was a character from a comedy movie, in which he was a meek middle-aged guy enrolling into a university. I step out to the mall's driveway, when a fancy sports car pulls up. Inside were some rowdy frat boys. Noticing me, the group hurled out drunken insults, then drove off.

      I glanced aside. A deep oceanside was visible past the mall's borders, its waters turbulent under a stormy sky. Of greater concern was the sight of various giant figures wading in the sea, one appearing as Ultra-Man, and another some reptilian monster straight out of Super Sentai/Power Rangers. This spectacle instantly triggered awareness.

      Things quickly destabilized, but some timely reactive hand rubbing saved the dream. Without delay, I float in a meditative pose. Next, I shouted 'Yol Toor Shuul'. In place of a flames, I somehow breathed out a stream of light frost. I looked out in the ocean again, only to see a tsunami was forming. So, I ordered the dream to keep the wave in check. The waters kept rising, but did indeed stop approaching. I pondered what to do. False memories of my attempting some grandiose, world-changing event earlier came to mind, but it wasn't very clear.

      Just then, I heard that cat's incessant mewling. Another warp. In a flash, the tidal wave appeared just several meters ahead of me. I'm literally slammed out of the dream.

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