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    Floatinghead's dream adventures


    by , 05-09-2018 at 03:43 PM (310 Views)
    Older dream from April that I forgot to post:

    Guigo Velvo

    I had a lot of dreams this night, I was with someone, but we were kids, and we were either running away from or fighting a monster, but throughout the night this woman kept on appearing to me, shifting in the dream - she didn't belong there, just hovering in the background, always watching, she was not my DC, I know what my DC's feel like

    Then she appeared again in the next few dreams, even though all of the dreams were completely different - she was always watching

    And then my final dream I was in bed, and my wife had just left the house with the kids and I thought the house was empty, and then suddenly this older woman, with this oversized stylised black albino unreal baby walked out of my bathroom into the room with me. And I realised straight away that I was dreaming, or having a WILD, she mad me lucid. I asked why she kept appearing in my dreams, who was she? She simply stated who I was, she said it was my last (re)carnation of this place, this planet, and that my true name was Guigo (first name is guessed in spelling) Velvo . I don't know why, but I insisted that she told me how that last name was spelt, so I wouldn'd forget it, she seemed a little annoyed but at my disposal. This totally shook me up, I had to sit for a while then wake myself up so I wouldn't forget (although I am sure I wouldn't have). The whole thing felt momentous

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