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    01/05/13 : Pirates ahoy!!

    by , 05-02-2013 at 09:24 AM (509 Views)
    Before I go to bed I ask my dream guide to send me to the moon (I write it in my dream journal)

    Street fighter X-men

    I am playing on a video game with my wife, it is basically street fighter (old style) with x-men character in it, by choosing random names we find we can create new and secret characters. I find Rogue from x-men this way - but she has been animated with a huge head and a massive stupid grin. WTF?


    I am standing in a field, talking to a friend and looking out at the tranquil sky, all is clear and calm. Suddenly I see something large falling in the distance - is it as Helicopter? No, it's some sort of an animal, and more are following it. Jesus, in the distance the whole sky is filled with falling animals - wolves, dogs, dear, giraffes, I specifically spot an Okapi. This is bad, very bad. It looks like it us coming down on the town I used to live. When I get near to this town, I spot a local and ask him if he saw the animal down pour - and he just shrugs and said that he didn't


    (fragment).... I am on board a ship, struggling against someone on the ship deck - a male I think. He has a Machete close to my throat, he is saying something about how he and his men are basically mercenaries and they are heading for the Caribbean - and it is at this point that I realize they are pirates. This is a pirate ship!! This is exciting stuff The pirate is using another sword to sharpen his machete, man it looks real sharp now. He places the sword on the floor. I spot it on the floor and make a grab for it.... (not sure what happens here)

    ... I have the sword, now in hand looks more like a knife - it's tiny! On the main deck of the ship , toward the figurehead is planted a tree. A large new green tree planted on the pirate ship!! They must be using this to grow fruit while at sea for food. On closer inspection I can see where other pirates have hacked into the tree - testing the sharpness of their swords.

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