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    by , 05-11-2018 at 11:44 AM (599 Views)
    Dream comic
    I have gone to see my friend Stevie, , but he is not at home and I am having to stand around awkwardly with his mom as I wait for my next train back home to come. So I excuse myself to go to the bathroom and go upstairs and then nose around in Stevie's room to see if he has anything decent to read while I am waiting. His room is dark and it is difficult to see, it is a real mess though, lots of junk and toys and books all over the floor, and I accidentally step on a glass of water and knock it over breaking it. Damn. I then reach over at a comic book - a nice thick book, called 'dream adventures' written by John Lydon (although I don't think it is the same John Lydon punk legend) flicking through the book I see lots of familiar sights, like watching the ready player one movie there are lots of pop culture characters that the dreamer turns into in his adventures. At the beginning of the book there is a section (still in comic form) about rules of combat on the dream plain, this part refers to #hukif Hukif directly, because I think he wrote it. It's a double page spread and is called 'no weasels' in combat allowed. It then goes on to explain what a weasel is in the form of Indiana Jones fighting multiple foes and getting overwhelmed.
    A 'weasel' apparently is when two fighters starts to replicate themselves as a way of fighting, which in itself is fine, but when they replicate themselves to the extent that the dreamer cannot control every version that they have made, or every DC, and these versions/replications just turn into mindless zombies wandering around and overpopulating the battlefield, kind of 'bugging' the dream out. These mindless replications are then known as 'weasels' . I head back downstairs after putting the book down, but then think, it's a long journey home and I am sure Stevie wouldn't mind me borrowing this for a bit, so I go back into his bedroom and I accidentally smash yet another glass of water on the floor, now there are two glasses smashed on the floor, and I try to pick bits up but it is useless - what a mess!
    Morgan Freeman sings
    Morgan Freeman, the king of the spoken word, well the sound of it in anycase, decides to bring an album out and everybody declares it the best singing ever ha ha
    Basement again
    I'm working on a fallout piece for a job, and I am just SO bored, so I decide to take the afternoon off. I decide to go with my wife to the beach with the kids, and we start to walk down the road but I feel strange. My wife asks me if I fed the rabbit, and I really can't be bothered with any of this, but no, I didn't, so I go head back toward the house and I am feeling really dizzy. I do a RC, because damn I must be dreaming, but no, RC checks out (nose pinch) but I am so sure, so I do another RC nose pinch, but no, NOT dreaming, I can't breath through the nostrils so I am not dreaming. Damn, why do I feel so funky? SO I go to the basement with my daughter, which is now huge, and seems to go on forever, and go through all of the crap we have there looking for the Rabbit food - but I can't see it. Then my daughter finds some stairs and says perhaps it could be up there? another secret passageway that I had not seen before. Urgh, I think to myself, is there any point? I know that won't be there when I wake up, its just another one of those hidden rooms I keep dreaming of! (although for some reason this doesn't make me lucid?) but my daughter persists so I go up the steps with her, it goes up a long way, must be in the walls of the house or something going up to the attic, and we finally reach an ominous red door, and inside is a large room. But I can't recall what else, or I woke up
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    1. floatinghead's Avatar
      Dream notes for Basement again: Just had an argument with the wife because she told me to get something from the basement, I couldn't find it, and felt weirdly annoyed and out of it. Also been working on that same fallout piece all day
    2. DorianMask's Avatar
      Two nosepinch false negatives back to back?! Dang! I've never had the nosepinch fail on me when I can remember to. The red door fade away, why do they always seem to fade away when we're on the cusp of something exciting!
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    3. floatinghead's Avatar
      Man I swear it's like my brain is against me ha ha, I have SO many failed RC's , so now I do multiple different RC's in the day so I do them in the night, I can never trust anything. I ve had writing RC fails (looking back and re looking at the writing) counting my finger RC fails, even a failed memory RC fail! (asking myself ' what was I just doing? does it make sense? and thinking back and recalling a whole FICTIONAL day like the memory was implanted ha ha)